Friday, December 12, 2008

jurpentine's GS Abridged

"Year 70, of the Cosmic Era... Tensions mounted the Earth Alliance and the ZAFT Organization, resulting in the event of the Bloody Valentine Tragedy, leading the Earth and PLANTs into a full-scale war. The Earth Forces, with their sheer numbers, thought if they made like Zerg and rushed the hell of ZaM, the war would be won. But ZAFT's resilience and greater technology brought the war to a stalemate. Eleven months have passed since then, and the premise seems rather boring, contrived, and unappealing. So what better way to gain attention than to make this a thirty minute commercial to sell cheap plastic model kits?"-Narrator of jurpentine's Gundam SEED Abridged (in his original version of Phase 01)

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