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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yu-Gi-Oh Quotes

"You know what I like about butterflies? They don't talk!"-Joey

"Relax. I don't want your company. I just needed the upper-hand so I could force you to do something for me. Plus I was bored, and it was fun."-Pegasus

"Hey, I just got a great idea guys: RUN!"-Joey

"So let's thank our lucky stars we're not being chased by giant man-eating tomatos."-Grandpa Moto

"This is ridiculous. Do you realize you're talking to a hologram with your head on it?"-Kaiba

"Anyone who's late for registration will be disqualified. Mokuba, make sure Wheeler's late."-Kaiba

"Now what do you say we get out there, watch Joey's duel, and do what we do best; cheer from the sidelines!"-Tristan

"Can't these people see this is only a card game?"-Kaiba

"What are you looking at? You think I'm going to let you change my mind? I am not flying to Egypt. Look at me, I'm talking to some golden antique eyeball."-Kaiba

"Yep. We're floating on a fat guy."-Joey

Joey: "Goooo, Drumsticks!"
Mai: "Uh, guys... Joey named his chicken."
Joey: "It's a Neemittori, Mai."
Mai: "Whatever."
Kaiba: "I'll never let a snake like you wrap yourself around my company, is that clear?!"
Pegasus: "Relax. I don't want your company. I just needed the upper-hand so I could force you to do something for me. Plus I was bored, and it was fun."
Kaiba: "So you've got a dweeb army. Am I supposed to be scared to attack?"
Dartz: "Well... Only if destroying an innocent soul concerns you."
Kaiba: "Nahh. As the president of a major corporation, I have to do that every day."
Kaiba: "Don't you have someone else to annoy?"
Joey: "Nope. Not at the moment."
Joey: "Are we going or what?"
Kaiba: "What do you think, genius?"
Joey: "I'm detecting some sarcasm, rich-boy."
Kaiba: "Really."
Joey: "About that underdog card. You said it reminds you of someone, right?"
Yami (Pharoah): "I did? Oh, yes. Um... A little help here?"
(Yami switches places with Yugi)
Yugi: "Oh yeah, well that's really mature, Pharoah!"
Joey: "Well, Yug? 'Cause everyone else over there seems to think that I remind you of this underdog."
Yugi: "They do, huh? Well, let me think of the best way to put this, Joey... That card makes me think of you because even when the odds are against you, you always pull through!"
Joey: "It's Blue Eyes!"
Tristan: "That would be a statue."
Mokuba: "Oh, and did I mention every ride is free today?"
Tristan: "You guy rock!"
Joey: "I love this place! Let's tilt and whirl 'til we hurl!"
Tristan: "Ohh yeah!"
Téa: "I need some female friends."
Mokuba: "You gotta let me know if you notice anything strange."
Téa: "Sure. But you do know that strange things happen to us all the time, right?"
Tristen: "She's got a point there."
Yugi: "But I was hoping this time would be different."
Mokuba: "Huh?"
Yugi: "But so much for that, huh? Just once, I'd like to duel in a tournament for the thrill of it, and not have to worry who's trying to take over the world!"
Tristan: "You sure that thing is Atlantis?"
Joey: "Hm... Big, ancient city-looking thing rising up out of the ocean? I'd say that fits the bill."
Capsule Monsters_______
"Hey! One of those worms just barfed on me!"-Joey
Yugi: "Thanks a lot. But I've been leading you guys into danger week after week for way too long! You should just-"
Téa: "Look, you've gotta stop talking us out of helping you."
Tristan: "She's right. It's getting real old and it never works. Now let's go!"
Joey: "Hey, eat my dust, you slowpokes!" (slides down a dune) "Nyayaah!"
Yugi: "Joey! No!"
Tristan: "What was that about us eating your dust?"
Téa: "Look's more like he's the one who bit the dust."
Joey: "Ptew! Ptew! Actually, it's more like I bit the sand..."

"As the Shadow fog rolls past, you all will feel the darkness take you into it's grip... completely."-(duel "boogey man")

"I used to be just like you. An elitest snob who looked down on everyone around me. But I've changed. Know how? Now I'm a snob who only looks down on some people... Anyway, there's a lesson in there, I'm just not sure where."-Chaz

(duel boogey man): "Treasure the numbness, for it will not last. Soon, you will be drawn into an infinite chasm of eternal darkness where every waking moment will be filled with a gaping-"
Jaden: "What? Give me a break. How bad can it be? So what? Back at our dorm, we got black-out curtains so that we can sleep in later. I'm not scared of the dark. It's great!"
Chumbly: "It's ok. The odds are way in Jaden's favor."
Cyrus: "You flunked math, Chumbly."
Chumbly: "No, I got a 54!"
Bastian: "Great Scott!"
Cyrus: "Aw man."
Hassleberry: "Sam Hill!"
Alexis: "Why don't I have a catch phrase?"
(Alexis's friend with short hair): "It's an emergency!"
Alexis: "Let me guess, you lost your hairbrush."
(Alexis's friend with short hair): "Even worse."
(Alexis's friend with black hair): "Something happened to our dorm!"
Alexis: "Well... There have been some weird things going on around here lately. But this better be legit!"
*turns and motions to a 'follow me' signal*
Alexis: "Come on!"
(Alexis's friend with short hair): "By the way, did anyone find a pink hairbrush?"
Addicus: "All of those guys dueled him and lost. Then he turned them into mindless robots!"
Cyrus: "I would have said zombies, but you know, either way."