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KuramasFoxyRose: Only the good die young.
SephsSugarBaby: Oh? So what does that make me?
KuramasFoxyRose: Decent.
"What is going on?!" A mom as she came in to flying feathers during a sleepover.
"Geese Migration." the unanimous reply.
(Your Character): Okay. Next up, what's up with your denial of your emotions?
Tentei: …I do not trust you with that knowledge.
AdventureQuest RPG
Wabio: I will travel the world until all women fall in love with me! And then I shall rule the world!
«You»: Okay-- How does one thing lead to the other?
Wabio: What do you mean?
«You»: How will traveling and making every woman fall in love with you lead to you ruling the world?
Wabio: ........
Wabio: I think it just will.
AdventureQuest RPG

"Have you ever danced on the edge? Just hold my hand and jump."

"This isn't about logic. This is about smashing your face in."-B. Mary from KOF 98

"Give a monster a match and he'll warm for a minute. Set it on fire and it will be warm for the rest of his life."-Guardian Dragon version from AdventureQuest RPG

"You slapped a 99 year old cobbler around my inn with a trout!!"-Yulgar from AdventureQuest RP Game

"I stopped obeying many of my emotions a long time ago. Humor I use, but rarely."-Tentei from AdventureQuest RP Game

"Well I just saw an undefeatable creature, and a dead man rise from the grave…ALIVE! I need more than just help, I need... therapy!"-(Your Character) from AdventureQuest RPG

"Technically, Repayment should come aft… … Y’know what? Fine."-(Your Character) from AdventureQuest RPG

"Riddles generally are questions."-Tentei from AdventureQuest RP Game

"Riddles are generally questions. I am just confusing you."-Tentei from AdventureQuest RPG

"I was gonna just warn yer to get offa me property- But I think just shootin' yer will be best!"-Jack from AdventureQuest RP Game

"A time of victory is only well-spent if it is spent preparing for the next threat."-Garavin from WarpForce RPG

"Dreams are only reality blinded by hope."-Celestra from WarpForce RPG

"Just as a hero must perform a heroic deed before he can be named as such, a villain must also do something terrible in order to earn such a title."-Book of Ages in Neopets Altador Plot

"No sword strikes as deep as the one wielded by a friend..."-Book of Ages in Neopets Altador Plot

"Physical strength, coupled with a strong sense of virtue, is often lacking in this world. One who steps forward and demonstrates both will quickly become a legend."-Book of Ages in Neopets Altador Plot

"When it comes to financial dealings, it is very easy for one's morals to slip, since greed is a very powerful and terrible desire. Those who can resist its call are greatly valued for their honesty."-Book of Ages in Neopets Altador Plot

"This peculiar situation we're in seems to have created a logical dilemma."-Finneus in Neopets Altador Plot

"The irrigation ditches near my farm have been filling up awfully quickly! If the water flow doesn't slow down, I'm going to lose my crops! FARMING DOES NOT WORK THIS WAY!"-Farmer Follies in Neopets Altador Plot
"I always knew having a mad wizard design our water distribution plant was a bad idea."-from Neopets Altador Plot

"Have you ever thought in might be unwise to derive happiness from the misfortune of others?"- from Neopets

"The young have aspirations that never come to pass, the old have reminiscences of what never happened. It's only the middle-aged who are really conscious of their limitations- that is why one should be so patient with them."-Saki [Hector Hugh Munro]

"Leason to be learnt here, DIC screwed things up but not as much as Cloverway."-Famous Cloverway Dialogue quote

"We have the best Congress that money can buy."- Will Rogers

"Those who do not feel pain seldom think that it is felt."- Dr. Samuel Johnson

"Be not too hasty to trust or admire the teachers of morality; they discourse like angels, but they live like men."- Dr. Samuel Johnson

"The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people."- G.K. Chesterton

"When we were children we were grateful to those who filled our stockings at Christmas time. Why are we not grateful to God for filling our stockings with legs?"-G. K. Chesterton

"Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence."- H. L. Mencken

"It is hard to tell if a man is telling the truth when you know you would lie if you were in his place."- H. L. Mencken

"Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation."- Henry Ward Beecher

"Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul."- Henry Ward Beecher

"To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself once in a while."- Josh Billings

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."- Jim Rohn

"We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment."- Jim Rohn

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."- Abraham Lincoln

"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us."- Alexander Graham Bell

"If you do not wish to be prone to anger, do not feed the habit; give it nothing which may tend to its increase."- Epictetus

"Ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, Only a signal shown, and a distant voice in the darkness; So on the ocean of life, we pass and speak one another, Only a look and a voice, then darkness again and a silence."- Henry Wordsworth Longfellow

"The whole conviction of my life now rests upon the belief that loneliness, far from being a rare and curious phenomenon, peculiar to myself and to a few other solitary men, is the central and inevitable fact of human existence."- Thomas Wolfe

"Fun is a good thing but only when it spoils nothing better."- George Santayana

"Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship - never."-Albert Camus

"An inexhaustible good nature is one of the most precious gifts of heaven, spreading itself like oil over the troubled sea of thought, and keeping the mind smooth and equable in the roughest weather."-Washington Irving

"My wife has a slight impediment in her speech. Every now and then she stops to breathe."-Jimmy Durante

"A gossip is a person who creates the smoke in which other people assume there's fire."-Dan Bennett

"Anybody with money to burn will easily find someone to tend the fire."-Pocket Crossword Puzzles

"Arson, after all, is an artificial crime... A large number of houses deserve to be burnt."-H. G. Wells

"Better a little fire that warms than a big one that burns."-John Ray

"But true love is a durable fire, In the mind ever burning, never sick, never old, never dead, From itself never turning."-Walter Ralegh

"From little spark may burst a mighty flame."-Dante Alighieri

"If the world is cold, make it your business to build fires."- Horace Traubel

"If you light your fire at both ends, the middle will shift for itself."- Addison

"In the coldest flint there is a hot fire."- Unknown

"Man is the animal that has made friends with the fire."- Henry Van Dyke

"No spectacle is nobler than a blaze."- Samuel Johnson

"Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire."- Arnold H. Glasow

"Tact is the art of building a fire under people without making their blood boil."- Franklin P. Jones

"Talent is a flame. Genius is a fire."- Bern Williams

"The fire which warms us at a distance will burn us when near."- Unknown

"Violent fires soon burn out."- Unknown

"You can hide fire, but what of the smoke?"- Unknown

"Fire is only as dangerous as you let it be."- Unknown

"Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability."- Roy L. Smith

"Fire destroys that which feeds it."- Simone Weil

"It's a good thing the world sucks, otherwise we'd fall off."-Unknown

"God giveth and Dog taketh away."

"Never fear! I've been drinking 3 sockshakes a day and clicking on humourous internet cat pictures to get my fingers into shape! *flexes index finger*"-Dragona from Neopets

"I have two mottos when it comes to winning and losing. The first motto I can't remember and the second one is "mottos are dumb!""-Kid Hawk from Neopets

"Please. Conquering worlds is so mainstream. Real megalomaniacs conquer mountaineering records, place settings, and this concept you call "trousers.""-Mr. Insane from Neopets

"We childproofed our home but they are still getting in."

"Life is like photography. You develop from the negatives."

"Your focus becomes your reality."

"Lying is Sin, Truth is Blasphemy"

"Look, it's been swell, but the swelling's gone."

"I have a simple philosophy: fill what's empty."

"Specialization is for insects."

"You’re ugly when you cry."

"Don't be a drag, just be a Queen."

"Grace- Getting what you don't deserve."

"Paint the man, cut the lines."

"My heart is closed, business hours only."

"Tears only make more tears."

"An artist's hands are never clean."

"Save a seat for me in your memory."

"We all have stories."

"Welcome to my lair, mortals."

"I'm an ass, deal with it!"

"Loving you is causing me deep sickness."

"Larger than life, metaphorically."

"Fight Crime- shoot back."

)_I appreciate that clarification. I had figured it was possible for Naruto's soul to hang around inbetween rebirths._)

)_Naruto's preparing his own father for his death. How tragic._)

)_With a daily promise/deranged prayer like that hanging over his head, why the hell did Ryu decide to be a ninja?_)

" "Give them nothing boys!" Ibiki yelled as the wave of Oto-nin crested the hill. "But take from them, everything!" I realize how cliche using 300 quotes is, but it's truly a great warcry.

"Sakura is shallow, she can't see where the fox ends and Naruto begins." To be fair, that's kind of hard to tell in this story.

"Lee pulled on his usual green spandex jumpsuit… Thingy… (Is there even a proper word for what he wears?)" Several words, actually... abomnination, one-piece, a houck of phlegm marring the face of decency, are of those are good choices.

"In a world without walls or fences, what need it there for windows or gates?" - CEO of Apple

"Red is the color of firey passion and I. Am. Flaming~" -Grell Sutcliff

"Those who don't know the importance of glasses to Reapers...Should get a pay cut!"-William T. Spears

"He, he...It's been a while since I've laughed so much...To lose such an amusing man would be like losing the whole world to me...Don't you agree? Shinigami?"-Undertaker

Unknown Places of Anime Quotes

"Don't take your mom too literally. When she says "Take out the trash," don't be calling me for a date!"-Elvira

Emily Dickinson Quotes

"Parting is all we know of heaven, And all we need of hell."-Emily Dickinson, from My life closed twice before its close

"Beauty is not caused. It is."-Emily Dickinson

"Forever is composed of nows."-Emily Dickinson

"Saying nothing...sometimes says the most."-Emily Dickinson

"Truth is so rare that it is delightful to tell it."-Emily Dickinson

"Love is anterior to life, posterior to death, initial of creation, and the exponent of breath."-Emily Dickinson

"Luck is not chance, it's toil; fortune's expensive smile is earned."-Emily Dickinson

"Behavior is what a man does, not what he thinks, feels, or believes."-Emily Dickinson

"Whenever a thing is done for the first time, it releases a little demon."-Emily Dickinson

"Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality."-Emily Dickinson

"Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate."-Emily Dickinson

"The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience."-Emily Dickinson

"They might not need me; but they might. I'll let my head be just in sight; a smile as small as mine might be precisely their necessity."-Emily Dickinson

"Success is counted sweetest by those who never succeed."-Emily Dickinson

"Not knowing when the dawn will come I open every door."-Emily Dickinson

"Fortune befriends the bold."-Emily Dickinson

"If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain."-Emily Dickinson

"I hope you love birds too. It is economical. It saves going to heaven."-Emily Dickinson

"That it will never come again is what makes life sweet."-Emily Dickinson

"Old age comes on suddenly, and not gradually as is thought."-Emily Dickinson

"How strange that nature does not knock, and yet does not intrude!"-Emily Dickinson

"To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else."-Emily Dickinson

"Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough."-Emily Dickinson

"Dying is a wild night and a new road."-Emily Dickinson

"Finite to fail, but infinite to venture."-Emily Dickinson

"To whom the mornings are like nights, What must the midnights be!"-Emily Dickinson

"The possible's slow fuse is lit, by the Imagination."-Emily Dickinson

"Dwell in possibility."-Emily Dickinson

Marsha Linehan Quotes

"Acceptance is the only way out of hell."- Marsha Linehan

"Pain creates suffering only when you refuse to accept the pain."- Marsha Linehan

"To accept something is not the same as judging it good."- Marsha Linehan

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Quotes from Mermaid Forest by Yu Watase

""- Yuta, pages 224-226 of Mermaid Forest by Yu Watase
""- Towa, pages 241-242 of Mermaid Forest by Yu Watase
""- Towa, pages 242-250 & 252 of Mermaid Forest by Yu Watase

Friday, April 13, 2007

Quotes by Guardians to the Main Characters from the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

"We all have have a star in our heart. Darkness and light are always right next to each other. Show a little fear or a drop of tear... ... and the darkness will grow and start to attack... Consuming the light..."- Queen Serenity, page 109 of Sailor Moon SuperS #4 by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Helios/Pegasus, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"True beauty is found the darkness.""- Kunzite/Malacite, page in Book #2 of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Zoisite, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Nephrite/Nephlite, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Jadeite, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Ceres Ceres/Sailor Ceres , page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Juno Juno/Sailor Juno, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Vesta Vesta/Sailor Vesta, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Pallas Pallas/Sailor Pallas, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Dead Moon Circus's Amazoness Quartetlet: PallaPalla, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Dead Moon Circus's Amazon Quartetlet: VesVes, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Dead Moon Circus's Amazoness Quartetlet: JunJun, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Dead Moon Circus's Amazoness Quartetlet: CereCere, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Seiya Lights/Sailor Star Fighter, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Taiki Lights/Sailor Star Maker, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Yaten Lights/Sailor Star Healer, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Kakyu/Sailor Kakyu, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi

Quotes by "Animal" Companions from the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

""- Luna, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"It's not a bald spot! What rude thing to say!"-Luna, page 22 of Sailor Moon book #1
"You did it, Bunny! That witch transforomed... So you see what's going on? The Enemy has begun its strategy... BUNNY! Hey... Bunny, we're going home."-Luna, pages 39-40 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Bunny you're a nut!"-Luna, page 61 of Sailor Moon book #1
"She's the water warrior... she uses fog... Protecter of Mercury... SAILOR MERCURY! We've been searching for you!"-Luna, pages 73-74 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Raye! You use fire as your power ...Protected by Mars... SAILOR MARS! You're a Sailor Scout!"-Luna, page 116 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Bunny, you were the first Scout. You must become the leader and stop being irresponsible. Bunny!! Pay attention! This is important!"-Luna page 130 of Sailor Moon book #1
"To protect the Crystal... and the Moon Princess... That is why you were chosen... Because this is your destiny. I was sent from the moon to awaken you."-Luna, page 19 of Sailor Moon book #2
"I am Luna... Princess Serenity's advisor... I have sworn never to leave the Princess's side. But now Bunny's so far away from me... Now I remember... When the Moon Kingdom was destoyed, Artemis and I went into a long sleep...When I finally awoke, I landed on Earth in the present time. My mission was to awaken Bunny... to educate her and be at her side at all times. My memories were sealed away, Sailor Venus acted as a decoy princess, And I trained Bunny to be a Sailor Scout... All in order to protect the Princess, and the Silver Imperium Crystal hidden within her. I planned to hide her from the Enemy for a while longer... I didn't expect Bunny to remember so quickly... I should have had more faith in her... If I had recovered my memories earlier... And realized that Tuxedo Mask was Endymion... Bunny wouldn't have had to suffer... I'm the cause of her pain... I'm a failure as Bunny's partner..."-Luna, pages 173-175 of Sailor Moon book #2
"We must go to the moon... To find the truth we're looking for... To the moon!"-Luna, pages 179-180 of Sailor Moon book #2
"Sailor Pluto! It's forbidden even to know she exists. No one has ever seen her! The solitary guardian of time!!"-Luna, page 76 of Sailor Moon book #5
"That monument is made of Black Poison Crystal! The Black Moon uses it as a source of energy and a method of attack. It's a stone that has a negative power. Even a small piece holds a lot of energy."-Luna, page 121 of Sailor Moon book #5
"Your majesty! The Black Moon wasn't only after Small Lady and the Silver Imperium Crystal... they've also begun to invade the Earth of the past."-Luna, page 121 of Sailor Moon book #5
""- Artemis, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"Luna... Just now... You looked so regal! Like the goddess of the Moon, Selene... You were one with Princess Serenity."-Artemis, page 21-22 of Sailor Moon book #4
"It's no rush. Hey, they were just saying they had trouble transforming one time or another too. They all said they felt the power, and that they met their clone. This is a special transformation! It's just that your body is in the midst of building up power inside of you as the leader of the scouts right now! This is a special tranformation. Something will happen soon...! After all, you are the leader of the Sailor scouts!"-Artemis, page 73 of Sailor Moon SuperS #2
"I know this for a fact... you are becoming more beautiful everyday... As if you were becoming the goddess of Venus...."-Artemis, page 74 of Sailor Moon SuperS #2
""- Diana, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"When it happened... The Queen, who hardly ever set foot outside of the Crystal Palace... Rushed out in a terribly agitated state. In that moment, there was one strike... And this tremendous explosion... It was a sudden attack. Everything was blown away... And the stillness of death settled on all but this Crystal Palace made of Silver Imperium Crystal."-Diana, pages 112-113 of Sailor Moon book #5
"Pluto! Pluto... help the King. It's terrible. Small Lady has awakened... as the Black Moon's queen Nemesis has appeared from a different dimension! Sailor Moon and the others are exhausted. They may not be able to protect Crystal Tokyo... and this planet...! Pluto... I'll stay here to watch for you! I don't have power like you Pluto, and I'm just little, but even I'm better than nothing! Go through the door, Pluto. You must go when you want to! Good luck, Pluto!"-Diana, pages 177-179 of Sailor Moon book #6
"Small lady, your Silver Imperium Crystal is reborn. All Senshi have their own Sailor Crystal that carries the power of their stars. That's your very own Pink Moon Crystal, Sailor Chibi Moon."-Diana, page 114 of Sailor Moon SuperS #4

Quotes by Supporting Characters from the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

"You look so serious..."-Reika, page 60 of Sailor Moon book #3
"Do you like Jade? There are two types of Jade: Jadeite (hard) and Nephrite (soft). There are many colors of Jadeite. It's called true jade. Nephrite is a dark green stone. This pink Spodumene is called Kunzite. Isn't it a beautiful pale stone? This blue-violet Tanzanite is also called Blue Zoisite. (It was first introduced b Tiffany's! (heart)"-Reika, page 60 of Sailor Moon book #3
""- , page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi

Quotes by Villians from the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

""- , page in Book #
"There's no going back... Ever since that day... At the North Pole... in those haunted ruins... when I stumbled upon... the Dark Kingdom... And I set that evil free with my very own hands... It was fate."- Queen Beryl, pages 65-66 of Sailor Moon book #2
"Nineteen years from now you will die from overwork. Next please. Oh dear. Your heart is weak. Poor thing, you've only got six more years to live. Next please."- Catzi, page 86 of Sailor Moon book #4
"Everyone must die someday. I may not be able to cange your fate, but I can guarantee you a gentle death."- Catzi, page 87 of Sailor Moon book #4
"Well, well. So you're too stubborn to die?"- Prisma page 183 of Sailor Moon book #4
"The Black Moon... We are not intruders or an Enemy... We have come to guide you humans on the right path... I have come from far, far away... I am very close to you... Right now the Earth and her people are ailing. They are calling for help. But just for that we cannot keep on harming the Earth... Hospitals and medicines are no good either. There is no such thing as boundless power or immortality. You can only believe in your own strength. From now on, you mustn't accept anyone's rule. Earth belongs to mankind!"- Avery, page 29 & 31 of Sailor Moon book #5
"Eternal life and peace are only illusions... The body is meant to decay. And history is nothing but a repetition of wars."- Prince Diamond page 17 of Sailor Moon book #6
"I never dreamed she would show herself. The all powerful goddess who lived in the impenertrable castle. Neo-Queen Serenity... What a beautiful ruler... But... she glared at me with contempt. As if I were not even human. Her eyes rejected me. Such fearsome power. Then the Queen was once again swallowed... by the impeneretrable castle. Since that time... I have never forgotten those eyes. I needed to see her again, and make her kneel before me. I needed her, at any cost."- Prince Diamond, pages 19-20 of Sailor Moon book #6
"Power... creates war and strife"- Prince Diamond, page 88 of Sailor Moon book #6
"Love can be taken by force. That is another way of loving."- Prince Diamond, page 156 of Sailor Moon book #6
"Sapphire? You always followed me. But you never once put on Black Poison Crystal earrings. It was your one symbol of resistance."- Prince Diamond, pages 164-165 of Sailor Moon book #6
"To achieve our peace, we promised our allegiance to Galaxia! When Galaxia arrived... our planet found peace through death. Our planet is small and poor. Chaos and war reigned supreme. We had to go with her."-Lethe, Star Sailor Lethe, page 125 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #2
"This is the final resting place of dead stars. These butterflies are the last of the stars. The line of butterflies flying to their end will never stop... Did you come here to lose your life too?"-Sailor Heavymetal Papillon, pages 20-22 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #3
"How tragic that that the galaxy's only hope will be burned alive! Now suffer!"- Sailor Heavymetal Papillon, pages 23 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #3
"You are a punk. You were born a punk, and you'll die a punk. Wherever I go, there are nothing but punks like you."-Sailor Galaxia, page 63 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #2
"A dream .... A dream of bygone times... ...when I was still searching for answers. Sailor Moon will come here soon. Just as I was drawn here by Chaos. To know the truth. Hurry up Sailor Moon, Your tiny planet is not suitible for our battlefield. Hurry up and come to me. To unleash our powers!"-Sailor Galaxia, pages 66-67 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #2
"I will create a new galaxy... the place where destiny begins." - Sailor Galaxia of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"Even wounded and without your wings... ... you still shine with with your anger and hatred toward me." - Sailor Galaxia, page 83 of Sailor Moon *SailorS* #3
"I was born a nobody on a horrible planet... My life was horrid... But one day I awoke as a Sailor Scout. And now I am the chosen one. An ordinary Sailor Scout is worth nothing... I need to be the strongest Star."-Sailor Galaxia, page 95 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #3
"Love? Friends? To hang out and roam together is a sign of weakness."-Sailor Galaxia, page 97 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #3
"Why did you save me? Kill me! I am your enemy! This is war!"-Sailor Galaxia, pages 124-125 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #3
"There will be another future. Light and darkness will be born again. Peace will not come that easily."- Sailor Galaxia, page 131 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #3
"A future... Strange how still have that word inside me."-Sailor Galaxia, page 131 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #3
"Sailor Moon... You believe in the future of this galaxy... Are you a Scout who loves all? Sailor Moon..... .....The star I finally found. So big and bright, but never mine to have."-Sailor Galaxia, pages 133-134 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #3
"No one can free themselves from the scent of first love!"- D. Zire, page 143 of Sailor Moon SuperS #2
"Little lost girl without a place. Little girl who followed the darkness in her heart. Reject the world you knew before, or you can never make it. Little girl who's never awakened. I am who you have been looking for, the one who truly needs you. Come... come to me... Here... Take my hand, and come to me..."- Wiseman/Death Phantom pages 53-55 of Sailor Moon book #6
"You need darkness... Just lend me your hand. Welcome the darkness..."- Queen Nephrenia, pages 62-63 of Sailor Moon SuperS #4
"Where there is light, there is darkness. Darkness brings light and light brings darkness."-Chaos of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Quotes from Wedding Peach by Sukehiro Tomita (Blech! Don't blame me for owning one! It was a gift!!)

"How silly- getting hurt while protecting an enemy... Fool..."- Pluie, page 18 in Book #2 of Wedding Peach by Sukehiro Tomita
"There really isn't anything we can accomplish by cutting school. And we'd just worry our families."- Yuri/Angel Lily, page 88 in Book #2 of Wedding Peach by Sukehiro Tomita
"If thou wouldst spare thy dear ones from misfortune ... Extinguish all thy current memory... And reawaken thy memory from ages old."- Pluie, page 101 in Book #2 of Wedding Peach by Sukehiro Tomita
""- Nocturne, page 112 in Book #2 of Wedding Peach by Sukehiro Tomita
""- Yuri/Angel Lily, page 112 in Book #2 of Wedding Peach by Sukehiro Tomita
""- Nocturne, pages 112-113 in Book #2 of Wedding Peach by Sukehiro Tomita
""- Pluie, pages 122-123 in Book #2 of Wedding Peach by Sukehiro Tomita
""- Nocturne, page 126 in Book #2 of Wedding Peach by Sukehiro Tomita
""- Nocturne, page 166 in Book #2 of Wedding Peach by Sukehiro Tomita

Where do I put THESE?

"Hey! Don't you know the rules? When heroes transform, ride in their machine, or stand in their main pose, no one should attack them!" -Da Cider, Vs Knight Lamune and 40 Fire

"Well, I like you. You're nice, and you're funny, and you don't smoke. Yeah, okay, Werewolf, but thats not all the time. I mean, three days out of the month I'm not much fun to be around either." -Willow

"If you think your memory is bad now, wait until you're 57."-Larry Blair

"I have a little tootie, I made it out of gas, and when it's good and ready, I'll blow it out my-"-Jan Olsen

"What those things... words. I'm really good with words."-some guy on the radio

Gundam Wing Quotes

"Believing the love that changes sorrow into strength."- theme song from Gundam Wing

"Wars take many lives away. Humans never forget the grief, but they also never stop the fighting. Streams of blood and tears are only an ornament for their destructive ritual." -Heero Yuy, Gundam Wing

"You better do as he says. I would have blown your head off." - Heero Yuy, Gundam Wing

"I kill crazy people." - Heero Yuy, Gundam Wing

"Even if everthing has gone insane, I will still fight on to believe in myself." - Heero Yuy, Gundam Wing

"We're not the ones making the mistake. This entire war is crazy in and of itself." - Heero Yuy, Gundam Wing

"Life is something that is cheap. Especially my life." - Heero Yuy, Gundam Wing

"Peace is only the outcome of war." - Heero Yuy, Gundam Wing

"To protect the weak, you destroy justice. But in the end, you can't save them that way!" - Heero Yuy, Gundam Wing

"I've always hated weaklings. Always wondering when the next attack would come. Never able to trust anyone... never saying what they had to say... I could never forgive them..." - Heero Yuy, Gundam Wing

"You're a bad loser. No that I mind that." - Heero, Gundam Wing

"I'll kill Zechs. That's how I'll say thank you." - Heero Yuy, Gundam Wing

"All humankind is the underdog. You and I are the underdogs!" - Heero Yuy, Gundam Wing

"Death hurts like hell." - Heero Yuy, Gundam Wing manga book #1

"The god of death? Well, that sounds much better than a hero who commits mass murder." - Duo Maxwell, Gundam Wing

"You know, I wonder what real peace is... Never mind! Forget what I just said! Sorry, that was out of character." - Duo Maxwell, Gundam Wing

"I've had enough. Who else treats his own broken bones? Please... I just had my lunch." - Duo Maxwell, Gundam Wing

"Shit. A charming way to kill us." - Duo, Gundam Wing

"Sorry, but I'm gonna have to retire. Ah, this such a dull way to die! I feel like a div." - Duo, Gundam Wing

"I know you'd rather die... But if you couldn't die after all that, you'd better come up with a really good way to kill yourself." - Duo Maxwell, Gundam Wing

"I saved this guy's life... What was I thinking? Antisocial, uncooperative, unpredictable... God, I hate this guy! If I were you, man, I'd hate my personality so much that I would shoot myself!" - Duo Maxwell, Gundam Wing

"Don't want to say this, but with your skills, you're not my enemy." - Duo Maxwell, Gundam Wing

"If we weren't idiots, we wouldn't be soldiers." - Duo Maxwell, Gundam Wing

"I won't die that easily... Watch me... I'm gonna become Death again. Well, good night...." - Duo, Gundam Wing

"Stop making me repeat myself! Its bad for my health!" - Duo Maxwell, Gundam Wing

"Long ago when the Federation attacked, the smile disappeared from the people of the colony. I was fighting to get back those smiling faces. And what do I see when I come back? You're throwing away your smile yourselves." - Duo, Gundam Wing

"If you're weak, fight and get strong!" - Duo, Gundam Wing manga book #1

"If you want to kill me, I don't care. But, I might resist a little." - Trowa Barton, Gundam Wing

"There goes another self-destruct system to waste." -Trowa Barton, Gundam Wing

"As I fought, I slowly killed my heart. That's why my heart has been empty for a long time."- Trowa Barton, Gundam Wing

"Perhaps as a human I have no worth, but I must stay alive." - Trowa Barton, Gundam Wing

"We have the potential to become the perfection of what warriors should be. It's because we fight with all our hearts, and truly believe that we can change the world." - Trowa Barton, Gundam Wing

"Up until now, I've defied death countless times. Let me do so again." - Trowa Barton, Gundam Wing

"You're scared of dying. Then you shouldn't fight!" - Quatre Rabara Winner, Gundam Wing

"Fighting weaklings, I feel empty even if I win the battle." - Chang Wufei, Gundam Wing

"Morons! Haven't you had enough meaningless fighting already?" - Chang Wufei, Gundam Wing

"I'm doing what I can do now just in case something does happen." - Wufei, Gundam Wing

"If you want to live, keep quiet." - Wufei, Gundam Wing

"Offense is the greatest defense. If you think only of protecting, you'll get tied down." - Chang Wufei, Gundam Wing

"A boy with secrets... With so many secrets... And I know too much...? That's why... I'm going to be killed?" - Relena Darlian, Gundam Wing

"Alright. If you promise me I'm your last victim, go ahead and kill me." - Relena Darlien, Gundam Wing manga book #1

"As long as you make a decision with a controlled mind... you won't regret making that decision after, even if that decision turns out to be a bad one." - Zech Marquis/Milliard, Gundam Wing
"Fame makes you a visible target for your enemies." - Zechs, Gundam Wing
"From the moment mankind has stood on this Earth, he has been fighting. The fight between the people bacme the fight between the nations. And we have come through thousands of years of history stained with blood." - Milliard Peacecraft, Gundam Wing
"Unless one fights, one cannot realize the stupidity of war...."- Milliard Peacecraft/ Zechs, Gundam Wing
"I am in a position where the code of knights does not matter... I bear the will of the space revolution!! I can't allow such a frivolous thing as duel to decide the fate of the colonists." - Milliard Peacecraft, Gundam Wing

"Among the stars, so many fates cross and pass each other. My own thoughts and ideas will be left behind in the continuance of time." - Treize Khushrenada, Gundam Wing
"A gun that has forgotten how to fire but only looks impressive doesn't worry me, even if it's still able to blast me through the heart." - Treize, Gundam Wing
"The one whose heart is pure will not act recklessly, but will instead be free of mind." - Treize, Gundam Wing
"War will continue as long as humans still exist." - Treize, Gundam Wing
"Those who fight will be truly happy. It's also true that those who fight cannot be seen as impure. This life is highly respected and nothing else will be able to substitute for it. The spirits of those soldiers will continue to shine brightly because they fight against all odds, risking their lives." - Treize, Gundam Wing
"Your struggle will never end. The enemy you describe is fate." - Treize, Gundam Wing
"These 'Great Traditions' are nothing but a false history stemming from people's nostalgia of the past."- Treize, Gundam Wing
"I believe that true beauty and noblity comes only in battles with others, and human life should be given the utmost respect. I truly love and respect every person who have died in battle. I don't believe an absolute and crushing victory is what we humans need. I believe that the fight itself and the attitude of warriors are what we need."- Treize, Gundam Wing

"Without fighting, nothing can be created." - Lady Une, Gundam Wing
"This must not be restricted to history... this battle must become one that is passed down from one generation to the next for ages to come. For that reason, the precious blood of so many soldiers must be shed." - Lady Une, Gundam Wing

"The soldiers I trained... They are not trained to die." - Noin, Gundam Wing
"It is unfair for soldiers to die in an operation where everyone can anticipate casualties." - Noin, Gundam Wing

"Our troubles are nothing, her smile is everything." - Noin, Gundam Wing

"Results are there no matter what you do. The beauty is in taking part." - Dorothy Catalonia, Gundam Wing
"Death is a gift given at birth." - Dorothy Catalonia, Gundam Wing

"Humans are fighting animals, and that whoever wins should become the leader. That is how law and order are enforced." - Dorothy, Gundam Wing

"I want to engrave this war in my memory." - Dorothy, Gundam Wing

"Being rational is one thing. Reality is another." - Howard, Gundam Wing
"It's a sad human saga..." - Howard, Gundam Wing

"It's okay to go crazy. That's what war is all about." - Doctor J., Gundam Wing

"Stubborn old men are always disliked." - Docter J., Gundam Wing

"People start wars, and people end wars." - Docter J., Gundam Wing manga book #1

"If you want to die, get on with it. It's a waste of air." - Docter G., Gundam Wing
"If you're not stubborn, you can't get far in life." - Docter G., Gundam Wing

"There is no end to a battle." - Mr. Winner, Gundam Wing

Screen name only quotables

"a shadow that lies,
the truth that is hidden.
The enemy that comes,
it has now been bidden.
The same drums beat,
the ancient war,
the time has come for us to fight.
A wilting rose, dead and gone,
may yet be the last amung us
to see a blood stained dawn.
Why do you wait when time is done?
When hearts are gone and light is rare,
when none of us will be spared?" - Lady Eliac from the Artix Forums

"Here's a tip, never ask for dating advice on an ANIME FORUM."-Kenpachi from the AnimeNation Anime Forums

"If God takes life, He's an Indian giver."-Isaac Brock from the AnimeNation Anime Forums

"I had a drink the other day, opinions were like kittens, I was given' 'em away."-Isaac Brock from the AnimeNation Anime Forums

"Behind every bitch is someone who made her that way."-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"I'm not a mean girl. I'm just a girl who would love to punch everyone in the face who looks at me the wrong way."-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"See that girl? Yeah, her. She seems so invincible, right? But just touch her and she'll wince. She has secrets and trusts no one. She's the perfect example of betrayal. 'Cause everyone she trusted, broke her."-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"You ask what was wrong;
and I said nothing.
Then I turned around and whispered;
everything."-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"I like the rain, it hides my tears
I like the thunder, it covers my screams
I hate the lightning, it lights up my fears"-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"I don't want to trust anybody,
Because everyone who said
"I'll be there"
left."-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"She's got the eyes of innocence,
The face of an angel,
The personality of a dreamer,
And a smile
That hides more pain
Than you could ever imagine."-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"ANGRY PEOPLE NEED HUGS (or sharp weapons)"-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"I love how in anime the only way to save a city is to totally destroy it."-modernmonalisa2 from YouTube

"Anime Law 37: Send a boy to do a mans job. He will get it done in half the time with twice the angst."-SetsunaExia00 from YouTube

"Only in America, do we use the word 'politics' to describe the process so well: 'Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'."-ryjacork from YouTube

"Let this be a lesson to all shit talking demons: don't talk shit you BEFORE you actually win the match."- scorpianofthesun from YouTube

"Everyone knows that already!"-Megami33 of SMA Bloopers 7

"Idiocy, like reality, is just a state of mind."-Aja Armani from the YYHA forums

"Why do people add you on Facebook or myspace if they hate your guts in RL?"-reapersakura from the SMA Forums

"Call local game stores and ask for Battletoads for Wii, whether you have a Wii or not. They love when you do that."-animenokyouran from the SMA Forums

"Out comes one drawn out battle, in comes another drawn out battle."-ZalelsBackAgain from

"gohan-i need an adult / krilin-i am an adult / gohan-really?"-boredcameracrew from YouTube

"I don't ever wanna' see Goku "krunked". That shit could get dangerous!"-wickedlady4180 from YouTube

"Why are there planters peanuts in the refrigerator?"-Starkiller60 from YouTube

"I can't wait till they get to the part where Goku turns Super Saiyan, oh the constipation jokes."- rdhunterx from YouTube

"Football makes me want to microwave babies."-XxYYHLoverxX from YouTube

"Kuwabara got his time to shine...even if it was a quick-draw...
Kuwabara: "SHUT THE HELL UP!!!""-masaruten from YouTube

"Hey, be happy that this happens habitually only in cartoons - or else insurances would weep."-Daniel4646 from YouTube

"How is it humor when it's not funny?"-sharksd0p3000 from IMVU

"Roleplaying is an escape, and in it is more reality than you think."-Icy974 from IMVU

"Knowledge is transportable from person to person, so it can potentially be less scarce than experience."-Deliverance from IMVU

"Knowledge gained through experience stays with you longer than knowledge gained any other way."-SolstaLynn from IMVU

"Words are only things we have made to interact with each other, and a candle would still be a candle were it not for language. It might not be put to so many uses as we have made for it if we had not been able to create language, interact, and evolve as we have. But we wouldn't have given it a name unless our biology had allowed us to do so, therefore anything we see and percieve and give importance to is unique to us, and relative to our bodies and minds. If we are speaking specifically of the candle, and not some deep philosophical inquiry to how and why we exist, then language is a means of survival, being as how we made candles, but in order to fully utilize them, had to give them a common sound we could all relate to so we could understand each other. The physical and the theoretical are tied to each other, but seperate in their own domains."-hottiehramk from IMVU

"Numbers of humans have grown existentionally since these monuments were built and we forget that the world was nowhere near as densely populated as it is now. The thousands of people it took to build these monuments would have been a vast majority of the area's population so what would have happened to the farmers and workers? The entire economy of the time would have suffered if too many people were used at any one time. If fewer people were used over a longer period of time then I have to ask why a monument was being built that would not have been seen in the lifetime of it's inventor or his great-great-grandchildren."-DerryAire from IMVU

"What baffles me is that there needs to be a conspiratorial explanation for how a highly organized literate society marshaled manpower and resources to build a national project. To the Egyptians public building was a way to stimulate the domestic economy, keep people employed and keeps slaves busy and tired."-Schlagger from IMVU

"Can anyone tell me why incest is popular in fiction yet so gross in real life?" - Uchiha Bitch
"You, stand over here while we find kindling and gloat."-Forthright/Forthrightly from FanFiction.Net

"I like caffine drinks. Although Kick is the best."/ "So now you're an energy drink expert?" / "Expert is a strong word." -- Posted by -X-.Giggles.-X- from FanFiction.Net

"There is no way of guaranteeing anything ever. The mystery of fate is solved at the moment it becomes now. Not before then."- Greed's Accident from FanFiction.Net

"If I slap him upside the head… would it help?"- Kyia Star from FanFiction.Net (as Lin)

"Only gay men understand women."- Kyia Star from FanFiction.Net (as Bou-san/Takigawa)

"Is he talking to... his hair? He is, isn’t he?"- Millie M. Banshee from FanFiction.Net (as Tetsuzaemon)

"Bra Sizes. A-Almost a boob, B-Barely a boob, C-Can’t complain, D-Damn, DD-Double Damn, E-Enormous, F-Fake, G-Get a reduction, and H-Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!"- Millie M. Banshee from FanFiction.Net (written as a text message from Yoruichi)

"Why does Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi wear his Zanpaktou up front and center? I mean wouldn't that hurt having that right there? He's has got to be kicking it all the time and clashing it with his 'other sword.' What if he caught it on something underfoot? Can anyone one say, 'ouch!'? Or maybe he's compensating for lack there of if you know what I mean. Hint, hint..."- Millie M. Banshee from FanFiction.Net (as Kon)

"How does Captain Kenpachi Zaraki keep his hair up like that, huh? He can't be using standard hair gel. And what's with the tiny bells on the end of each spike? That would drive me insane. I mean every time I moved my head I would jingle. Talking about a ringing in one's ears. Sheesh... Not only that but those spikes have to be super hard to stand straight like that and when you add in his sheer height I wander just how many birds he's skewed over the years? I shudder and the mere thought of it..."- Millie M. Banshee from FanFiction.Net (as Kon)

"Luella, your house is haunted! The toaster won't stop staring at me."- Cullenvs.Black120 from FanFiction.Net

"He's the Easter bunny but he had a rough childhood so the tough outer shell is causing him to look like a demon ninja-butler named Jason Myers with knives for fingers that hitchhikes on Fleet Street but in reality he's a fluffy bunny!"- Cullenvs.Black120 from FanFiction.Net (as Mai - Ghost Hunt)

"They all resumed their original poses, having gotten over the disruption that Naru had made. Liz shot him a look, telling him not to mess this up again. He simply frowned at her, basically saying 'I'll mess it up if I want to.' She frowned and elbowed Naru in the stomach, causing him to double over, he knocked into Mai who was flung against him after Masako tripped backwards into John. Naru was still doubled over in pain with Mai draped over him, John and Masako were tangled together which looked really awkward. Luella tripped over her own feet, bumping into Yasuhara who hit Bou-san. Bou-san, having lost his balance, hit Ayako in the butt. She spun around, slapping him in the face and sending him reeling into Lin and Madoka. While his grandparents stood calmly in the middle, smiling at the camera."- Cullenvs.Black120 from FanFiction.Net

"Forged by a path of blood and pain, I walk the line of gray. Memories of old destroyed by the new, I face my demons like I knew. Forever bathed with blood and pain, I walk through the darkness towards the light of day."- Myevltwin from FanFiction.Net

"That is the fate of anyone of legend I think. If they ever were real that is, and they live, they simply fade into the background, and live quietly, until they are all but forgotten."- Sorry Charlie from FanFiction.Net (as Kagome)

"Fear is the darker side of faith."- Sorry Charlie from FanFiction.Net (as Shippo)

"Life is like a book. From birth to death, cover to cover, the story keeps going with a chapter for every year. Comedy, suspense, tragedy, romance, horror, the list goes on. There's a genre for everybody."- yellowmoon27 from FanFiction.Net

"The instructions asked the rest of the book if they should combust yet, or wait another five minutes. The rest of the cooking book said wait five minutes. The cake instructions swore furiously in the sugary sweet language of cakes and sugarplums."- sorciere de roux from FanFiction.Net

"Anger turned to disbelief. Disbelief collided with confusion. Confusion lead to mounting realization. And realization died laughing as the full humor of the situation made itself apparent."- Valakun from FanFiction.Net (from a narrative view)

"I can deal with my few seconds of depression for the sake of making another smile for much longer."- angelic memories from FanFiction.Net (as Kagome)

"The world is a riddle."- angelic memories from FanFiction.Net (as Seria, Kagome's handmaiden in the Western Palace)

"This can’t be real. It has to be my imagination. Maybe I’ve spent too much time in the [Feudal Era]. Too many razed villages, too many burials, too many [demons] and too much caffeine."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Kagome)

"Your spirit is strong. Foolish, but strong. To stand and fight to protect your charge, despite your weakness and to stab your fear, by stabbing that human filth. This all speaks of the power that dwells within you. One can train one’s body and one can train one’s mind, but a strong spirit is something that one must be born with."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Sesshomaru)

"There are no regrets in this life. To live in vengeance and lament is to ask for an eternity of suffering. This Sesshoumaru is too proud to walk such a path."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Sesshomaru)

"Nothing was as simple as it seemed. No one was a simple as they seemed either."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"There is only one prison and that’s the one of your heart and mind."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"A man buries that which he loathes or fears, but a dog buries that which he treasures."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"Like love and hate, pride and shame are not such different feelings."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"Impatience often leads to ignorance and that alone has led even the mightiest to their demise."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Sesshomaru)

"Matters of the heart and the soul can affect even the most disciplined of warriors."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Sesshomaru)

"All creatures care for their young, for their family and the intelligent ones may even love their children. Whether they are good or evil does not matter for love does not change the fundamental nature of the beast."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"Bravery and foolishness are often one and the same. All that separates them is success."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"The answer to the mystery was here, but her path as it always has been was to the future."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"There are times when the past is best left to be forgotten by more than those who cannot remember it."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"Her voice failed her as she was snared by the baffling significance of his words. That is until she realized how inadequately it had answered her question."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"You are not a lord of [demons], but of vague and unfulfilling answers."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Kagome)

"We can’t change what happens in the past, but we can decide what we make of our mistakes in the future."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"I hope you will always find peace with the sea and even more so inside your heart."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Kagome)

"Innocence doesn’t last forever. It’s just not meant to. Sometimes though, it’s nice to pretend. To go back to a time when a tangled knot in your hair was your biggest worry."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Kagome)

"I wonder what it was that hurt you so deeply. I've figured out what your problem is. You've locked away every emotion, until you have nothing left but what you believe protects you: hate, disgust, superiority, and pride. And because of that, you've lost the ability to trust anyone. And without that trust, there is no one that you could honestly call a friend."- Serephina of the Kamis from FanFiction.Net (as Kagome)

"Acting as if you know all is not wisdom."- Serephina of the Kamis from FanFiction.Net

"Memory lane was a section of an old farm."- PsychicOtaku182 from FanFiction.Net

"Don't write. Don't call. Just send us the reimbursement check."- Ithilwen K-Bane from FanFiction.Net (as Kurama - YYH)

"That fruitcake was covered in strawberry decals. A person living with an allergy needs to take some self-responsibility."- Ithilwen K-Bane from FanFiction.Net

"So let me get this straight, Kurama; We've faced down everything from evil tournaments to psychic rifts in the space-time continuum, and you want us to go up against a fanfiction site for ditching a few stories?"- Ithilwen K-Bane from FanFiction.Net (as Yusuke)

"Spare me the details. When I want to know what goes on inside the human body, I'll slice one open."- Ithilwen K-Bane from FanFiction.Net (as Hiei)

"A man can only be the universe’s chewtoy for so long."- Moczo from FanFiction.Net

"Well, every once in a while, one of those rich, arrogant types – the guys who think they can, and try to, buy their way out of anything – happens to have the ability to see spirits, like you. A Soul Reaper pays them a visit... well, Byakuya makes an especially convincing Grim Reaper."-Shadowed Bankai from FanFiction.Net (as Rukia)

"Aizen was gaping at the screen as Ulquiorra put his hand on his hips and rolled them. He watched in pure horror as his favorite Espada put is arms on his head and did the whole Macarena dance once again."- Name Whore from Fiction.Net (narrative)

"Why do 24 hours stores have chains on their doors?"- machoupitchounette from FanFiction.Net

"I love you like I love my mothers cheese grater. Which is a lot. Lemme tell you. Seriously. Where would be if we didn't have cheese graters? I'll tell you where. In a world without Cheese Graters. And that would suck."- -X-.Giggles.-X- from FanFiction.Net


"SEX! The only time when one plus one can make three!!"- -X-.Giggles.-X- from FanFiction.Net

"You are, in the nicest possible way, clinically insane."- -X-.Giggles.-X-'s sister from FanFiction.Net

"THE BOY WHO LIVED! Geez! Tons of boys live! They don't all get a title do they?!"- -X-.Giggles.-X- from FanFiction.Net

"Wake up and smell the formaldahyde." -X-.Giggles.-X- from FanFiction.Net

"Is that a tic tac in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"- -X-.Giggles.-X- from FanFiction.Net

~**~~~~~~~~~~~ -X-.Giggles.-X- from FanFiction.Net ~~~~~~~~~~~**~
-X-.Giggles.-X-: "You're always like this Sarah! Anything I say you poke holes in it! Wether its my view on life being like pizzas and oreos, my view on rock paper scissors or that the celing might be the floor in Australia, you always make it seem stupid!"
Sarah: "Shona. That's because the majority of things you say ARE stupid."
N/A: "What's up?"
-X-.Giggles.-X-: "I dunno. Depends on what side of the world your on."
N/A: "Shona... what the fuck?"
-X-.Giggles.-X-: "I'm just saying! What's up to us could be down for people in Australia!"

Quoted Chants

Chants that inspire:
"And we can rise with the fire of freedom,
Truth is the fire that burns our chains,
And we can stop the fire of destruction,
Healing is the fire running through our veins."
by Starhawk (NOT someone's screen name)

South Park Quotes

"Without evil there can be no good, so it must be good to be evil sometimes."- Satan from South Park

"I don't think I'm very happy. I always fall asleep to the sound of my own screams. And then I always get woken up in the morning to my own screams. Do you think I'm unhappy?" - Butters from South Park
"Officer, is it illegal for Jewish people to eat Christmas snow?" Kyle from Suth Park
"I'm the only one here. Everyone else has chickenherpes." Kyle Broflowski from South Park
"I'm a clinically depressed fecal-feliac on prozac."- Kyle from South Park
"Careful? Was my mother careful when she stabbed me in the heart with a clothes hanger while still in the womb?" Cristoph a.k.a. Mole from South Park
"Michael Bay gets to keep making movies and Cartman gets his own theme park; there is no God."- Kyle from South Park
"There's no sand in my vagina!"-Kyle from South Park
"It's a man's obligation to stick his boneration in a women's separation; this sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation." - Cartman (in a Catholic Church) from South Park
"You so much at TOUCH kitty's ass, and I'll put a firecracker in your nutsack and blow your balls all over your pants."- Eric Cartman from South Park
"Handle it? For two billion dollars I could handle my Grandpa's balls, dude."- Eric Cartman
"They're not people, they're hippies!"-Cartman
"Hippies. They're everywhere. They say wanna save the earth, but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad." - Cartman
Cartman: I want to get down on my knees and start pleasing Jesus. I want to feel his salvation all over my face.
Cartman: Well, I looked in my mom's closet and saw what I was getting for Christmas, an UltraVibe Pleasure 2000.
Cartman: I made you eat your parents, I made you eat your parents, I made you eat your parents. Oh, your tear's are so sweet. Oh, yes. Let me taste them. Such sweet pain!
Cartman: M'am, I'm here to check your house for parasites ... apparently, you have hippies.
Cartman: I'm not fat! I'm festivally plump!
Cartman: Alright. Look. I didn't want to have to say this, but I think maybe we're not seeing heaven because one of us doesn't believe in it enough. Heaven could be like the pixie fairies of Bubblegum Forest. You only see them if you really believe in them. You know, maybe we're not seeing heaven because one of us is a J-O-O.
Cartman: It's an Afghanistan goat, so it can't stay here, or else it'll choke on the sweet air of freedom.
"Shut up Kyle! Shut your Goddamn Jew mouth! You're the reason that there's war in the Middle East!" - Eric Cartman from South Park
Cartman: I used to think disabled people were here for my amusement.
Cartman: See, this is what we call an all-you-can-eat buffet. Here you can eat all you want for just $6.99. That's why everyone comes here on Tuesday nights, except for Kenny's family because for them, $6.99 is two year's income.
Cartman: I hate hippies! I mean, the way they always talk about "protectin' the earth" and then drive around in cars that get poor gas mileage and wear those stupid bracelets - I hate 'em! I wanna kick 'em in the nuts!
Cartman: Only three more hours, sea people. Only three more hours and you can take me away from this crappy goddamn planet full of hippies.
Cartman: Whenever I see Jesus up on that cross/I can't help but think that he looks kinda' hot.
Cartman: Well, Kyle, appreciate you being so open with me about this, but as we know, you have a warped perception of reality because you're jewish.
Carman: Why does this happen every month? It seems like right about the same time every month, Kyle's mom gets a hair up her ass about something, and I always end up getting screwed by it.
Stan: So, I'm watching the season premiere of 'Boy Meets Boy' on television, right, and then 'Queer Eye For the Straight Guy' comes on! So I fall asleep in front of the TV and when I wake up, I see that I've spilled the Coke I was drinking, ALL over my satin pajama top.
Cartman: That movie has warped my fragile little mind.
Cartman: Excuse me, but I do believe that sucks ass.
Cartman: I don't hate black people. I hate hippies.
"Think about it - it's the easiest, crappiest music in the world, right? If we just sing about how much we love Jesus, all the Christians will buy our crap."- Cartman
Cartman: All I have to do is make people believe I'm handicapped and I get one thousand dollars. It's not going to be easy, but nothing worth having ever is.
Butters: We're not Christian, we just pretended to be.
Cartman: I got my period
Cartman: Am I to understand we will not be enjoying any side dishes with our frozen waffles?
Cartman: Lay off the cough syrup dude, I'm worried about you man
Cartman: Ma'am, we're having a Dude moment here if you don't mind.
Cartman: Okay, old people need to be quiet now.
Cartman: If some girl tried to kick my ass, I'd be like, 'Hey. Why don't you stop ... dressing me like a mailman ... uh, and making me dance for you ... while you go and ... smoke crack in your bedroom ... and have sex with ... some guy ... I don't even know. On my dad's bed.
Tweek: But, what if when I'm trying to put on the nose, the snowman comes alive and tries to kill me?
Stan: No, Jay Leno's chin is big-boned. You are a big, fat ass.
Stan: Guys, we have no choice. We're gonna have to move away. Environmental activists don't use logic or reason
Stan: Wow! Cartoons are really getting dirty.
Mr. Garrison: I just don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.
Mr. Garrison: No, that's wrong, Cartman. But don't worry. There are no stupid answers, just stupid people.
"Okay, children. Let's all gather around and bob for stupid apples now. You go first, Bebe. That's good. Just use those mouth muscles like the girls in Beijing."-Mr. Garrison
Mr. Garrison: Gay people, well, gay people are EVIL. Evil right down to their cold black hearts which pump not blood like yours or mine, but rather--a thick, vomitous oil that oozes through their rotten veins and clots in their pea-sized brains; which becomes the cause of their Nazi-esque patterns of violent behavior. Do you understand?
Mr. Garrison: What, I'm not gay. I act this way to get chicks, dumbass.
Mr. Garrison: And, so, children, that's how you tell a prostitute from a police officer. Now, are there any questions?
Mr. Garrison: A haiku is just like a normal American poem except it doesn't rhyme and it's totally stupid.
Mr.Garrison: And that, Children ... is what you need to know about the facts of life. So lets review, Tootie left in the 4th season, but Blair & Jo stayed on and got husbands leaving the 5th & 6th seasons hideously stagnant
Mr. Garrison: A ladder to heaven, that's fucking stupid.
Chef: Well, if you want him to get really fat as fast as possible, one of you will have to marry him. It definitely worked for every woman I've ever met.
Chef: You've got to hold the football like you would hold your lover. Gently, yet firmly. You wanna be both nurturing and clinging at the same time. Oh, yes. Just like making sweet love to the football. Be naughty with the football. Mmmm, spank it. Ever so gently. Spank it. Oh, uh, sorry, children.
Butters: I'd rather be a crying little pussy than a faggy goth kid.
Butters: At least we have assholes, you dumb girl.
Butters: I have to get to South Park. If you give me a ride, I can pay you the four dollars I made at the titty bar.
Butters: Where I go, destruction will follow.
Butters: Wow. A present before my birthday? My birthday's on September 11th!
Wendy: Oh no, that's okay, Bebe. You might trip and then we'd be sucked into your huge, gaping vagina like ants into a vacuum cleaner.
Uncle Jimbo: So you see, we have to kill animals, or else they'll die.
Uncle Jimbo: Ah, he'll be fine. I'll just take him home and show him some good hardcore porn and he'll snap right out if it.
Token: And when the woman has 4 penises in her, and then stands above the guys and pees on them, is that love making? Five midgets beating a man covered in Thousand Island dressing. Is that love making?
Terrance: I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that you're perfectly healthy. The bad news is that you have cancer.
Terrance: This is worse than the time when I fell asleep and you put your dick in my mouth and took a picture.
Saddaam Hussein: Satan, your ass is gigantic and red. Who am I going to pretend you are, Liza Minelli?

Thank you,

Quotes from Musicals

Phantom of the Opera Quotes:
"Am I to risk my life to win the chance to live?"- Christine Diae from Phantom of the Opera

Quotes from Tuxedo Mask in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

""-Darien/Tuxedo Mask, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"Did I just hear that cat TALK?!"-Darien/Tuxedo Mask, page 60 of Sailor Moon book #1
"You must believe in yourself, follow your path without fear."-Darien/Tuxedo Mask, page 71 of Sailor Moon book #7
"When you're uncertain or worried, I'll be there for you. I may have no power, but you called me here to you. If you need me... ...I'll give you... the strength of my soul."-Darien/Tuxedo Mask, page 72 of Sailor Moon book #7
"Pluto.... She has the blood of the God of time, Chronos in her veins... The beautiful solitary guardian of the gates of the underworld, she lives between one time and another. Time is the last sacred territory. From long ago, Sailor Pluto has guarding the gates to that forbidden land."-King Endymion, pages 125-126 of Sailor Moon book #5

Quotes from Sailor Pluto in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

""- Setsuna/Sailor Pluto, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"Holding you close, and giving you kisses... aren't the only symbols of love...Watching over someone from afar, is a kind of love too."-Setsuna/Sailor Pluto, pages 27-28 of Sailor Moon book #7
"Light would always lead us. It told us, "It's all right... ... don't give up.""- Setsuna/Sailor Pluto, page 175 of Sailor Moon book #9

Quotes from Sailor Neptune in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

""- Michiru/Sailor Neptune, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi

"The sea is rough today."-Michiru/Sailor Neptune, page 128 of Sailor Moon Book #7
"You... Your eyes are remarkable in color. Proud. Were you a prince in your former life?"-Michiru/Sailor Neptune, page 136-137 of Sailor Moon book #7
"Summoned from the forbidden planet the one who must never be awakened... the last Sailor Scout. The one with the blessings of Saturn, the Planet of Destruction The Scout of Silence, Sailor Saturn... ...the end had come... as Sailor Saturn's Silence Glaive slowly dropped... ...and... ...quietly destroyed... ...our last breath. Sailor Saturn appears at the moment of destruction to return everything to dust. She is the guide to death."-Michiru/Sailor Neptune, pages 81-84 of Sailor Moon book #9 (This is the abbrievated and more eloquent version of this quote- for the full and more informative version, read below.)
"Princess ... Only once ... all that we can remember, have we seen these three Talismans activate. Do you remember? When once upon a time, the Silver Millenium was destroyed... Back then... ...we were forbidden to leave our posts. From far away... ... we could only watch ... ...the last cries of our home world, the Silver Millenium. The Talimans, the most powerful weapons of the outter planets, resonated like we had never seen before. We gathered ... ...and our glowing Talismans... ... summoned from the forbidden planet the one who must never be awakened... the last Sailor Scout. The one with the blessings of Saturn, the Planet of Destruction The Scout of Silence, Sailor Saturn. It was then that we knew... ...the end had come. We watched as Sailor Saturn's Silence Glaive slowly dropped... ...and as the Silver Millenium was quietly destroyed... ...we breathed our last breath. Sailor Saturn appears at the moment of destruction to return everything to dust. She is the guide to death. Each of our territories is far apart. Normally we would never meet. But we were as people of this planet... and we met again. The Talismans are calling each other... And the reborn Scout of Destruction as well."-Michiru/Sailor Neptune, page 80-84 & 86-87 of Sailor Moon book #9 (I had add the word "the" before each "Silver Millenium")
"The water's suddenly retreated. The prelude to a Tsunami?!"-Michiru/Sailor Neptune, page 15 of Sailor Moon book #10
"We must protect this land which will become the new Silver Millennium!"-Michiru/Sailor Neptune, page 17 of Sailor Moon book #10
"Raye Your senses and nerves are exceptional... Continue to sharpen them... And if the Enemy still gets in your way... Stretch a single piece of string across your heart... And then use you body and soul to...Release your fatal arrow!!"-Michiru/Sailor Neptune, pages 177-178 of Sailor Moon SuperS #1
"Hotaru?! Compared to how you were, you've grown to be a happy and joyous girl --but there are moments when your eyes turn ice cold Like the planet Saturn. this girl- is she going to be awakened again...?"-Michiru/Sailor Neptune, pages 21-23 of Sailor Moon SuperS #3
"Setsuna! We know that already but... You that day at the Tokyo Bay Observatory. Me, during the performance in Vienna... And at the race in Africa Amongst the city and people swallowed by darkness, falling into ruin... we did indeed sense the shadow of the Enemy. But we couldn't transform! We can't transform anymore! We've lost our power as Outer Senshi."-Michiru/Sailor Neptune, pages 30-31 of Sailor Moon SuperS #3
"Your pathetic curse did not kill the kingdom nor the Princess! It was destiny!! You only wish you had that power!"-Michiru/Sailor Neptune, page 66-67 of Sailor Moon SuperS #4
"Oh hush! We're gonna be teeny boppers again! Back to high school! It's so exciting! Love letters in your lockers, dates at the library, school festivals etc. etc."-Michiru/Sailor Neptune, page 14 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #1

Quotes from Sailor Uranus in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

"The wind is rough today."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, page 130 of Sailor Moon book #7
"Gender doesn't make a difference. Do you think just because you're a girl you're always going to lose to a guy? If you think that... can't protect the ones you love."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, pages 48-49 of Sailor Moon book #8
"Don't get in our way. Battle games are dangerous."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, page 64 of Sailor Moon book #8
"Even with out our help... ...she doesn't have much longer.... She was critically injured in an accident when she was eight. Hotaru miracously rose from a coma and returned to life. Despite his brilliant mind, Professer Tomoe was expelled from the academic establishment. Hotaru is the jewel of his life's work. She is both human and machine. The Professor made her a puppet, turning her body into machine. Her young body is already falling apart."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, pages 91-92 of Sailor Moon book #9
"Even Super Sailor Moon can't fight gravity once she steps onto an elevator."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, page 109 of Sailor Moon book #9
"You can't call this lonely. Loneliness is more... ... infinite in it's scope. Like where we used to be. It was a sad place. There was no one there. But not matter how lonely it got... We could think of Silver Millenium far away... and remember the images of the beautiful Princess and Queen. For us... ... that was a ray of light."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, pages 173-175 of Sailor Moon book #9
"Yes... Princess... Everything... Our lives, death, despair, hope and dreams--- Always by your shining light."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, page 16 of Sailor Moon SuperS #4
"You're enjoying this way too much. High school? After touring all around the world and raising children?."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, page 14 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #1

Quotes from Sailor Saturn in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

"Awaken! Awaken the self within myself. The time has come... Let the destruction begin."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, pages 113-114 of Sailor Moon book #7
"Beautiful... This suffering at the moment of destruction..."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, page 113 of Sailor Moon book #10
"Do not be distraught. Always with the end, comes hope and rebirth."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, page 115 of Sailor Moon book #10
"Darkness returns once again... But now I am aware... those 2000 years that went by as I slept like a dead rock brought upon the nightmare in this cradle that rocks back and forth..."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, page 37 of Sailor Moon SuperS #3
"I didn't want anyone to know about this cold, bloodless body... I was always alone. Papa was busy with his research. I thought I would die alone like this. I finally made a friend... Do I need to live so badly that my body is turned into this? Is there a reason for me to live?"-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, pages 40-41 of Sailor Moon book #9
"Thank goodness ... I was able to save you Rini ... I'm so very happy ... This may be strange coming from another girl ... But I felt we were destined to meet ... I'm glad I met you... I'm glad we became friends, Rini... Thank you... Farewell..."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, pages 32-33 & 35 of Sailor Moon book #10
"I... am the journeyer from the valley of the dead... With the blessings of Saturn, the planet of destruction, I am the Scout of Silence... Sailor Saturn."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, pages 84-85 of Sailor Moon book #10 (editor's note: this quote really started with; "I... and the journeyer", but I corrected it.)
"I feel... that it has not been so long since I was last called upon..."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, page 87 of Sailor Moon book #10
"I am always an uninvited guest."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, page 87 of Sailor Moon book #10
"Now! The end is near! I, Sailor Saturn, the guide to death, will you to the world of silence and nothingness."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, page 114 of Sailor Moon book #10
"Don't be afraid. I am the 'sleeping you' inside of you. The time has come for awakening. A begining of a new mission. -wake up Under the protection of our star, Saturn. The soul of the sleeping me. Wake up What's this? I see these visions- I must hurry"-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, pages 33-35 of Sailor Moon SuperS #3
"The time has come. The time for our new awakening. No matter how many times we reincarnate... It's set in stone... Who we live for. We're different now. We don't have to fight far away and alone any longer! We were reborn. Together with our princess. At last it is time."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, page 39-41 of Sailor Moon SuperS #3

Quotes from Sailor Chibi Moon in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

"Hotaru... Sailor Saturn, the Harbringer of Destruction? Hotaru... Her dark eyes... Hotaru always look sad... I have to save her! I have to get to Hotaru!! I won't let them kill her! This time I won't run... It doesn't matter what her fate is. She's my friend!"- Rini/Sailor Chibi Moon, pages 96-98 of Sailor Moon book #9
"I'll fight... I won't cry anymore. I'm a Sailor Scout too. With this life that Hotaru saved... I'll fight with my heart!"- Rini/Sailor Chibi Moon, page 39 of Sailor Moon book #10
"July 7 The weather was cloudy then clear. Today was Tanabata, the day where Shokujo and Kengyu can meet once a year. Although they live 16 light years apart and have a lot of problems, I hope they live long together without fights. But I want the person I love beside me everyday. End"- Rini/Sailor Chibi Moon, page 159 of Sailor Moon book #10
"I wanna grow up as quick as I can!! Afterall, I'm 903 years old!!"- page 38 of Sailor Moon SuperS #1
"My tears won't stop..."- Rini/Sailor Chibi Moon, page 114 of Sailor Moon SuperS #4
"I'm just a little Rini now but I've got to keep at it so my dreams will come true one day."- Rini/Sailor Chibi Moon, page 137 of Sailor Moon SuperS #4
"Small Lady... Serenity... You did call me that once... But I'm not that little girl anymore. I am the Queen of Darkness, Black Lady. I was chosen by the ruler of darkness, Wiseman to be reborn as Queen of Nemesis, the planet of darkness."- Black Lady/Wicked Lady, pages 138 & 142-143 of Sailor Moon book #6
"Heh... Is that how you expel the unworthy. I'm no longer entitled to enter the palace. See if I care. The Silver Millennium always treated me as a nuisance. I'll leave on my own."-Black Lady/Wicked Lady page 141 of Sailor Moon book #6
"I... am Wicked Lady... I have no friends or family... I am... alone."- Black Lady/Wicked Lady page 25 of Sailor Moon book #7

""- Rini/Sailor Chibi Moon, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
""- Black Lady/Wicked Lady, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi

Quotes from Sailor Venus in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

""- Mina/Sailor Venus, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"Raye! I've got the best idea! Get married I know how much you hate men, but... See... Don't think of it as getting married... just think of it as gaining a free helping hand! And he'll inherit your grandpa's shrine... he'll do all the work and you can do whatever you want! Just think of him as your little servant!"-Mina/Sailor Venus, page 154 of Sailor Moon SuperS #1
"I just wondered if you ever fart when you meditate."-Mina/Sailor Venus, page 155 of Sailor Moon SuperS #2
"This is still the Age of Pisces... the time of love!! As the Goddess of Love, I won't lose to you!!"-Mina/Sailor Venus, page 42 of Sailor Moon book #5
"She's in love. Luna has to be in love... It's your fault for getting lax, Artemis! It doesn't matter if you're married in the 30th century and have Diana as a kid. You can't sit twiddling your thumbs. The future can change completely."-Mina/Sailor Venus, pages 58-60 of Sailor Moon book #11
"My first love... Higashi on the volleyball team... But I ended clobbering him, didn't I?"-Mina/Sailor Venus, page 60 of Sailor Moon book #11
"Rival=Enemy, huh? I don't wanna be killed by Amy. My grades can stay where they are."-Mina/Sailor Venus, page 147 of Sailor Moon SuperS #2
"Raye, with the exotic, straight long hair! Rumor has it you've got several male fans!"-Mina/Sailor Venus, page 155 of Sailor Moon SuperS #2
"Artemis! You were alway with me. You were my reflection!"-Mina/Sailor Venus, page 48 of Sailor Moon SuperS #3

Quotes from Sailor Jupiter in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

""- Lita/Sailor Jupiter, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"I felt something inside... The wind brought me here... something important was waiting for me here."-Lita/Sailor Jupiter, page 189 of Sailor Moon book #1
"You shouldn't touch me right now... I can store up a charge like a battery. You see it most when I'm not feeling my best. Y'know. Like how I control the lightning."-Lita/Sailor Jupiter, page 172 of Sailor Moon book #5
"You're a lot like an old friend of mine... straight-forward and honest... She was a great friend and always there for me. But I took her friendship for granted. I didn't even say good bye when I moved here."-Lita/Sailor Jupiter, pages 175-176 of Sailor Moon book #5
"You remind me of that time... When I didn't have a goal life... when I didn't even understand the importance of friends... ... I've finally found the understanding friends I've always been searching for. I cherish them more than anything else. I want to do my best for my friends... I now have a goal... ...Someday, when you find someone special, you'll understand. Whether it's a friend... or a loved one..."-Lita/Sailor Jupiter, pages 176-177 of Sailor Moon book #5
"Bunny Do you know why Rini is so important to him? Because Rini is your child Bunny. He's thinking of our roles. He wants to make sure you are free to act as you must. You have us, Bunny. He believes in us. So he as decided to put all his effort into protecting your child, who is more important than anything."-Lita/Sailor Jupiter, pages 106-107 of Sailor Moon book #6

Quotes from Sailor Mars in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

"I don't need love right now. I have friends with the same purpose as me. I have all of you."- Raye/Sailor Mars, page 176 in Book #11 of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi

"It's upon us... I can feel it... Something evil is about to happen..."-Raye/Sailor Mars, page 80 of Sailor Moon book #1

"I'll punish you in high heels!"- page 183 of Sailor Moon book #1 (sidenote: Naoko Takeuchi once wrote that one her favorite things about Sailor Mars were the red high-heels in her sailor outfit)

"That's right. There's no time to cry over boys."- page 190 of Sailor Moon book #1

"Bunny, you're such airhead! Your brains only show up when you morph! Spare the poor Princess your goofy comments."-Raye/Sailor Mars, page 121 of Sailor Moon #2

"The waxing and the waning moon symbolize hatred and unrest. The new moon means death and destruction. But for visions of the future you need the full moon. It's white light gives you power."-Raye/Sailor Mars, page 13 of Sailor Moon book #3

"Shadows in the fire of the sun... It's a bad omen..."-Raye/Sailor Mars, page 62 of Sailor Moon book #3

"Wow! I feel the flames running through my body! This is the sensation I was craving! What was I wavering about?! I am the Soldier of Fire that swore loyalty to Princess Serenity! To protect the Princess, this planet and our friends... I will fight!! That is my dream and my life!"-Raye/Sailor Mars, pages 176-177 of Sailor Moon SuperS #1

Quotes from Sailor Mercury in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

""- Amy/Sailor Mercury, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"Quit reading comic books and study!!"-Amy/Sailor Mercury, page 124 of Sailor Moon SuperS #2
"I don't have much self-esteem... I always rely on others... I'm sleepy... I'm weak... Just let me sleep... It feels so good... Don't wake me up! Don't wake me up!"-Amy/Sailor Mercury, page 123 of Sailor Moon SuperS #3
"My true dream...? Ah... Right... I have all these people I love and adore. I want to love them even more. To protect them... That's why I study... And my dream is to... Become a proud Scout and protect everyone...because that's my mission!"-Amy/Sailor Mercury, pages 125-127 of Sailor Moon SuperS #3

Quotes from Sailor Moon in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

"Owwwuch! What did I step on? Oh, my god! It was a cat. I'm so sorry, little kitty. Are you hurt? What a cutie! Why are you shaking? Are you hurt? Not because I stepped on you, I hope. You're soooo adorable! Please forgive me. mmmm... (kiss) OWWW! Stop!! Hey! Don't scratch me, kitty"-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 3-4 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Sailor V's got it made. She doesn't have to study... All she does is round up the bad guys. Rats!"-Bunny/Sailor Moon, page 14 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Come on, die already!"-Bunny/Sailor Moon, page 14 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Wow All that crying wore me out."-Bunny/Sailor Moon, page 20 of Sailor Moon book #1
"I wish Mom didn't get so angry at me."-Bunny/Sailor Moon, page 20 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Hm? I'm dreaming... about video games?! Oh, wow, I'm Sailor V. All right! I gotcha! Take that! It's the arcade guy I saved the cat's life. That crescent moon bald-spotted cat..."-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 20-21 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Ahhh... What a lovely dream How refreshing And I met a gorgeous guy... ... sigh It seems that it a dream. sob."-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 40-41 of Sailor Moon book #1
"My name's Bunny. I'm 14 an in 8th Grade. I love eating, sleeping, and relaxing. I guess I cry easily, but I'm a regualar, cute girl! At least I was ... Because of this talking cat Luna, I became a Champion of Justice. Oooooh! How annoying!"-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 45-46 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Wow... a princess! (heart) I wanna eat Pringles (tiny heart)"-Bunny/Sailor Moon, page 47 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Come on, you cheap machine! If you kick it, extra prizes come out. Come on!"-Bunny/Sailor Moon, page 56 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Maybe I should go study... Wait. Me? Uh, no thanks... I'll pass."-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 59-60 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Melvin where'd you come from?! (sweatdrop)"-Bunny/Sailor Moon page 87 of Sailor Moon book #1
"My name's Bunny. I'm Sailor Moon, Champion of Justice. But being a Champion of Justice isn't so easy... I've got a whole slew of orders. First, I have to get rid of these really annoying enemies (they're not even human!)... Second, I have to find out who my fellow Scouts are... Third, I have to search for the mysterious "Silver Imperium Crystal" (whatever that is)... Finally, Luna told us to find our princess and protect her... Here are my two buds... Amy's the smartest girl at our school. She's also SAILOR MERCURY! And Raye is a beautiful priestess with a temper. She's SAILOR MARS! They're my fellow Sailor Scouts!"-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 122-123 & 125-126 of Sailor Moon book #1
"...ahh... This feels... like something from... a long time ago... somewhere... soft lips... warm arms... many, many times... sweet kisses..."- pages 156-157 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Where am I...? I think I'm... Bunny...aren't I? Someone's calling me... But this fog... I can't see! Who is it?"-Bunny/Sailor Moon, page 161 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Leader of the four scouts... Us four scouts, together... Amy is the brain of our bunch... a girl genius with a 300 IQ! She's Sailor Mercury. Raye, a.k.a. Sailor Mars, can control fire and use ESP! She's a beautiful priestess with a temper. Next... Lita has mystical powers over thunder and lightning. She's Sailor Jupiter, the athlete of the bunch. And then there's me... their leader, Sailor Moon. We're here to beat the enemy ... and find the Princess and the Silver Imperium Crystal!!"-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 7-9 of Sailor Moon book #2
"Tuxedo Mask... He knows??...that I'm Sailor Moon?! How could he possibly know...!? His eyes... all-knowing strangely familiar, I feel myself drawn..."- pages 33-35 of Sailor Moon book #2
"Ahh... It's all over now. I feel strengthened... by a warm touch... I feel myself getting better. That touch... I know it from long, long ago..."- page 41 of Sailor Moon book #2
"Darien Shields... I remember now... ...that deep voice... that tuxedo... that bow-tie... How come... ...I never noticed before...? Those deep blue eyes... Tuxedo Mask?!"-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 47-49 of Sailor Moon book #2
"Warning... in my sub-concious... But it's already... ...too late He share our secret. Can I trust him?... What should I do...? I feel so nervous... But... I wish... we could stay like this forever..."-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 55-56 of Sailor Moon book #2
"Special powers? Me...? I mean I healed everyone, but that was only because of Luna's wand. Plus, Tuxedo Mask was there... He helped me use my powers. I guess I should tell them... That Tuxedo Mask is really Darien Shields. And that... He knows I'm Sailor Moon. I've gotta tell them... But... If I tell them, they'll be shocked... And Luna will get mad at me... They won't let me see him again... I don't know why, but when I think of him.. it's like my heart aches. I have to Hide the way I feel... For a little longer..."-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 71-73 of Sailor Moon book #2
"Who the...?! No way... That silhouette... It couldn't be... But I just know it... I felt it... inside me like a shockwave... The phantom Champion of Justice, Sailor V?!"-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 88-89 of Sailor Moon book #2
"Tuxedo Mask's broken watch... It's running backwards... Time in reverse... Memories engraved in the past... the sad past... It's coming back to me... I remember... Tuxedo Mask... My beloved... Endymion... The memories come flooding back to me... That deep blue planet... The same blue as your eyes... That blue planet of hope and possiblities... I used to love watching it from the moon... The blue planet... The Earth..."-Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity, pages 142-143 & 146-147 of Sailor Moon book #2
"I remember the happiness before we were reborn... When Earth was still one country, and the Moon had it's kingdom... But in the end, the Earth and the Moon warred... And that happy time... Crumbled to ashes..."-Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity, pages 165-166 of Sailor Moon book #2
"I wonder... Is the real me Bunny... Or is it Sailor Moon...?"-Bunny/Sailor Moon, page 110 of Sailor Moon book #2
"I still can't believe it... My crystallized tear... Is the Silver Imperium Crystal... Its light flashed so brightly... but now it's just like a piece of glass... It's still a bit warm... Like his... hands..."-Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity, page 168 of Sailor Moon book #2
"I am... the last heir to the throne of the Silver Millenium, Princess Serenity..."- page 178 of Sailor Moon book #2
""- page 13 of Sailor Moon book #3
"The resonant sound you don't get on the Moon... The wide sea... The green wind... We weren't just watching the Earth. We dreamt of this planet, yearned for it. We cared for it."-Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity, page 33 of Sailor Moon book #3
""- page 68 of Sailor Moon book #3
""- pages 78-79 of Sailor Moon book #3
"Why can't I return him to normal?! I have to defeat Queen Metallia's power... but to do that, I need to get the light of the Imperium Crystal back from him... The Prince was revived by Queen Metallia's power... He's not the same person! Do I have to fight him?! Do I have to kill him?! Is there no choice...? I can't stand... to see him like this anymore... Is this the only way? Is this... the reason we were reborn...? Darien..."-Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity, pages 132-138 of Sailor Moon book #3 (I had to add the "was"....)
"Endymion... You are my first love... my only love... Even if we are reborn in another life, we'll find each other... and then... we'll fall in love again..."-Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity, page 140 of Sailor Moon book #3
"Endymion... We'll transcend time... to live again, perhaps this time... We'll find happiness..."-Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity, page 142 of Sailor Moon book #3
"Endymion... So warm... When I'm with you...It feels like my heart is transparent... I feel my power growing... I wish I could stay like this forever..."-Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity, page 166 of Sailor Moon book #3
"Endymion... This time... We'll be born on the same planet... and we'll find happiness. My Silver Imperium Crystal, I beg of you... help me find him... I'll hold you to my breast... We'll protect you together... This time we'll find happiness..."-Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity, page 169 of Sailor Moon book #3
"Queen Metallia!! You are the one who's gonna turn to dust!! I, Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity... With the power of the Moon... WILL SEAL YOU AWAY!!"-Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity, pages 181-183 of Sailor Moon book #3
"Darien... I can see.. through his touch... visions of this planet... Endymion, this is your power, isn't it? The power of Earth!"-Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity, page 31 of Sailor Moon book #4
"I have a mom and dad waiting for me at home... I may be Serenity... But I'm also just plain Bunny... My place is on Earth... where Darien is."-Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity, page 35 of Sailor Moon book #4
""- page 131 of Sailor Moon book #5
"I can't use my power... Because my heart was confused....? I felt threatened every time Darien favored Rini. I had no confidence. I forgot how to trust. Is that why I couldn't use my power?"- pages 32-33 of Sailor Moon book #6
"I am.. The future Neo-Queen Serenity. I will protect the Earth... I will protect my friends. I'm not alone... You have to believe in your own power Bunny."- pages 34-35 of Sailor Moon book #6
"If you hadn't accepted those twisted ideas... If you hadn't sided with evil... Then there would be no war. Everyone would live in peace."-Bunny/Sailor Moon, page 88 of Sailor Moon book #6
"That's not the way to love. Wake up, Rini...! I can see... myself jealous at Rini... wanting to make Darien all my own... I understand... you love him so much... You're confused. Rini...! We're all clumbsy that way. But we really care for you... we need you..."-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 154-155 of Sailor Moon book #6 ""-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 73-74 of Sailor Moon book #7
"Oh. That's right. The past and future self can't exist in the same time and space. I can't meet the Queen... I wanted to see her. But there's no way I cando that. Meeting my future self and talking to her... ...would change history. I want to see her... Just for a moment... Even if... The course of history... ...should change forever..."-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 85-87 of Sailor Moon book #7
""-Bunny/Sailor Moon, page 124 of Sailor Moon book #7
"Um, Darien, I'm sure I like that 'Bun.' It's kind of sharp. I liked Buns."-Bunny/Sailor Moon, page 120 of Sailor Moon book #7
""-Bunny/Sailor Moon, page 124 of Sailor Moon book #7
"Always... When I think I'm happy, in the next instant... I'm suddenly unsure. I somehow feel this happiness won't last."-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 125-126 of Sailor Moon book #7
"For a moment... ... her eyes turned so cold and dark, like they could stab right through you. It gave me the shivers. Could she enemy?!"-Bunny/Sailor Moon, page 170 of Sailor Moon book #7
"Wait! Sailor Uranus! You're uranus, aren't you, Haruka? You both smell like the wind."-Bunny/Sailor Moon, pages 128-129 of Sailor Moon book #8
"Always... Everyone shows me the light and leads the way... Whenever I feel crushed, I always remember... I have that light in my heart. It's everyone's hearts joined as one. I just have to believe that in one moment that light will shine forth."-Bunny/Super Sailor Moon, page 180 of Sailor Moon book #9
"I am... Super Sailor Moon! I glow with the power that everyone gave me! I will be the light to pierce this night! I won't lose to any darkness or illusion!"-Bunny/Super Sailor Moon, page 181 of Sailor Moon book #9
"Just now I had a dream. You asked me what my dream was, and then I woke up. My dream. To protect this star so everyone can be happy. Together with you, Darien. What's your dream?"-Bunny/Super Sailor Moon, page 78 of Sailor Moon SuperS #3
"You can't take power! Power is created. And power cannot be created alone... ...nor can it be used alone! I'll show you what our power is made of!!"- pages 76-77 of Sailor Moon SuperS #4
"If that is how it must be... Please kill me. I came to put an end to this battle. Yes... Always fight until the battle's over. That is the destiny of a Sailor Scout. That is the wish of a Sailor Scout... No matter what future awaits them."-Bunny/Eternal Sailor Moon, pages 125-127 of Sailor Moon StarS #2
"I can't fight anymore. Everybody is gone. I wasn't always... ...fighting for peace and justice. I was fighting for my friends and loved ones. But, everything is gone. I have nothing to me left. Who should I fight for now? And why?"-Bunny/Eternal Sailor Moon, pages 125-126 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #3
""-Bunny/Eternal Sailor Moon, pages 129-130 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #3
"There should be light and darkness, battles, hope, life and death. Happiness and sadness."-Bunny/Eternal Sailor Moon, page 132 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #3
"At the end of a battle, there is hope for the future."-Bunny/Eternal Sailor Moon, page 135 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #3
"As long as stars shine ... ... we are okay."-Bunny/Eternal Sailor Moon, page 137 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #3
"Chaos. Queen Metallia. Death Phantom. Pharaoh 90. Nephernia. And Galaxia. Now I know... ... why you tried to obtain my power. It is the same as me wanting to be... ...with my loved ones and friends. We are all... ...lonely stars. That is why we seek each other... To be as one. One, that is how we all started. That is why... ...our lives revolve around one another..."-Bunny/Eternal Sailor Moon, pages 139-141 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #3
"No matter how tough, I want to live this life!"-Bunny/Sailor Moon, page 175 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #3

Personal Quote Collection Section: Quotes under my pen name

"If you fill up a cup half-way, it's half-full; If you drink half of a full cup, it's half-empty... If you forgot to fill it up, it's just an empty cup."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Everything seems more real in the darkness, especially what isn't real."- Kathryn J. Blair

"The night has a life of it's own."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Humans need conflict. Without it, we would be bored and restless. Without conflict we couldn't truly appreciate joy and love, or perhaps never experience them."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Trust? When people say no, just accept it... That's one of the main ways to earn it."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Here's a tip: don't be condescending to strangers... You never know what kind of nut you'll pull out of the bag."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Being smart is to have knowledge. Being wise is knowing when to shut the hell up."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The only people who have no doubts are either stupid, crazy, or fanatics- though I guess they go under the crazy section."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Flowers wilt. Memories do not."- Kathryn J. Blair

"We're not even a second in the flow of time."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Someone trusting you with their tears is a far greater gift than trusting you with their smiles."- Kathryn J. Blair

"The more you think about things, the more you doubt what you know. The less you think about thing, the stupider you become."- Kathryn J. Blair

"I've been thinking... What is the difference between honor and lack of desperation?"- Kathryn J. Blair

"When a war ends, the results linger and then create the next war."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Memories never leave entirely... they may fade, or be repressed, but they are still there."- Kathryn J. Blair

"You never rid yourself of fear. You can numb yourself to one, but the fear is merely moved to a new location. Fear can not be removed, merely moved."- Kathryn J. Blair

"All wars will end, and peace will follow... in death."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Beauty is pure interpretation."- Kathryn J. Blair

"What do you call a man who does before he thinks, acting on half-formed feelings of unanalyzed beliefs? Besides an idiot."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Humans are too afraid to believe there's nothing after death, so we created god to make us feel secure."- Kathryn J. Blair

"I feel no sorrow at death, for it is the only thing in life no one can change- that it must end. Only the wise don't fight it; fools try and always fail." - Kathryn J. Blair

"Many think death is unfair... But death is actually the one thing in the world that is fair; it comes for humans and animals alike, the rich and the poor, the young and the old."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Death is like truth- it's neither good nor evil. It simply is." - Kathryn J. Blair

"Every end brings a new beginning... but a reminder of this is often needed when we are consumed by sorrow of that end."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Though one must fight their own doubts and learn from their mistakes, to doubt is to stay sane and to err is human nature." -Kathryn J. Blair

"If people count a biography as someone's life, what happens when it finishes?"- Kathryn J. Blair

"A troubled soul given power often goes from fury to madness."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Perhaps hiding in the crowds shows fear of self-weakness, but fear of love and friendship is a different kind of weakness."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Guess what? You'll never guess, so just ask what."- Kathryn J. Blair

"I'm too cowardly to die and I'm too cowardly to live, so I merely exist."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Death increases the awareness of life."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Never underestimate the ability of the human race to survive, even when things are at there worst. We're just too stubborn to give in." - Kathryn J. Blair

"Many smart people say only cockroaches will survive a nuclear bomb even though humans can't, many ignorant people brush it off, and then there are the people who are educated and stupid that made the bombs in the first place. But, cockroaches are cold-blooded and would die in a nuclear winter. Humans would adapt to it... poorly, at first, but we've done it before and humans never change the habit of adapting, whether or not we agree with the change. Even in the radiation, many survive, many mutant to prolong the little life left. We humans love to fight, and the fight we will always hold above all others is the fight to survive. So I have to say this: fuck the roaches."- Kathryn J. Blair

"I just discovered the secret of life: it sucks. Wait... that's no secret... Back to the drawing board."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Is fate something carved in time? Or is it merely the outcome of the ever-changing present?"- Kathryn J. Blair

"There is no future, only the result of choice and chance."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Though we can realize the horror of war without fighting ourselves, we can't experience the depth of the feeling- and the fighters that know the feeling personally, their emotions eventually gives way to numbness that instinct gives to protect the mind."- Kathryn J. Blair

"I want to die... but... though my life sucks, I live to help others, in spite of the punishment that comes for my good deeds."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Here's an amusing thought: Do bisexuals have gay-dar?"- Kathryn J. Blair

"I'm bored. None of my friends are online, not the ones I ever talk to, anyways... Well, I talk to myself, and I'm on, so it's not all bad." - Kathryn J. Blair

"I've been told that talking to yourself is normal. It's when you answer yourself that you're officially crazy." - Kathryn J. Blair

"Accomplishments aren't the same as happiness." - Kathryn J. Blair

"The armed forces is the only place mindlessness should be respected." - Kathryn J. Blair

"Losing your life isn't as important as living."-Kathryn J. Blair

"All my smart-alec remarks are blocking each other, so I can't think of one... great, they just imploded..."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Names are worthless in a fight."- Kathryn J. Blair

"My good deeds that help others often are self-destructive. But since I'm already screwed up, I figure what the hell, I might as well help others avoid my fate."- Kathryn J. Blair

"We humans love to fight, and the fight we will always hold above all others is the fight to survive."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Vengeance and self-pity are the same."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The strongest of us all are the underdogs."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Wicca is accepting. I'm not." - Kathryn J. Blair

"I trust my senses, not my memory."- Kathryn J. Blair

"Other than death, I think there is no balance that is absolute. Everything is a double-edged knife. But when I say "double-edged knife" I don't mean just the negative stuff- though a great many people find the negatives easier to see- but more like walking a crooked tight-rope made of sharp steel. If someone make a misstep, they cut themselves... and the effect that cut has is different for everyone. There are almost infinite, if not infinite, ways to deal with any one situation. But even if two different people chose the same way to handle that same situation, and did it the exact same way, the outcome would still be different, due to countless factors- many of which are always unknown."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Rage and hatred serve no purpose and take too much energy."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I'm one of those people who, when told I can't do something, bug the person who said that until they do it for me."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I'm not a pacifist. I'm just not an idiot. Only idiots get sucked into violence easily."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The tricks are stronger than the trickster."-Kathryn J. Blair

"All of life comes with ups and downs, the good and the bad- although it always has more bad than good."-Kathryn J. Blair

"All losing experiences teach more than any win."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I'm a wanna-believe skeptic."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I have hi-jacked your attempted grasp on sanity."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Pets? That word, or plural noun if you prefer, is so demoralizing and vague. Our "pets" are just another part of us. Elvis belongs to us all, the rat belongs to my mother, and I belong to Lila just as much she belongs to me. Freyja fits in comfortably, though I can think of no label that would fit her place inside the torn puzzle we once called a family."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Ignorance is bliss, because knowledge makes you aware. With awareness, eventually comes understanding. Understanding rapidly progresses into realization, and you realize about what you see, instead of just watching blindly. If at this point you still retain some dim amount of optimism, you see everything retrospectively as a cynic... This is why there are many cynics and few realists. Yet, though intelligence brings so much depression, few of the wise would trade it back for the stupidity and ignorance they once thought was bliss. That is an unavoidable truth that I know. That is the conclusion almost everyone who reflects upon life, knowledge, or truth eventually reaches."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The truth is not right, just, and good. However, neither is it wrong, immoral, and evil. It's just... there. Many writers and philosopher say this. We can see the base and it's reasons, the cause and effects, and even the eventually outcome. We often break it down, bit by bit, to the smallest level. But when doing it, we concentrate on the thing first asked about or the example given. Or we use human notions to color the very purpose of discoloring it at all. But, when concentrating only on the truth itself, the complete impartiality and utter uncaring of what's what, one can see that truth is just an existing concept."-Kathryn J. Blair

"No concept is a truth."-Kathryn J. Blair

"There must be a matching truth behind all thoughts put into the link connecting personal human thoughts and a somehow consistent concept."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I regret the pain of living, but not the life that I've lived."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I can speak the speak, but that doesn't mean I'll eat the meat."-Kathryn J. Blair

"If we make mistakes, then try not to repeat them and fail, does that count as learning, or just experiencing a moment in life?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"If life becomes too tough to bear, please grant me oblivion."-Kathryn J. Blair

"You may be scared to try, but it's scarier to never know... sometimes."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Someone's life can hold more power than a single death, but a death leaves it's impact much faster."-Kathryn J. Blair

"In anime, the blood for anything other than minor scrapes, minor facial cuts, or a single dripping line of blood is never red... unless you're refering to the black ink used in the mangas. Then it doesn't really matter, now does it?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"It's hard, but one must learn control. Or take medication. Whatever works."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Yes, I do smile at the face of adversity. Then I walk away."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I'm lazier than a house cat. Scary, huh?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Why don't you ever sleep-in on the weekend? That's what I always did, and I turned out fine! Oh, wait..."-Kathryn J. Blair

"If at this point you still retain some dim amount of optimism, you see everything retrospectively as a cynic... This is why there are many cynics and few realists."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Though intelligence brings so much depression, few of the wise would ever trade it back for the stupidity and ignorance they once had in bliss."-Kathryn J. Blair

"When I catch that damn squirrel, I'm gonna kick him in the nuts!"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Why do the only good forum signatures all have quotes?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Life sucks... who wants it to be eternal?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"If you were immortal, everyone around would die again and again. You would most likely become inured to loss."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Truthfully, I go through suicidal stages from time to time. living forever would eventually become a curse to anyone... but it would be doubly so for me."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The reason we are born is to learn the hardships and struggles of life, and the joys in-between. The reason we live is a purpose we must each carve out for ourselves. And the reason we die is so we can finally get a little damn peace."-Kathryn J. Blair

"As a kid, I focused my maternal instincts towards stuffed creatures and inanimate furs. I seem to have worked my way up to small furry house pets that purr. And I'm pretty damn sure it should stay that way."-Kathryn J. Blair

"May all the stars in sky help me find my way if I ever lose it."-Kathryn J. Blair

"If I wanted reality, I won't be watching T.V."-Kathryn J. Blair "I'm not that big a nerd anymore. I'm more of a geek these days."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I've had this body a long time. I've learned lots about it. Just don't ask me what goes on beneath the surface- I failed anatomy five times. Hey, Latin words are hard to memorize!"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Difference between a realist and a cynic? The depth of knowledge."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Oh yeah, that was... I can't even think of a word that fits here."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Most of humanity is stupid. The world never stops breeding perpetual ignorance. The only scholars these days are people who have enough money already to continue learning, and the ONLY use for a philosophy major now is for becoming a philosophy teacher yourself."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The only thing holding that dress up are two miracles of plastic surgery at work."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Since when do I talk for other people's amusement?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Superman's not retarded, just a bonehead."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Why is Superman so popular? He's boring in every way. The tights-wearing bat that creeps around in dark alleys is who kids should look up to."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I love how English is a universal language."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Run awaaaayy! It's something you don't understand!"-Kathryn J. Blair

"The fact that I got so worked up about a wrecked statue in a Marvel- sorry, DC- cartoon tells you either I have layers upon layers of issues, or that those chimichangas finally decided on their revenge. And since I don't remember the last time I actually ate a chimichanga, the layered issues is the safest bet."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Anyone who's done nothing wrong is doomed for failure. Hell, we're all doomed to fail in the end."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Of all the bad ways to go, I don't think you can beat being eaten by a T-Rex on the crapper."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Where do all these super-villain lunatics find their minions?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"The real difference between accepted society and criminals is timing. High-ranked criminals are the ones who learn the truths of life too early. Small-time criminals and flunkies are those who learn too late. But the members of that so respected society are the lab rats that turned out like they were supposed to."-Kathryn J. Blair

"That anyone has control over another is an illusion. Even parents don't have control, only influence. If a young child realizes this, they do as they please, never looking at how that will affect the course of their lives in the future. I know this to be the truth, because I speak from experience."-Kathryn J. Blair

"You can't give advice on women, because each woman is a different person."-Kathryn J. Blair

"It's comforting to know I'm not alone in my opinion... or maybe it's depressing to see that I just have the same thoughts as everybody else. Whatever."-Kathryn J. Blair

"That was the worst name I've heard someone be called! And since I've officially been in the system since second grade, been to two group homes, and at least five mental hospitals, that's saying something. But... A FILLER VILLIAN!!! That's just too cruel!"-Kathryn J. Blair

"The only big problem that could possibly rival the fruitless Kurama and Hiei AS FRIENDS image searches in stupidity is when I start talking about Kurama and people start teasing that he's gay. I mean, it's not funny! It wasn't funny the first time, and it's sure as hell not funny in 2008!"-Kathryn J. Blair

"If someone had a disease, why the hell would he take a wartime medical position?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Well, that kinda worked itself out."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Meh. Or something to that effect."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Does anything about ANYTHING makes sense anymore? The more you analyze something, the more you see all the flaws in logic."-Kathryn J. Blair

"If I compared America to anything, it would be a family. A very fucked up family. We compete with our sibling states, rebel against the government's so-called guidance like any child against a parent, and don't give a shit at all if we screw each other over despite how it affects the one being petty. But if someone else pushes us, we unite to crush them completely and make sure they regret it forever. Then we go right back to in-fighting. But we never let the ones who pushed our buttons forget that we will destroy them entirely if they ever try again. In short, we love to hate each other, but if someone gets in our way, our wrath is terrible and relentless."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The Japanese, for instance, are well-known for their unending politeness, and I realize that Americans are best known for our rudeness, but it just saves time. While the Japanese would be drinking tea sip by sip, then sit down and relay dishonest pleasantries, followed by small talk about nothing of consequence, before finally doing a doe-si-doe chore of negotiating, we've been deep in the water of work already. After all, America's relatively new for a nation, and we want to get things done for all the time we lost getting into this world."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Everyone in America knows the nation and government is screwed up, and we wouldn't have it any other way."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Art and writing are two sides of the same coin, bonded together by their common principle- inspiration. The same way a designer sees a single section of a sleeve, then builds a whole dress around an idea, a writer can hear four words in a pleasing order and create layered poems."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Why is honesty considered a virtue when no one likes hearing it?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Don't bother buying a mystery novel. It's only a mystery the first time."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The root of all immaturity is self-centeredness."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Just because I studied doesn't mean I learned. Learning would require something I didn't already know."-Kathryn J. Blair

"It is a thin line between pride and arrogance."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Any guardian's just a worthless lock without a key. That is why Britannia is worthless. Their armies are the full of the lock, protectors of the corrupt. Their royal family is their latch, procuring the despair of the peoples trampled dreams. You, the Black Knights, are the full of the United States of Japan's lock, the guardians of the weak and defenseless. And I am our latch, that which pulls together the guardians of justice. Their key was Euphemia, a cracked key and a hidden poison personified. However, the lock of Britannia is as solid as an iron coffin, and pure poison no effect on metal. Not until it becomes acid. However, acid does not open a lock, it merely melts it. Our key, which had been stolen, is the one that opens the way to happiness. I refuse to have the Black Knights to become as worthless and corrupted as the Britannian militia. If I let that happen, then any blood we spilt, all the loved ones left behind in grief, everything... Everything would have been in vain. No, that's wrong... It could never be called "in vain", for that would imply it would have been for nothing. Rather, without happiness, we would simply replace those in power, and plunge into an abyss identical to theirs."-Kathryn J. Blair, in an imaginary speech created for the anime Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

"If you could live forever, it would quickly become a curse for ANYONE. So many people say things like; "I wish I could live forever" or "I wanna to become immortal", but do they even think about how they feel about it? Few do. Most just say it because it has such a popular fantasy. And almost all the rest never think really about it before they voice this desire."-Kathryn J. Blair

"How could anyone stand to live for so-called eternity? Time would pass, leaving everyone and everything you know would be left behind. Your memories of them would fade... becoming so vague they might have well never been at all."-Kathryn J. Blair

"In my personal opinion, life generally sucks."-Kathryn J. Blair

"What kind of Chinese Emperor isn't Chinese?!"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Philosophy is but yet another time-killer."-Kathryn J. Blair

"No one can annoy you like someone who loves you."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Pride is important, but it does nothing for the dead."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I've learned to look for the best in people and every situation, because there is no other way to retain any sort of happiness when you're stuck in reality."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Why do people cheat? If they manipulate a game, what's the point in playing? It's not fun if you know the outcome without the experience."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I now have much wisdom, but have lost the conviction to do anything with it."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Just because something was ahead of it's time, that doesn't make it the best now."-Kathryn J. Blair

"But it was state-of-the-art when we bought it!"-Kathryn J. Blair

"I used to say I couldn't be drafted because I was a girl, under 18, and labeled as Special Ed. Now they draft women too, I'm 21, but at least my mental and physical disabilities still protect me."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Just because I'm a fan doesn't mean I'm blind to your flaws."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I love saying "You suck!" because it brings me back to a truly happy moment in my childhood."-Kathryn J. Blair

"My cat is like a barnacle, but my computer is like a lesser vital organ."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Unless you're acting as a meat shield, don't try being the hero in a life-or-death situation. If you die, you can't help anyways. In fact, your death may just up the ante for the rest. Do what you can, and nothing more."-Kathryn J. Blair

"If you have to think it through, it isn't really an emotion."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Only in Gotham do Halloween masks announce that you should fear any freak that wears them."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I'm always straight to the point... except when I'm on a tangent."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The best part of having a stalker is knowing they'll always be there for you. Unless you decide to run them over or something."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Slang is degrading our language to mere grunts and noises. I guess those 'dawgs' finally found a way to be literal."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Of all modern religions, I'd have to say the Amish are the most reminiscent of that of ancient Egypts'. They center around the afterlife more than any other concept and greatly about living life for the sake of what will happen when it's over."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The references to "the innocence of a child" are complete bullshit. Children are more selfish than any "well-adjusted" adult, which is a cause and effect for them to see in black and white and little if any grey. That "innocence" people speak of is because this. But the fact that they make no moral compromises is mostly because they never bother to look outside themselves, not because they harbor little corruption in their own hearts."-Kathryn J. Blair

"If America's power goes, so will we. Let's face it, nobody else likes us."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Three thousand years from now, assuming a nuclear holocaust or something like that does not occur, no one will care if we set aside our morals, as long as we survived. When people look back on ancient wars, they see the outcome, not the morals of long-dead people."-Kathryn J. Blair

"If you think about it, excess is the root of evil deeds. I guess that makes an obsessive person like me evil. Huh. How 'bout that."-Kathryn J. Blair

"What's with this '20% less sugar!" crap? If I didn't want sugar I wouldn't have bought poptarts!"-Kathryn J. Blair

"What's so great about J-Pop? Why do the Japanese insist on making people with weak voices into stars? On a related note, the same can be said for most anime songs too- and THAT is unforgivable. It lowers the quality of animes like Gundam Seed to a small extent, where one of the four main characters is supposed to be a worshiped pop star."-Kathryn J. Blair

"You all suck. So sayth the Queen."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Yes, knowledge is passed around making it hard to tell fact from rumor, but the sharing of information is even greater as a strength than as a weakness. It is known many in the same way, instead of feeling something was done for a personal reason. It is uncolored by emotions other than those you find on your own, giving a clearer definition to it's role affecting later events. And it continues on through the ages."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Personal experiences mean nothing to the people who write the history books."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The solution for economic problem of building the pyramids and Egypt's wealth was an obvious duh(- yes, I'm aware that's an oxymoron. It's just a neat little term I like to use.) The money was recycled. Grave robbers of the Pharaoh's tombs came in many varieties. There were notorious criminals, priests, people hired by the Pharaoh in times of need, and of course the guardians to the tombs themselves. That's why the SMART Pharaohs decided to get buried in the Valley of The Kings. The pyramids are flashy and show up to the inhabitants even now, but that attracted thieves like mosquitoes to an open vein. But the Valley of the Kings is made up of countless pits and caverns. Even with modern resources, we haven't yet found all the tombs there."-Kathryn J. Blair

"There weren't many people back then, true, when compared to the present. But Egypt had a long, long history, and much of it held them as the top sphinx. But those people were always ruled with no toleration to treason of even the very smallest of crimes. Any word that could imply anything but reverence the Pharaoh, and being killed where you where stand was the best death you could possibly hope for. The Pharaohs were second only to the gods themselves. They were like the demi-gods of Greece. Literally- it was believed that the very first Pharaoh was a god himself. Knowing that, it's easy to compare such an example to how the Catholic Church ruled in the Dark Ages."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Incredible knowledge from Egypt is MUCH easier to lose than you seem to think. Things that are lost in translation alone is what would seem as distant as the Earth to Jupiter. After all, you ever see a subtitled movie? That's with current translators that have thing in a guided format. The Rosetta stone couldn't possibly cover everything, since scribes where schooled rigorously from age 7. And then those hieroglyphics were translated in to ancient text, so that had to be translated as well just to turn into something anyone understood before. And that goes on for a while. And so each archaeology team has to work everything out together, trying to decide what the hieroglyphics say at all. And of course, not everything was written down."-Kathryn J. Blair

"In the old days, a wide girth was considered attractive, showing you had great wealth. Now, you show you're rich by looking like you start everyday by yuckin' it up in the toilet."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Every day for two years, I'd ask myself, "Will someone kill me today?" then follow that thought with "I half hope they do.""-Kathryn J. Blair

"If you take no action, guilt is only another form of self-pity."-Kathryn J. Blair

"There is no such thing as unconditional love. Unconditional kindness, maybe, but not love. Anyone who says otherwise is just repeating an expression, stupid, or merely full of shit. No, not even the best dogs have that so-called unconditional love. If you are cruel to a dog, they won't love you. See?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Here's the thing about powerhouses; As long as the frame still stands, any power lost can be restored one way or another."-Kathryn J. Blair

"As they used to say in the days of old, "ye all suck.""-Kathryn J. Blair

"I don't care about your traumatic past. All of us have had painful experiences in our lives, so that's hardly a valid excuse. It's what you do now that defines you."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Boredom is the bane of my existence."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I'm no shrink, though I've been seeing one or another since kindergarten, so I know the gist of their mind games and mental tests pretty well. Me, I'm more of a philosopher. I've found this to be the answer: Everyone has terrifying, depressing, and perverted thoughts. It takes courage to admit them, but more useful is the wisdom to know when not to."-Kathryn J. Blair

"What constitutes an author anymore? A 6-year-old could write the worst story ever, complete with almost every spelling error there is, and post it online. But more and more official books become 'online only', so what would that make the 6-year-old kid?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Most that are self-righteous can also be called judgmental fools."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The only just part of life is the part to just try, no matter what. That's why I hate life, by the way."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Who hits a fan fiction writer up for money anyways?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"When a reader of my caliber is really inside the world of the story, being pulled out just because of a mere spelling error makes the disappointment devastating."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Hey! Cat! Decide whether you want to play or be petted. I can't do both! I'm just a frail human with easily punctured skin."-Kathryn J. Blair

"We all have natural faults and talents, cultivated vices and gifts. Compatibility among these things is how a friend is found."-Kathryn J. Blair

"My life has well conditioned my nose for any natural smell of my own. Well, unless you cut my intestines out and shoved them in my face. I'm pretty sure that would make me gag... if I still had enough air."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The sensationalism of swearing has been reduced to being a cheap, trivial gag."-Kathryn J. Blair

"There is just no way I'm wrong, absolutely NO WAY in the hell that is life!"-Kathryn J. Blair

"I prefer to put more emphasis on my opinions than on facts. Only facts can be reformed without your consent."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Never piss off a bulimic. Their retaliation can be frightening."-Kathryn J. Blair

"That's new. I've never heard of a Chinese man being mistaken for a tree before."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Of course light can be dark. Ever hear of black light bulbs?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"It was just a kick in the head from my old friend, OCD."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Wherever there is power, danger lies hidden."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Without control, there is no such thing as power... only chaos."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Book genres are a lot like music. Even if there are certain kinds you don't care for, there are always a few pieces from it that you still like."-Kathryn J. Blair

"No one can cop an attitude like a cat."-Kathryn J. Blair

"It's not 'Ah, man.', it's 'Ah, whorebiscuit.'"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Mom! The Nazis ate my jellybeans!"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Don't get on the plane. Just think upon that."-Kathryn J. Blair

"You can not change the past, only the way you view it in hindsight."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Behold the three most powerful creatures in anime; the angsty action hero, a magic schoolgirl, and the all-mighty plot device god. This wisdom is sponsored by plot holes."-Kathryn J. Blair

"You only have dignity if you intertwine decency with your pride; when the decency is broken off, all that is left is a hollow ego."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I prefer sounding like an ass over sounding like an idiot."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I tend to feel bad for comic relief characters. It's like being born somewhere where your race, gender, or some other innate quality is considered inferior through no fault of your own."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Anime is notorious for being full of plot holes and faulty logic. But anime shouldn't be blamed for those problems. No, it's the fact that anime is fiction, and ALL fiction has these errors of this type. A writer could spend 20 years writing a book, consumed with putting together every small detail, and there would still be things that don't mesh perfectly. So why does anime get singled out?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"In my book, if you don't love explosions, there's no way you can really be an American."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Tokijin doesn't have a sheath. It just hangs in Sesshomaru's belt. Good thing he seems to have an aversion to chairs."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Ranma thinks of himself as exactly that- himself. Only his body was cursed, not his thought patterns. Why don't fanfiction writers seem to be able to grasp that?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"There's something very wrong about a legendary bandit bringing a stray girl to a kleptomaniac help group."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I love your stylish dementia."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The only time people can become control everything is when they write a story."-Kathryn J. Blair

"In Naruto, a ninja who doesn't use teamwork is nothing but an assassin. Unless their attack is unprovoked; then they're a murderer."-Kathryn J. Blair

"War tends to bring out emotions in unpredictable ways, to say the least."-Kathryn J. Blair

"One who is ruled by confidence becomes arrogant; one who is ruled by depression is filled with despair; one who is ruled by desperation ends up pathetic."-Kathryn J. Blair

"When did it happen, I wonder, that everyone's one expectation for me was to expect me to fail?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Dogs don't have unconditional love for any one, they merely don't have the capacity for emotional deceit."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I have several nasty flea bites, courtesy of my precious little one... wanna see?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"If you think about it, Naru (from Ghost Hunt) is a lot like Batman. They have the exact same obsessive tendencies and habits. The only real difference is the core of their obsession; Naru is consumed by his research on the paranormal, while Batman is controlled by the need for justice."-Kathryn J. Blair

"To all those who believe in the 'that which does not kill you makes you stronger' crap, enlightenment can be found in one word: paralyzation."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Something doesn't have to be a good thing to be cool. I mean, refrigerators are cool, but they contribute to the greenhouse effect."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Ugh. I hate acoustic versions. I can't think of a single song that sounds better that way than the original... or even good at all, for that matter."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I have yet to decide what I am the Queen of, but I definitely have a throne, made of the finest white porcelain."-Kathryn J. Blair

"If you can find a flaw in my logic, I'd be happy to hear it. That way, I could argue my point some more."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The macabre carries it's own type of beauty."-Kathryn J. Blair

"To be fair, the incest thing IS kind of unavoidable; the Olympians have to work with a rather limited gene pool."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Of course you stop at the climax. Writers these days..."-Kathryn J. Blair

"You don't actually listen to the lyrics, do you? You're Gonna Go Far Kid is more suited for someone like Light Yagami than Toshiro Hitsugaya - Lelouch vi Britannia is the best choice, but Light illustrates my point better."-Kathryn J. Blair

"It seems me that this is a cry for help stems from lack of fatherly guidance and can only be fixed by receiving great attention from male relative. Take Uryuu to Isshin."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The show Bleach disproves the common misunderstanding that Gingers have no souls."-Kathryn J. Blair

"The sad thing is that this is a better ending than the original, despite that nearly every main character from Seed died except for a possibly megalomaniacal Lacus. Just goes to show JUST how bad Destiny was."-Kathryn J. Blair

"You'd think someone as highly-recommended and experienced as Madame Malkin would be GOOD at her job."-Kathryn J. Blair

"If people don't want to read about violence, they should stay away from Shounen action fandoms."-Kathryn J. Blair

How could Yamamoto think hollows are all dumb beasts and yet say they're deceptive creatures? How the hell did he live so long like that?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Nothing brings guys together quite like blowing shit up."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Hagrid might be well-meaning, but he still routinely brings potentially lethal creatures into a place filled with children. He'd find that basilisk charming."-Kathryn J. Blair

"You know, it was kinda a dead giveaway what Waltfeld intended to do with the Eternal if he had it painted PINK."-Kathryn J. Blair

"It's small world after all - right, plot-convenience?"-Kathryn J. Blair

"Actually, the world in general never knew Lelouch was the original Zero. Only the people important enough to have their names remembered did."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Maybe Old Man Zangetsu could be the one to kick-start Uryuu's lost powers. I've always found it odd that I haven't seen that idea used."-Kathryn J. Blair

"When asked later why he attacked a captain of the Gotei 13, Hitsugaya responds "I saw him touching another white haired boy's naughty places!" *Aizen is imprisoned for molesting Gin. Everyone realizes he's bad news, even if they think it's the wrong kind.*"-Kathryn J. Blair

"I just don't understand the obsession yaoi writers have with mpreg. There's a reason gay couples adopt, a reason that works just fine and can even be turned into a plot point."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I like what Zangetsu pointed out; every writer always shows pity for Muramasa, but using mind-control to make those whose entire existence revolves around protecting one person turn on said person... that shit can't be brushed aside so easily."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I didn't know Texas mail can be delivered to Hell. Makes sense though."-Kathryn J. Blair

"Actually, the term is "don't stick your dick in crazy" not "don't stick you're dick in crazy". They're talking about an actual dick, not an asshole."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I think what people don't realize is that it was never really about Crowley. It was about breaking trust, how Dean tried so hard to believe in Cas and defended his sincerity when it was getting obvious that something fishy was going on. Cas worked with a demon, sure, but more importantly, he DIDN'T go to Sam or Dean. THAT was the betrayal."-Kathryn J. Blair

"I'm going to play devil's advocate here: Meg wasn't so much really the one who got Jo and Ellen killed as a grunt following a direct order from Lucifer to release the hounds. As for Cas kissing a demon? He's a very impressionable young angel and all the cool kids were doing it. Seriously, Sam with Ruby, Bobby with Crowley, Dean with that crossroads chick, Mary with Azazel (...while in her father's body. That scene left me slightly squicked) and while it was never shown, presumably John with Azazel as well. By now I'm pretty sure kissing a demon (or being a demon who was kissed) is pretty much a requisite for main characters. There was no excuse for inflicting Samuel on us in place of Bobby however."-Kathryn J. Blair

"As for Cas kissing a demon? He's a very impressionable young angel and all the cool kids were doing it. Seriously, Sam with Ruby, Bobby with Crowley, Dean with that crossroads chick, Mary with Azazel (...while in her father's body. That scene left me slightly squicked) and while it was never shown, presumably John with Azazel as well. By now I'm pretty sure kissing a demon (or being a demon who was kissed) is pretty much a requisite for main characters. Besides, the actors are married."-Kathryn J. Blair