Thursday, October 2, 2008

Part IV

"Someone's killed for killing another, and then that guy is killed for killing him... how is that kind of twisted thinking ever gonna bring us peace?!"-Cagalli Yula Atha

"He killed Nikol right in front of my eyes! Nikol was only 15, he loved the piano... He only fought to protect the Plants, and Kira killed him!"-Athrun Zala

"Are you suggesting that we should give up all attempts to negogiate, and rely on our guns from this point on? Is that the kind of people we are?"-(Former) Chairman Segul Clyne

"What? Is it gonna try for a landing? Deck crew! Some nut-nit aircraft is trying to make a landing! Take shelter!"-Captin Murrue Ramius

"I've lived a life from battlefield to battlefield. And I can't really disagree if you say it's my own fault for choosing this life. But nobody is ever born into this world as a soldier."-Raww La Cruse

"We have serious doubts about the Earth Forces in their entirety. No surrender, no return to the military!"-Murrue Ramius

"There would be no conflicts if everything could be solved through discussion. Misunderstandings create enemies, and when you have enemies... you shoot them."-Azrael

"They thirsted for knowledge. They sought to fufill their desires. And, ultimately, they forgot why they were doing it. Even as they proclaimed their reverence for human life, they began toying with it, and then they began destroying it!"-Raww La Cruse

"No matter what we learn, no matter what we manage to obtain, nothing ever changes! People are amazing that way!"-Raww La Cruse

"It's ok to cry. We should cry... While we're still able to."-Lacus Clyne

"What is it you believe in? What is you're fighting for now? Is it for that medal you recieved? Or your Father's orders?"-Lacus Clyne, Gundam Seed

"Don't you believe what I'm telling you? Do you even believe what you see with your own eyes? On the battlefield, or now that you've returned to the PLANTS after being away for quite some time... Haven't you noticed things are different?"-Lacus Clyne, Gundam Seed

"What are they talking about, neutral? The Archangel was constructed by ORB."-Ramel Paru

"I can't help it. I understand the circumstances, but something tells me I have to stay here, to protect this ship and it's crew members. You know, it must be the guidance of Halmaya. Huh."-Cagalli

"Hey, there's gravity down here!"-Chief Murdock

"How could you stoop to chili sauce on your kabob? Now this yogurt sauce, that's the proper thing to add to such a dish. Or rather than saying it's the proper thing, how should I put it... Hm... Right! Not adding yogurt sauce to this dish is considered a form of sacrilage against doner-kabobs."-Andrew Waltfelt That was a well-put half-joking jab. Nicely done.

"May your soul abandon your body and return to space, damn coordinater."-Blue Cosmos flunky

"We'll leave aside the question whether tigers actually live in the desert for now."-Erica

"I never heard a soldier scream like that on the battlefield."-Athrun

"Members of the Zala Team, I'm here to give you an update on this honorable team's first mission. There could be no mission more important than this; we are to rescue our leader."-Izaek

"The success of a surprise attack isn't determined by the actual time spent."-Dearka

"But just because the odds are against us doesn't mean we should give up fighting and let them do whatever they want to us, now does it?"-Kira

"Did you think I was naiive enough to believe the words of an enemy?"-Izeak

"Aren't you the least bit curious? About the ultimate extent of humanity's insasible desires? About the fools who pursued their insane dream in the name of progress? Because after all, Kira, you're a child of this too!"-Raww La Cruse

"The urge to make things better has always driven progress, and then that is what brings about happiness!"-Dr. Hibiki

"This place is a forbidden temple. The remnants of the dream of fools who thought they could play god."-Raww La Cruse So, is the temple for those fools?

"We're being destroyed by our own machine that they stole... is there anything more ridiculous?!"-Foriegn Vice-Minister Alstar (Fllay's Father)

"Unlike in sports, the game of war has no set time limit, and no points are awarded... So how do you determine the winners and the losers? At what point do we put an end to it? When every single one of your enemies have been destroyed?"-Andrew Waltfelt
"Being too sincere can also be a liabilty."-Andrew Waltfelt
"You should not be so concerned about your beliefs, Siabe Aishmon. They are not as imporant as your lives."-Aljeeri
"You got a screw loose or something? Who invited you anyway? You've got no right to walk up to strangers and tell them how to eat their food."-Cagalli

"In war, you never know who will go next."-Miriallia

"Fllay has been kind and considerate to me. She stayed with me the whole time, she held me in her arms, and she said she'd look after me! No one even stops to think about what I must be feeling... What goes through my mind in a battle!"-Kira Newsflash, Kira; she doesn't care at all, she's just manipulating you.

"What can I say? This is a land where both the wind and people get very heated."-Mwu La Flagga

"Whenever people are put to the test, I often hear them boast, "I'd rather die." But do you think they honestly mean it?"-Andrew Waltfelt There's only one way to find out

"He has no past and no future... maybe not even an identity."-Mwu La Flagga And this is your fault... how?

"The final door is about to open, and I'm the one opening it! Then the world that we know will come to an end! This world of insatiable desires will end! And then the concieted fools who struggle within it will finally have their wish come true!"-Raww La Cruse

"Ha! Do you think you can change what's going to happen?! Nobody can do anything about it! For the world full of hatred is engulfing the universe!"-Raww La Cruse

"Did you think I was naiive enough to believe the words of an enemy?"-Izeak

"The choice we're making might be one of evil as well. For we call for peace, but with weapons in our hands. Nevertheless, allow us to break of endless conflict. Give us strength!"-Lacus

"We can't let even one nuculeur missile hit the PLANTs! If the blade of light strikes down on those who are innocent, it can only lead to never-ending tears, and hatred."-Lacus

"What's the point in fighting a war unless it ends in victory?"-Chairman Zala

"Essentially, the role of any long-distance of mass destruction is to serve as a deterrent. But that doesn't matter anymore, because they've both been at this point... Nukes and that thing."-Andrew Waltfelt

"The first time that I actually had to shoot someone, it turned my stomach... They told me that I'd get used to it, in time. And after a while, that's what happened."-Andrew Waltfelt

"People can get used to anything, even fighting... and killing each other."-Andrew Waltfelt That is the the truth, people.

"Is it weapons that the cause of all this fighting? Or does the real cause lie within the human heart?"-Lacus Neither. It lies within the part of the brain that deals with instinctual fear.

"My mother was on Junius 7. I was only an agrucultrial PLANT. Innocent people were obliterated in an instant, even children!"-Athrun

"Fine, then shoot. Because I'd be the one pulling the trigger. I'm a ZAFT pilot until the bitter end. I will not let you take my machine. And if you try to shoot me, then I'll have to kill you!"-Athrun Of course. And that's why you desert twice.

"What are you, crazy?! Throwing a loaded gun?!"-Athrun

"When one doesn't have a bad scar removed, some might think it's a symbol of your... commitment. Or, since you turned your head away... maybe it's a symbol of your... humilation?" -Andrew Waltfelt

"Losing experience doesn't count."-Aisha Uh, yeah it does... In fact, losing experiences teach more than any win.

"Those ships are run by a little girl and some Naturals! Why can't you destroy them?!"-Chairman Zala

"It's a shame, really, I did enjoy her songs. But the real world isn't as kind as the one in pop songs!"-Raww La Cruse

"Stop it! Lay down your weapons! Do it now! Is this really what you people desire?! You'll wipe them out! Completely!"-Athrun

"This is our destiny! People knew where they were heading when they chose to walk this path! Justice and faith, ignorance and escapism... They never learn, they never listen! We have reached the end of that path, there is no way to prevent it now! Mankind vanquished! At last! Just as they deserve!"-Raww La Cruse
"You're crazy! And so's your logic!"-Kira
"This is a world where people's hearts are filled with hatred! Where fingers have no purpose other than to pull triggers!"-Raww La Cruse
"What do you believe in?! And why do you?!"-Raww La Cruse
"Why torment yourself? Saying, "Eventually, someday..." How long have you been fighting, with your thoughts clouded by that brand of sweet poision?"-Raww La Cruse

"Earth will burn. And the ensuing cries of the victims will trigger battle anew!"-Raww La Cruse

"Stop running! The hardest battle... is to keep living!"-Cagalli That's the biggest truth of all. But as for me, I'm too cowardly to die and I'm too cowardly to live, so I merely exist.

"The world is being divided into two armed camps because of the Atalantic Federation! Does everyone have to be either an ally or an enemy?! Why should ORB throw away it's laws and it's principals in order to fight whichever enemy it's told to?!"-Lord Nazumi Yula Atha

"I hate ZAFT! And when I get bigger, I'm gonna come and get all of you!"-a little boy

"Wars spread so easily, but are so difficult to end."-Reverend Malchio

"When you're fighting for your life against an enemy you know personally, it's just that much harder to face him."-Mwu

"Give me a break... The minute we solve the problem with the supplies, we get thrown another in the form of a pink-haired princess. The endless challenges we face."-Mwu

"The perfect little lady 'til you speak."-Andrew Waltfelt

"The problem should actually be viewed from a more important perspective; ours."-Raww La Cruse

"You shouldn't blame me! This is mankind's dream, mankind's desire, mankind's destiny! To be the strongest, to go the farthest, to climb the highest! To compete, to envy, to hate each other... And devour one another!"-Raww La Cruse

"I know that humanity will be swallowed by the darkness it's created!"-Raww La Cruse

"Possibly, we humans... can exist without actually having to fight. But many of us have chosen to fight. For what reason? To protect something? Protect what? Ourselves? The future? If we kill people to protect ourselves and this future, then what sort of future is it? And what will we have become? There is no future for those who have died. And what of those who did the killing? Is happiness to be found in a future that is grasped with blood-stained hands? Is that the truth?"-Lacus Clyne, Gundam Seed No. The truth is there is no such thing as a happy future. All of life comes with ups and downs, the good and the bad- although it always has more bad than good.

"You're a monster who deserves to die... right here with me."-Natarle, Gundam Seed

"Kira... took too many risks, didn't always know what he was doing, and always cried! But he was kind! He was a nice guy!"-Cagalli

"That's crazy! If you were such a good friend, then why the hell would you kill him?!"-Cagalli

"We seperated as friends, and the time I saw him, were enemies. I asked him to come with us, over and over. Because he was a Coordinater... Can't you see, he was one of us! That's where he belongs! It wasn't right for him to be on the side of the Earth Forces! But whenever we talked, he wouldn't listen! He fought against us, even hurting friends of mine... and then he killed Nicol!"-Athrun

"I know it's the most difficult way... but I'm also positive that's there's really no other choice."-Kira

"We really have no alternative, do we? Because the fact is, the time has come for us to move forward."-Lacus

"If it's in the past, no matter how many times revisited, no matter much regretted, it's a moment that will never return. Is it knowledge of the inevitable, or a mere trick of fate that gives birth to coincidences? Though time continues it's relentless course, if the individual chose the path it took, would it be too much to ask for the meaning behind it all?"-Narrator

"Natarle recieves order to launch with the and it's new crew. Her star is beginning to rise... But does it shine with promise, or betrayal?"-Narrator
"What is the sin called that forces comrades to open fire on one another?"-Narrator "
Once more, the dark of outter space is illuminated by the cross-fire."-Narrator

=== Mwu: "Where is that puppy?" Cagalli: "What puppy?" === Athrun: "A girl?" Cagalli: "That's right! I'm a girl! What is it with you men?!" === Kira: "I didn't rescue her so she could be used as a hostage." Mwu: "You're right about that. If anything, you could use her as a girlfriend." === Nicol: "Sure, it's possible to catch up to them before they join the fleet. But upon arriving, we'd have only 10 minutes before we're in firing range of the Lunar Fleet." Dearka: "You mean we'd have a full ten minutes." Izeak: "I suggest the cowards keep their traps shut. Are there only 10 minute, or are there a full ten minutes. It's all in how you look at it, really. My take on it is, if we have a window of opportunity before they join their fleet, we can't pass it up." === Haro: (bounces around, then heads straight for Athrun's face) "Haro, Haro, Athrun." Athrun: (sighs) "Lacus..." Lacus: "Haro is overly-excited. I guess he's happy to see you after all this time." Athrun: "Haro doesn't have any emotional component to him at all, Lacus." === Lacus: "When I look upon you, there's a different person there. Lately I can see only bitterness." Athrun: "I can't exactly fight a war with a big smile on my face." === Izeak: "You're being decieved!" Dearka: "I wonder which one of us really being decieved?" === Azreal: "You know, it's really easy to say that something's impossible, but only the very best can go out and make it possible. Everyone in the business world knows the truth of that." Captin Natarle Badgiruel: "But this is a battlefield! Failure in this world means death!" === Chief Murdock: "Cover that whole section with CNT paste." Random Technition: "What? We're finished if we take another hit in the same place!" Chief Murdock: "Look, I'd even seal it with money if it would help any!" === Decosta: (knocks on the door) "Decosta here, sir." (no response) "I'm entering, sir." Waltfelt: (stirring homemade coffee) "Hmmm-hmhmm..." Decosta: (gets a whiff and covers his nose) "Commander? What do you say we ventilate this room?" Waltfelt: "It was that urgent you had to barge in here and tell me?" === Andrew Waltfelt: "Whenever people are put to the test, I often hear them boost, "I'd rather die." But do you think they honestly mean it?" Pilot of one of the following BAKUUs: "Commander? There are vehicles approaching us from behind. Six, no, eight, vehicles. They appear to be that of the resistance fighters." Andrew Waltfelt: "Maybe those people would rather die, after all." === Cagalli: "Hey, you. You can't fall asleep." Athrun: "I'm... I... I'm not. I just... I tranfered from the, um... and descended into the..." (falls asleep) === (Cagalli, who's tied up, trips and falls in a grotto) Athrun: "Hey there, what'cha doing?" Cagalli: "Isn't it fairly obvious?" Athrun: "Hm..." Cagalli: "I can't move! Don't just stand there! Hurry up and help me!" Athrun: "I don't think you're in position to tell me what to do." Cagalli: "Shut up and gimme a hand." === Athrun: "If you go for my gun, I'll have no choice but to kill you, so don't even think about it. Did you survive Heliopolis just for that? Don't push your luck." Cagalli: "Hmph. I never thought a ZAFT soldier would worry about my life." Athrun: "Y'know, we... we never dreamed that would happen to Heliopolis. It wasn't supposed to go down that way at all." Cagalli: "Huh?" Athrun: "Our only mission was to take the Earth Forces mobile suits that Morganrate developed. Nothing else was supposed to happen." Cagalli: "But it did happen! The fact is, that you guys attacked and destroyed that colony!" === Kira: "You don't understand anything else!" Raww La Cruse: "Of course! After all, people can only understand what they've experienced!" === Dearka: "What we doing in this awful place?" Waltfelt: "They say you can't really appreciate the desert until you've lived here." === Izeak: "We have a lot more experience against them, more than you do!" Aisha: "Losing experience doesn't count." === Athrun: "So I'm to go out and rescue her, then come back playing the part of a hero." La Cruse: "Or come back, and in a public display, weep bitter tears over her still corpse." === Chief Murdock: "It sure makes you wonder. What is is about this ship, is it cursed?" Mwu: "Nah, I would say La Cruse is the curse." === (looking at a miniture replica of the famous space fossil) Waltfelt: "Evidence 01. You ever see see the real McCoy?" Kira: "No, sir." Waltfelt: "I have no idea why they call this thing a whale-stone. Does it look like a whale to you?" Kira: "I really can't say for certain." Waltfelt: "If you ask me, those look like wings. Whales don't normally come with wings, do they now?" Kira: "Uhh... well, no. But it was brought back from a space mission as proof of the existance of extraterrestial life, so..." Walfelt: "The point I'm trying to make is, why is the figure in this fossil assumed to be that of a whale?" Kira: "So, then what would be a better name for it?" Waltfelt: "Hmm... I have to admit, nothing readily comes to mind. On to more pressing matters; what's your assessment of this coffee? Or, perhaps you haven't yet aquired an appriecation for such an adult taste?" === (Callagi is dressed up) Kira: "You're a... a girl..." Cagalli: "What'ya think?!" Kira: "No! I was just saying that this reminds me again that you're a girl!" Cagalli: "That amounts to the same thing, jack-ass!" === Mwu: "What gives you the right to sound so superior?!" La Cruse: "I am the only one who's earned that right! In the entire universe, I alone have the right to judge all humanity!" Mwu: "Cut the crap, you crackpot!" === Cagalli: "That's why you killed Kira... your friend?" Athrun: "He was an enemy! He wasn't on my side anymore! I had no other choice but to kill him!" === Dearka: "Hey..." Mariallia: "What do you want?!" Dearka: "Look, I... He's the one who killed that guy... you know, Tal?" Mariallia: "So what is your point?! Weren't you listening to Kira? This is what he meant! Would killing him bring Tal back to me?! Of course it wouldn't... so why don't you just stop talking about it!" === Kira: "You have a real reason to want revenge on me." Andrew Waltfelt: "That's happens in a war. Everybody has some kind of reason. Yet no one does." === Random central dockin control member: "Woah... What are you doing? Your ship doesn't have orders to launch. Haro: "Whatever." === === === === (This is my favorite scene of the whole series, so I'm giving the actions too. It takes place in the Archangel's sickbay and just outside the door.) Sai: (to Mariellia, who's boyfriend just died in battle) "Just wait inside here, ok? We'll get you a prescription or something from the Docter. Something so you can get some sleep. Sound good?" (Sai leaves to talk to his ex-fiancee Flay that broke up with him for his friend Kira, who is currently MIA; Mariellia walks in a daze to a chair. Un-beknownest to her, the war prisoner Dearka is on the bed next to her behind the curtians.) Dearka Elsman: "Hey, Doc!" (Mariellia turns around; they reconize each other from when he was be escorted at gunpoint. She jumps back.) Dearka: "Hmmm." (Sai and Flay, outside the door) Sai: "What do you want?" Flay: "What? Well... I..." Sai: (sighs) "Tal is missing, Kira's missing. Everybody's pretty upset..." (screen jumps to Mariellia, who is staring at Dearka in shocked horror. jumps back to that sceen in the hall outside) Sai: "And that includes me. To be honest, I'm really in no condition to comfort you. Not right now. Sorry, go ask someone else." (He begins to walk past Flay to the door) Flay: "Sai... wait..." Flay (just as Sai gets past her): "Because... I still have feelings for you!" Sai: "Flay!" Flay: "All along! You must've known! Kira... wasn't the one I really wanted!" Sai: "Flay! That's enough!" (screen shows Flay leaning back at his yelling) Sai: "You did have feelings for Kira!" Flay: "You're wrong!" Sai: "I'M NOT!" (Flay leans back in shock, with more emphasis this time) Sai: "You might have felt differently in the beginning... But..." (his hands clench at his sides) "He was a good person! And that's why... Because... Because that's the way he was!" Flay: "You're wrong! You're wrong! You're wrong!" (back to sickbay) Dearka: "Why are you staring at me?" (Mariellia starts breathing hard) Dearka: "You afraid of me? Find me... unusual? Relax, will ya... I couldn't be any more tied up." (sits up to show his hands that are tied behind his back) Dearka: "But, what I want to know is, why are you crying again? I'm kinda suprised a ship like this has such a cry-baby on board." (Mariellia starts to breathe harder) Dearka: "You have no business being a soldier if you that afraid." (Mariellia's breathing escaulates, verging on hyperventalation. She sees a knife on a table.) Dearka: "Or... maybe your good-for-nothing Natural boyfriend went and died on you or something. (Mariellia's shadow shows over Dearka, who was smirking with his eyes closed. Dearka opens his eyes and looks up. Mariellia is holding the knife above him. He looks shocked. Dearka sits up as she lunges with the knife, and his pillow is struck instead of his head. Dearka looks scared and shocked.)Dearka: "What's wrong with you?! Damn!"(Mariella, still holding the knife lunges for another strike. It knocks Dearka off the bed. Screen shows his bindings that keep him attached to the bed, along with some blood. Dearka falls on the floor and Mariellia raises the knife again) === ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Power is whatever one makes of it."-Lacus Clyne, Gundam Seed Destiny "A path not chosen is the same as a path that never existed."-Raww La Cruse, Gundam Seed Destiny "You grabbed her rack, didn't you? You lucky pervert."-(the black technition) "Power is whatever one makes of it. Foolish are those who hope for it in excess. Yet equally foolish are those who resent it for no reason."-Lord Nazumi Yula Atha "Strength is a necessity. There will always be conflict."-Chairman Durandal "Too much strength will only invite another war."-Cagalli "Do you like meat or fish?"-Meer "Everything seems to be in the trial stages these days- this ship, the mobile suits, our pilots... even our world."-Neo Roanoke "We are in the middle of a war and we're soldiers. If you forget, then you will die."-Heine "Stop giving orders, you damn civilian!"-Izaek "My daughter's tombstone must fall! It's the only way the world will ever change!"-one of the Junius 7 Terrorists "Have you forgotton the innocent lives thrown away here?! You're living in a damned dream world, laughing with the butchers who caused this!"-Leader of the Junius 7 Terrorists "My name... my name is Athrun Zala. Son of Patrick Zala, a man who fanned the flames of a war that spiraled out of control and poisoned the whole world with his hatred. I believed what my father said. I fought in the war, I killed the enemy, I fought my best friend! And even when I realized how wrong it was, I couldn't stop him... and I lost everything. And yet my Father's words still linger..."-Athrun "It's sad that the memory of your father pains you, that it's such a source of great bitterness for you... But I suppose it really can't be helped. And yet, Chairman Zala probably wasn't that kind of person to begin with, was he?"-Chairman Durandil "Chairman Zala probably wasn't that kind of person to begin with, was he? In his capacity of chairman, there's no doubt he made his share of grave mistakes. However, his primary goal was always to protect the PLANTs, to protect us, and to make a better world for his people."-Chairman Durandil "The best intentions of great men can often lead them to make great mistakes."-Chairman Durandil "The best intentions of great men can often lead them to make great mistakes. Statements by such men can easily be taken out of context by certain people. Listeners with an agenda can interpert these words to suit their own purpose."-Chairman Durandil "Listeners with an agenda can interpert these words to suit their own purpose."-Chairman Durandil "You're far too kind-hearted, and that's a weakness. You won't be able to protect anything because of it."-Rey "War is not some game to play the hero! Stop making decisions to please yourself! If you have all this power, take responsiblity for it!" - Athrun "We can't keep hiding at the bottom of the sea like a bunch of oysters in their shells." -Cagalli "Know what you're fighting for... fighting just for it's own sake it pointless!"-Athrun "We have no way knowing what awaits us in the future... So all we can do is live in the present and do what we think is the right thing at this exact moment. And if we find out it was all a mistake, then that's when we'll waste time moaning and crying about it. And then we'll go right on to the next thing." - Murrue "Think of the world as a system. It needs people who build things, and other people who manage things. Without people to manage it, even a garden can become a wilderness. We all take care of our gardens; planting trees, keeping the grass green, planting pretty flowers... and pulling up weeds. But if we just let the grass grow as it please, would we really call that 'beautiful'? Would we call that 'freedom'? They may not admit it, but everyone likes that sort of thing. They like places and things that are well-managed... safe. Haven't people always strived to organize the world in just such a manner? Building cities, fashioning tools, making rules. And now, we have a chance to do those things at a level never before imagined in history. It is time."-Lord Djibril "Fighting is not the answer! We can't let anger and hatred control us! If we attack each other now, the world will become a battlefield once again. Nothing will be gained, and all will be lost!"- Athrun "Miss Lacus's strengths are already going to be needed, by everyone. She's strong, beautiful, and kind. I'm just Meer... nobody really needs me." - Meer "There's what you can do and what you want want to do. After all, those are things nobody knows better than you."-Chairman Durandil "I'll fight any enemy, anywhere." -Shinn "I realize there's a certain bitter irony in saying we're fighting in order to bring about an end to war."- Chairman Durandil "I understand your disappointment. Why did it have to be like this? Why isn't the world moving in direction we'd hoped? It certainly is frustrating, I know. But let's be honest here, the world we live in today isn't all it could be. In today's world, none of us really know who we are... we are unaware of our strengths, or the role we are meant to play. We live our lives at the mercy of the times."- Chairman Durandil "Kira Yamato... Without a doubt, I felt sorry for him. He was quite... unfortunate. With such exceptional ability and power, he was born to be a true warrior. So great were his skills, that no opponent of this era could ever hope to defeat him in mobile suit combat. But no one realized this, and because they didn't know this, he wasn't raised accordingly. Didn't live accordingly, and ended up living his life at the mercy of the times. Who knows what great things he might have accomplished if his abilities had been properly employed." - Chairman Durandil "I'm not going to become his puppet and fight whoever he says without question. That's not who I am!" -Athrun "Is that when you came up with the... 'idea'? Ya know, when you thought to yourself, "If only I had the power... I need more power." Anyone who's ever wept because they felt weak and powerless has had those kind of thoughts... yes... But the moment you aquire all that power you dreamt of, you become the one who causes others to weep tears of loss. Just try not to forget that. We're going to be heading into battle again soon. If you forget that while you're out there, and throw your power at others out a sense of your own rightousness, or because it conventiently suits your purposes, then you'll be nothing but a destroyer. And that's not what you are... are you?" - Athrun "They won't listen, so they have to be destroyed! Is attacking this country really the answer?!" - Athrun "It's scary when someone closes their mind. That is it. That's all there is. They only see an end." - Lacus "Power is whatever one makes of it."-Lacus "Perhaps you are a soldier, but above and beyond that, you're still Athrun."-Lacus "Some people are just born complainers."-Shinn "We all have just one life to live. And this is your life you're living!" -Kira "You've gotta move on! Stop fighting to change things that are in the past! No matter what you do, you can't bring them back! And now you're gonna destroy the future, is that it?! So is this really it?! Is this really the kind of power you wanted?!"-Athrun "Come back to us, Athrun. I... I'm sure there'll be some obstacles, but I'll take care of them. You can... come back to the PLANTs, Athrun."- Izeak "Though it was the adults who started the war, it was actually the young who fought it. And if we label those who make mistakes as criminals, and punish them, then I asked you, where will the future leaders of the PLANTs come from? We should honor the young for their sacifices, and we shall look to them to build a peaceful tomorrow."-Chairman Durandil "That's why I still wear a military uniform... it's the only thing I know. But also because I think I can make a difference, for the PLANTs, and for all the friends who have died." - Izeak "Boggie 1... We call it that, but I wonder what it's real name is... it's true name. A name reflects it's ower's nature. But, what if the name is merely a fake? If something goes by a false name, would it mean that thing is fake? False by nature? Is that what it would mean, Alex? Or... is it Athryn Zala?"- Chairman Durandil ""- "" ""- ""- ""- Rey === === (doorbell ring, Athrun answers) Athrun: "Izeak?" Izeak (while grabbing Athrun's coat): "YOU BASTARD! What the hell is going on here?!" Athrun: "Wait... hey!" (Athrun fights off Izeak's straggle-hold on his coat) Athrun: "Why don't you try telling me what I did?!" Izeak: "Why don't you tell me what's going on, Athrun? Even though we're busy, this call... we go don't to the council, and they give us the news; we're supped to be your bodyguards!" Athrun: "What?" Izeak: "Why would they call me, of all people? I left the frontlines for this damn job!" Athrun: "You're my guards?" Dearka: "I bet you asked to go outside, didn't you?" Athrun: "Dearka!" Dearka: "Long time, no see. Probably because of what's going on these days. Even though you're from a friendly nation, I guess we can't have you wandering around the PLANTs." Athrun: "Ah, right. That's what they told me. That someone would be escorting me. But I never thought... you two guys?" Izeak: "Yes! Us!" Dearka: "Well, it seems like whoever put us together knew what they were doing. So, where do you wanna go?" Izeak: "And if you say shopping, I'm gonna kill you." === Durandil: La Cruse: === Stella: "Shinn? Shinn..." Shinn: "Stella... What is it, Stella? It's dangerous. You shouldn't be here right now." Stella: "It's okay... I just came here for a moment to see you." Shinn: "For a moment? Just for a moment?" Stella: "Yes... in the present." Shinn: "The present?" Stella: "But then again tomorrow." Shinn: "Tomorrow..." Stella: "Yes, tomorrow. Because you gave me a yesterday." Shinn: "Huh?" Stella: "It makes sense to me now. I'm at peace. Until tomorrow... Tomorrow, ok? Tomorrow." === Cagalli: "How are you feeling?" Athrun: "Well, I feel like I wanna roll over and die. Unfortunately for me, I seem to be just fine." === Kira: "Wow, this is a pretty amazing dress." Cagalli: "Shut it." Kira: "Just hold that thought." === Kira: "Athrun?" Athrun: "Hm?" Kira: Athrun: Kira: Athrun: Kira: Athrun: Kira: Athrun: Kira: Athrun: Kira: === Kira: "No one wanted something like this to happen." Lacus: "But we seem to have no way of breaking this chain. Someone is attacked, and they respond, which promps another attack. Everyone wants to have a happy life, to be happy. And everyone fights because we think it's the only way to achieve that. Perhaps the Chairman intends to show us a new solution to this problem. He talks about a world without the threat of war. What would a world where all conflict had been elimilated look like? A world where every single detail of someone's life would be decided at birth... based on their genes." (Everyone there makes a hushed exclaimention "huh?" noise, and look up in surprise) Murrue: "By genetics?" Kira: "The Destiny Plan." Athrun: "A world where a person's role in life is determined by their genes. And those who don't comform are weeded out, and adjusted." Meyrin: "Weeded out? A-adjusted?" Athrun: "In a world like that, everyone would be free from uncertainties from their role in life, and their future. They could live their lives untroubled by worries or doubts." Kira: "They'd live according to the destinies that had been decided for them. Manipulating the essence of humanity, our genes. To achieve the power we seek. For Coordinaters, it's the ultimate destination." Lacus: "There would be no war in such a world. Everyone would see that fighting was pointless, because each person would know their destiny." Neo/Mwu: "And what does Durandil become in such a world? A king?" Murrue: "Destiny would be the king... or our genes. Perhaps he'll be the high priest." Athrun: "Pointless." Cagalli: "Huh?" Kira: "Is it really pointless though?" Neo/Mwu: "Hmph... What, you never do pointless things?" Athrun: "Ya know, I'm not the type of person who gives up." Kira: "I'm the same way." Cagalli: "And me too!" Neo/Mwu: "Me too... right?" Murrue: "That's right, I'm the same." Meyrin: "Mmhm!" Kira: "We need to go back, Athrun.... back to space." Athrun: "Kira...?" Kira: "The Chairman must be stopped. Let's show him we create our own destiny." Athrun: "Yes!" === Athrun: "If you havta shoot me down, then at least let Meyrin a chance to get out! She's done nothing wrong!" Rey: "She's already an accomplice to your crimes. There is no meaning to her existance!" === Arthur Trine: "What an incrediable sight. Who would have thought so many from the Alliance would show up?" Captin Talia Gladys: "Yes. But truth be told, it's making me a little nervous." A Minerva crew member of some semi-small importance (Name never given): "That's for sure, Ma'am. We have been trained to of them as our enemies for such a long time. " Arthur Trine: "Absolutely! Djbralter would be wiped out if they decided to betray all at once." (laughs) (Captin Gladys and the crew member glare at him.) Athur Trine: "Uh... Oopsie." Captin Talia Gladys: "Oh, for... Think before you open your mouth, Arthur!" === Meer (fake Lacus): "Athrun! Welcome back! I've been waiting for you." Athrun: "Uh... you're... who are?" Meer (fake Lacus): "I'm Meer, Meer Cambell. Hey, but, when we're in public like this, make sure you call me Lacus." Athrun: "Uhh..." (sighs) Meer (fake Lacus): "Hey, you haven't eaten yet, have you? Probably not. Let's go out for dinner! Athrun: "What? Uhh, I don't know about..." Meer (fake Lacus): "But you're Lacus's fiancee, right?" Athrun: "But look, I... I'm not anymore." === Kira: "The flowers are starting to bloom. Unfortunately, they're going to wither in the spray from the breaking waves." Shinn: "Perhaps it means they can't be fooled. No matter how beautiful the flowers are, people will just wipe them out." === Lunamaria: "Look who's here." Athrun: "Mandatory training?" Lunamaria: "Oh yeah, they're giving us a break and letting us do it outside for now. But... I don't seem to being doing very well." Lunamaria: "Huh... Hey did you wanna join us?" Athrun: "Hm? It's okay, I'll pass." Lunamaria: "Look, the truth is, all of us here know who you are and what you've done. Formerly a ZAFT Red with the La Cruse team. In the middle stages of the war, you defeated the seemingly unstoppable Strike. After that, you were assigned to the National Defense Commity Special Forces FAITH team. And, then, they made you the pilot of the ZGMF X09A Justice. You're name is Athrun Zala. I don't know all that much about your Father, but what I do know is you're pretty much a hero to all of us. Especially for for what you did at the battle of Yaut-king Due." Athrun: "Hm? Well, I..." Lunamaria: "I also hear that you're pretty handy with a gun. C'mon... I'm not that good, so I sure could use a few pointers." === Chairman Durandil: "We of the PLANTs are filled sorrow by this calamity of unprecidented proportions. I have no words at the staggering scenes of devistations from around the world." Random Reporter/Photographer: "Son of a bitch... we took a lot of damage." === Shinn: "How come you always have to be so noble and say things like that?!" Athurn: "Okay, what would you rather I say?" Shinn: "Something like, "Help me, you bastard!"" Athrun: "Fine, if that's what you want." Shinn: "No, that was just an example." === Captin (of the Orb Fleet): "They want us to side with the army that invaded us, and fire on a ship that fought heroically to save Earth. Aww... I believe the appropiate word here is 'Ungrateful.' That word probably doesn't even exist in the world of politics. Alright, let's warn them. Aim the guns at the water just ahead of the Minerva. Don't hit the ship!" Soldier: "Yes, sir." Officer: "Commander! Those aren't our orders!" Captin: "So what? I'm not a politician." === Andrew Waltfelt: "Same old, same old. Every day we're stuck with the same lonely news stories. Would it kill these people to report some good news once in a while, just to change it up a bit?" Murrue: "You mean something like a white dolphin in an aquarium having a cute little baby?" Andrew Waltfelt: "Well, maybe not that cheerful." === Two-colored hair technition: "Man, those guys at HQ were so lucky! Lacus Clyne hasn't performed live in concert in ages... I wish I could have been there!" Black Technition: "Y'know, she's changed her singing style, don't ya think?" Two-colored hair technition: "Uh, yeah." Black Technition: "I always thought she'd sound better if she changed her style to what it is now. It makes her seem... younger. She looks cuter now, too." Two-colored hair technition: "Don't you just love the awesome outfit she wears now?" Black Technition: "Ohh, yeah! You can tell she's like totally stacked, man! I can't wait to get a poster of her in that tight little-" (Athrun walks up, and they both jump back a little) Athrun: "Where is Saviour's maitniance log?" Two-colored hair technition: "Uhh... Yes, sir! It's right here, sir!" Athrun: "Gentleman." (the Two-colored hair technition laughs nervously) Two-colored hair technition: "'You believe he's her fiancee? He's soo lucky!" Black Technition: "You know, it wouldn't be that hard to pull a few cables out of the Saviour." Athrun: "I can still hear you two... and everything you said earlier." === Orb Forces: "This is Orb Forces HQ! Attention Freedom, land immediately! Freedom, land immediately!" Kira: "No can do." === Auel: "What is she doing back there?" Sting: "Playing the part of a ditzy airhead? That'd be my guess. Why don't you give it a try? You might like it." === Lunamaria: "It's important to know how to protect yourself, and your friends, from the enemy." Athrun: "From the enemy? And who are they?" === Arthur: "Captin, we can shatter the rock ahead of us with the tonhuessier!" Captin Gladys: "Even if we blow it up, we'd just be scattering the same amount of rock around in smaller pieces." Arthur: "Oh... right..." === Athrun: "How many star-board thrusters are still functioning?" Captin Gladys: "Huh? Six working. But if we go out into open space, we'll be sitting ducks. They'll use us for target practice." Athrun: "Fire all your star-board guns, along with the thrusters, right against the astroid! The explosion will push away the ship in one motion, along with the surrounding rock!" Arthur: "That's insane! Imagine the damage to the ship's hull if we did that!" Athrun: "It's more imporant that we get out of here. We're nothing but a target, and it'll only get worse the longer we stay." ===

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