Sunday, April 26, 2009

Part IX

"A shapeshifter in a wax museum... great."-Batman, The Batman
"What's life without honor?"-Draga
"The real test of honor isn't how you die, it's how you live."-Superman
"Hey, we both got a Martian's phone number on our speed-dial. I think I deserve the benefit of the doubt here."-Flash
"Flash, don't heckle the super-villain!"-John Stewart (Green Lantern)
"Gee, why would a hired gun try to shoot somebody? Could it be that... someone paid me to?"-some (decently-skilled) hitman
"What kind of criminals tip off the authorities?"-Hawkgirl
"A pity he uses his talents for evil, rather than entertain children at birthday parties."-The Streak
"Holy hi-jacking!"-Ray
"Holy hostages!"-Ray
"Is it just me, or are those two the only cops in this town?"-Flash
"That's it. I officially wanna go home."-Flash
"Great jumping Hera!"-Flash
"So, are you here for the high risk, or the low pay?"-Soldier
"Rolemodels? Look, I've seen showgirls with more modesty than this so-called-Wonder Woman."-Godfrey
"Princess, I don't like Godfrey any more than you do. But in this country, he's entitled to his opinion... however bone-headed it is."-John Stewart (Green Lantern)
"Where do these nuts come from?"-Flash
"This night couldn't get any worse; my sponsers just dropped me, and they're all out of iced mochas."-Flash
"Like Granny Flash used to say, why curse the dark... when you can light up a seven hundred watt candle?!"-Flash
"Swirlie lights... fuzzy grilled cheese."-Flash
"Mine are bigger than yours."-Batman
"I can't believe I'm the mature one here."-Flash
"I'm impressed. Let's go wreck it."-Superman
"Ever read The Odyssey? After Odysius was caught by the Cyclops, he told it his name was 'Nobody'. So when he poked it's eye out and it's friends asked who did it, all the Cyclops could say was, "Nobody.""-Batman
"Don't touch that remote. I know it's heart-breaking to have your favorite shows pre-empted, but look what you're getting instead; Me... And a whole truckload of mindless violence and wanton property damage- everything that makes T.V. great!"-Joker
Green Arrow: "Is that a containment suit?" Captin Atom: "Uh-huh. I'm not flesh and blood anymore, just living energy." Green Arrow: "That wouldn't be nuclear energy, would it?" Captin Atom: "With a name like Captin Atom, what do you think?"
Green Arrow: "I think you're what I marched against back in college."
Detective: "Maybe some coffee will help. How do you take it?"
Flash: "Cream and thirty-seven sugars."
(the detective automatically start the task, then stops and turns to look at the Flash)
Flash: "Really."
Flash: "Thanks for sticking up for me in there."
(Green Lantern smacks him upside the head.)
Flash: "Ow!"
Hawkgirl: "What kind of criminals tip off the authorities?"
Tom Turbine: "The worst kind."
Soldier 1: (reads the inscription on cave entrance) "Cave? Well, duh!"
Soldier 2: "Not cave, caue. It's Latin... means 'Beware'."
TV Personality Godfrey: (on his talkshow) "Rolemodels? Look, I've seen showgirls with more modesty than this so-called-Wonder Woman."
Wonder Woman: (smashes her fist in the screen) "I will not tolerate this!"
John Stewart (Green Lantern): "Princess, I don't like Godfrey any more than you do. But in this country, he's entitled to his opinion... however bone-headed it is."
Flash: "Democracy in action. Hey, didn't the Greeks invent that?"
Wonder Woman: "And what's wrong with the way I dress?"
Flash: (to Green Lantern): "Uhh... you wanna take that?"
Batman: "What do these guys want, anyway?"
Superman: "To take over the world. Or rob banks. I forget."
Batman: "Who are you?"
Creeper: "They call me Yellow-Skinned-Wacky-Man! But I prefer The Creeper!"
Robin: "Call Arkham, quick."

"A game has rules. Your stunts are just random idiocy."-Clark Kent (Superman)
"Do you know how depressing it is to have to clean up after your assailant?"-Louis Lane
"I want a lawyer! I want a doctor! I want a cheese sandwich!"-Harleyquinn
Lois: "You know her?"
Clark: "We... used to date."
Lois: "Get out!"
Clark: "In high school."
Lois: "She's certainly come up in the world."
Lois: "Every time my sister visits, she just moves right on in, and stays and stays and- was that a penguin?"
Clark: "I'm afraid so."
Mxyzpixilated: "Hey, hey! You can't just walk out! If you do, your friends will stay mindless beasts!"
Superman: "They don't seem to mind."
Harleyquinn: "Pudding!"
Batman: "At this point, he... probably is."

"Don't worry, Clark, it was the end of the world. It's not like I'm expecting us to hook up."-Chloe
"I can never make up for what happened. All I can do is move forward and rebuild everything I've damaged."-Lex
"Clark has more issues than Rolling Stone."-Chloe
"I know, I know: stay away from religion, politics, and bad dye jobs."-Lois
"Life is about change. Sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's beautiful, but most of the time it's both."-Lana
"You're never going to get anywhere with your eyes closed."-Lionel
"It took me five dates to figure out you were delusional."-Helen
"You have no idea what I'm capable of."-Lex
"Oh, Lex is definitely one of a kind."-Clark
"Chloe, I could never outgrow you. Other than vertically."-Clark
"You were tied to a stake in the middle of a field. Even the Romans saved that for special occasions. You could have died out there."-Lex
"My father sent me to Smallville because he'd rather surround himself with drones than people who challenge his archaic business practices."-Lex
"Zod doesn't take orders, he gives them."-Zod (possessed Lex)
"My mom was a cheerleader, so was my aunt. Figured it was time to break the vicious cycle."-Lana
"Now that you're renowned for your eloquence, Lois, but, uh, I have no idea what you're talking about."-Lex
"So even your plants have hidden agendas."-Clark
"Did you just paddle me?"-Jimmy
"I can't believe you bet against your best friend."-Chloe
"We'd love to join you and Scooby in the Mystery Machine for another zany adventure, but we have to turn in our permission slips before homeroom."-Pete
"Lex Luthor, with a girl that he doesn’t have to inflate."-Oliver/Green Arrow
"You can't just sit safely by the water and watch all the happy people splashing around. I mean, eventually you have to grow some fins and just dive in."-Chloe
"It's nice to see Lois has found someone who's willing to overlook her personality."-Clark
"Watching you bumble through our database is like watching Clark try to dance."-Chloe
"Lana! Your billionaire drag you to this thing too?"-Lois
"When I was 13, a reporter caught me between classes at boarding school and asked how I felt about my mother's death. A microphone shoved in my face, surrounded by classmates I couldn't stand... that's how I learned she had died."-Lex
"Clark, you've lost your visiting rights. Why don't you just save some time and send flowers?"-Lex
"I've got more important things to worry about, like staying alive!"-Oliver/Green Arrow "After the accident, when my heart stopped, it was the most exhilarating two minutes of my life. I flew over Smallville, and for the first time, I didn't see a dead end. I saw a new beginning. Thanks to you, I have a second chance. We have a future, Clark, and I don't want anything to stand in the way of our friendship."-Lex
"We had no future. He's a world-renowned billionaire, and I'm a nail-biting Talon-doling tabloid reporter."-Lois
"I know the feeling. Kind of makes you wonder if you're with the right guy. One chucks footballs, the other helps save lives."-Lex
"I'm pretty open-minded but kinky hide and seek really isn't my game."-Lois
"I wasn’t the most popular kid at Excelsior. The way I looked, the rumors about what happened to my brother Julian, but Duncan didn’t care. He was my only friend and I betrayed him."-Lex
"For my father, poverty is just another word for lazy."-Lex
"If I lived under the same roof as such a beautiful woman, I would've masked my feelings in sarcasm, too."-Oliver/Green Arrow
"I’ve seen that look before. When was it? Oh yeah, when you almost beat your only friend to death back at Excelsior."-Oliver/Green Arrow
"Greatness is a rarefied air one must be taught to breathe!"-Lionel
"Pain is part of anyone's journey, Kal-El. You can't escape it."-Raya
"Paying for the sins of your father can be a bitch."-Baern
"You have no idea how much you mean to me." (long silence) "In an ideal world, I was hoping for some kind of response."-Lex
"I know that "Lex Luthor Lost" is a juicy headline, but tell me again why we’re looking for the root of all evil?"-Jimmy
"I joined a football team, not a cult."-Clark
"It says on the door out there that this is my office. My private office. Obviously that doesn't mean much to you."-Lionel
"Sometimes people can surprise you."-Lana
"I'd give anything to be normal."-Clark
"I call it 'The Wall of Weird.' It's every strange, bizarre, and unexplained event that's happened in Smallville since the meteor shower. That's when it all began - when the town went schizo."-Chloe
"Do you tell me everything that happens in your life? We all keep secrets, Clark."-Chloe "Regardless, you call Clark before you dial 911. I mean, what's he gonna do, dismantle the bomb with his great hair?"-Jimmy
"Just follow your heart, and you'll always do the right thing."-Martha
"Everything that you have done for Kal-El, you have my deepest gratitude. I could not have wished for a brighter light to guide my son. Farewell, Martha Kent."-Jar-El
"For the first time, I'm ready to stop running... from who I really am... from my destiny."-Clark
"You don't need to be indestructible to be a hero."-Clark
"It's a proven fact. If Clark Kent were any slower, he'd be extinct."-Pete
"I guess heroes don’t get sick days."-Chloe
"Well, I guess there's some sort of secret code of honor among superheroes."-Chloe "Did the humor come with the costume?"-Lois "This whole time I wanted to be like Clark Kent. I wanted to have the ability to bring justice to the world without having to get killed in the process. Then something occurred to me, I realized that Clark Kent would never take another man's life, I came within an inch of doing just that. I'm not even in your league."-Oliver/Green Arrow "Gadgets? Against the man of steel?"-Chloe "Sometimes, in order to protect the people we love, we keep secrets."-Clark "Costumes really aren't my thing."-Clark "Better hit the gym. Spandex is hard to pull off."-Lex "Save any more lives on your way over? Keep it up and you could make a career out of it."-Lex "Apparently you were too busy using your powers to bale hay to realize that there's a crime wave in Metropolis... let me ask you a question: are you ever going to get off your ass and finally do something for a change?"-Oliver/Green Arrow "You feel the need to carry the world on your shoulders. That's noble. But there are other people out there who want to help you fight the good fight, and you need to let them in. Because sometimes even heroes need to be saved."-Chloe "Every world needs its heros. They inspire us to be better than we are. And they protect us from the darkness that's just around the corner."-Martha === Lois Lane: "What were you thinking?" Clark Kent: "I was looking out for you." Lois Lane: "I have 20/20 vision, Smallville. I look out for myself." === Lex Luthor: "What do you think is faster, an arrow or a bullet?" Oliver/Green Arrow: "There's only one way to find out." === Lana Lang: "Do you ever wish that you could go back in time and... everything would be different?" Clark Kent: "All the time." === Lex Luthor: "You want to tell me what happened last night?" Clark Kent: "It was just a stupid prank." Lex Luthor: "You were tied to a stake in the middle of a field. Even the Romans saved that for special occasions. You could have died out there." === Lana Lang: "Can you keep a secret?" Clark Kent: "I'm the Fort Knox of secrets." === Martha Kent: "You can't live on coffee three meals a day, Chloe." Chloe Sullivan: "I mix it up with the occasional blueberry muffin. What? That has a food group in it." Clark Kent: "Barely." === Clark Kent: "The Fortress is dead. Everything's changing. Dad's gone. I can't talk to Lex. Lana's... I don't know where to go from here." Martha Kent: "I didn't either when I was your age." === Jonathan Kent: "Are you okay?" Clark Kent: "Can I answer that in about five years?" === Lex Luthor: "What about you, what are you going to do?" Duncan: "I'm going to help people like Warrior Angel." Lex Luthor: "Better hit the gym. Spandex is hard to pull off." === Oliver/Green Arrow: "Clark. I was wondering if my security system would keep someone like you out." Clark Kent: "Looks like you need an upgrade." Oliver/Green Arrow: "Or you need to learn how to knock." === Lex Luthor: "Those are just security cameras to ensure the safety of everyone on this property." Lana Lang: "I see.. was I breaching security when I was alone in my bedroom?" === Lex Luthor: "Ever since you came to Metropolis, I've been kidnapped, had my life put in jeopardy and now the woman I love is lying in a hospital bed." Oliver/Green Arrow: "And you think that's my fault? Sounds to me, more like bad karma." === (after Lex gets a dead schoolmate's blood on him) Lionel Luthor: "Are you all right, son?" Lex Luthor: "Nothing a little dry cleaning won't cure." Lionel Luthor: "That's distasteful, Lex, even for you." Lex Luthor: "What can I say? It's a nice suit." === Lex Luthor: "Like your hands are clean?" Oliver/Green Arrow: "No, not even close, but since then I've been scrubbing 'em real hard. Yours just keep getting dirtier." === Oliver/Green Arrow: "Contained electromagnetic pulse, knocks out everything electrical within an 8’ radius. Cameras, laser systems, pacemakers. The last one was a joke." Clark Kent: "I'm laughing on the inside." Oliver/Green Arrow: Well, maybe we'll get lucky some day and it'll bubble to the surface." === Pete Ross: So, anyone ask you to the dance? Chloe Sullivan: Not yet. Pete Ross: Well, if nothing pans out with you-know-who, maybe you and... Chloe Sullivan: Pete, do you want to take a commercial break from the soap opera in your head? I've told you a hundred times - I'm not interested in Clark. Pete Ross: Your vehement denial has been duly noted! === Clark Kent: "You know, sometimes in order to protect the people we love, we keep secrets." Lois: "That is... totally retarded." === Clark Kent: "I went by the mansion. I heard you were taken to the hospital? Are you okay?" Lex Luthor: "We're fine, Clark...both of us." Clark Kent: "What happened?" Lex Luthor: "We had an uninvited guest, but I guess we're used to that kind of thing." === Clark Kent: "I didn't come here to be insulted." Oliver/Green Arrow: "I don't remember you being invited." === Oliver/Green Arrow: "Yeah, well, don't worry about it Clark. You know. I mean, if I lived under the same roof as such a beautiful woman, I would've masked my feelings in sarcasm, too." Lois Lane: "Feelings?!" Clark Kent: "Feelings?!" === Clark Kent: "Before I left, there was this moment when we, um..." Chloe: "You mean when I laid one on you?" === Oliver/Green Arrow: "Okay, now remember, this is a party." Lois Lane: "I know, I know: stay away from religion, politics, and bad dye jobs." === Clark Kent: Hey, this is a great place. Lex Luthor: Yeah, if you're dead and in the market for something to haunt. === Lex Luthor: It's the Luthor ancestral home, or so my father claims. He had it shipped over from Scotland stone by stone. Clark Kent: Yeah, I remember. The trucks rolled through town for weeks but no one ever moved in. Lex Luthor: My father had no intention of living here. He's never even stepped through the front door. Clark Kent: Then why'd he ship it over? Lex Luthor: Because he could. === Jonathan Kent: Your real parents weren't exactly from around... here. Clark Kent: Where are they from? [Jonathan looks up at the sky] Clark Kent: What are you trying to tell me, Dad? That I'm from another planet? [sarcastically] Clark Kent: I suppose you stashed my spaceship in the attic? Jonathan Kent: Actually... it's in the storm cellar. === Block: "Are you mocking me?" Lex Luthor: "Now why would I mock a guy who just shot me?" === Lex Luthor: Clark, do you believe a man can fly? Clark Kent: Sure. In a plane. Lex Luthor: No, I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about soaring through the clouds, with nothing but air beneath you. Clark Kent: People can't fly, Lex. Lex Luthor: I did. After the accident, when my heart stopped. It was the most exhilarating two minutes of my life. I flew over Smallville, and for the first time, I didn't see a dead end. I saw a new beginning. Thanks to you, I have a second chance. We have a future, Clark, and I don't want anything to stand in the way of our friendship. === Lex Luthor: "Don't worry, Clark. I've got your Trojan horse." (he takes the box with Lana's necklace in it off the fireplace, then opens it. Clark backs away.) Lex Luthor: "Clark, you okay?" Clark Kent: "Yeah, I'm fine." (Lex closes the box and Clark's pain stops) Clark Kent: "That's a cool box. What's it made of?" Lex Luthor: "Lead. My mother bought it in a Kasban in Morocco. A little guy told her it was made from the armor of St. George, the patron saint of boy scouts. She gave it to me before she died. I think she was trying to send me a message." (offers it to Clark) === Lana Lang: Did you know you can see my house from here? Clark Kent: [innocently] No. Really? [he moves the telescope, to take the focus off her house] Clark Kent: You know, we've lived a mile apart our whole lives and you've never come over. Lana Lang: And you're wondering what I'm doing here now. Clark Kent: Not that I don't enjoy the company, but yes, I was. === Clark Kent: You need to talk to Mom. I think I really freaked her out this time. Jonathan Kent: You also made her really proud, Clark. Clark Kent: Dad, something else happened to me this morning. When I woke up, I was... kind of floating. Jonathan Kent: Floating? Clark Kent: As soon as I woke up, I crashed. I mean, Dad, what's happening to me? Jonathan Kent: I honestly don't know. As soon as you start breaking the law of gravity, we're definitely in uncharted territory. === Lana: So what are you: Man or Superman? Clark: I haven't figured it out yet. === Lana Lang: "I didn't know you have a dark side, Clark." Clark Kent: "Doesn't everyone?" === Pete Ross: (whispering) "We're trying to avoid becoming this year's scarecrow." Chloe Sullivan: "What are you talking about?" (deliberately louder) "And why are we whispering?" === Lex Luthor: "Do you believe a man can fly?" Clark Kent: "Sure, in a plane." === Lex Luthor: If you hadn't pulled him out of that truck, your problems would be solved. [Clark looks at him] Lex Luthor: I'm kidding of course. === Jonathan Kent: "What are we supposed to tell everyone? That we found him in a cornfield?" Martha Kent: "We didn't find him. He found us." === Dr. Helen Bryce: "Who are you?" Lex Luthor: "Someone who's been burned by the opposite sex more times than I'd like to admit." === [after finding Clark] Jonathan Kent: Kids just don't fall out of the sky, Martha. Martha Kent: Then where did he come from? Jonathan Kent: I don't know. But he must have parents. [they both spot the space ship] Martha Kent: Well, if he does, they're definitely not from Kansas. === Dr. Groll: "All due respect, I work for Lex and not his girlfriend." Lana Lang: "I'm not interested in your respect, Dr. Groll. I'm much more interested in your 14 years of employment here. Your two girls that are now in prestigious prep schools. That new home that you built on Sparling Lane. You have a pretty wonderful life." Dr. Groll: "Are you threatening me?" Lana Lang: "It just came to my attention that if the government or your colleagues found out that you were testing alien weapons, this life that you have worked so hard for may take an unfortunate turn." === Lana Lang: We've already met. Lex Luthor: I seriously doubt I'd forget meeting you. Lana Lang: You were a little preoccupied at the time. Lex Luthor: I get the feeling I didn't make a great first impression. Lana Lang: When I was ten, I went to Metropolis for a riding competition. Your father invited us to stay over. My aunt said you had an indoor pool. When I went to check it out, I found you and a girl skinny dipping. I think you were teaching her the breast stroke. Lex Luthor: That was you? Wow. You're all grown up now. === Lionel Luthor: "Lex, have I done anything in the recent past to offend you?" Lex Luthor: "There are so many ways I could answer that." === Oliver/Green Arrow: "You have every newspaper in the country calling this guy "Green Arrow." He's got a real following." Lois Lane: "Yeah, well so did Charles Manson." === Chloe: "So how'd you let this guy slip through your fingers?" Clark Kent: "This Green Arrow bandit has a lot of gadgets." Chloe: "Gadgets? Against the man of steel?" Clark Kent: "He's good, all right?" Chloe: "Fine. Backing off." === Oliver/Green Arrow: "I saved you." Lois Lane: "Yeah- from goons who were trying to find you. They're not the only one with a "V" for Vendetta on your little leather ass." Oliver/Green Arrow: "Little? I've really been working on the glutes lately, too." Lois Lane: "Did the humor come with the costume?" Oliver/Green Arrow: "Did the "Tomb Raider" routine come from wanting daddy's attention?" === Oliver/Green Arrow: "Clark, you have abilities I couldn't even dream of. And I admire that you use them to save the people you're close to." Clark Kent: But?" Oliver/Green Arrow: "There's a whole world of people out there, Clark. They need us. With your potential... you can't wait for them to come to you. When you're ready to do something about that, you let me know." === Oliver/Green Arrow: "Well, you seem to have a crystal-clear idea of what's right and what's wrong. You decide who it belongs to." Clark Kent: "It's not as clear as it used to be." === Lois: "The lady requires a show of skill before rewarding her favor." Oliver/Green Arrow: "Which is actually where I was going with the kiss." === Oliver/Green Arrow: "You have a quick tongue. I find that very attractive." Lois: "Well, keep it in your quiver, Jolly Green Bandit." === Party Guest: "Tarzan and park rangers both love the wild." Gloria: "And swinging on vines." === Lionel Luthor: You know perfectly well how I feel about you. Lex Luthor: Hence, I'm at a crap factory in Smallville. === Martha Kent: I thought I heard the door.Lois: Yeah. Your pledge finally sailed in from Queen Industries.Martha: Where's the man who came with it?Lois: The courier? Oh, I gave him his tip and sent him on his merry little way.Martha: Handsome, chiseled features with a smile that could light up a barn?Lois: Mrs. Kent, do you have a crush on the courier?Martha: You mean the billionaire CEO who stopped by to talk about his financial support of my platform? No, Lois, I don't. I've never even met him, and now I'll probably never will. === Lois: "I'm out there jogging along, minding my own business when, out of nowhere, a barn door comes falling from the clear, blue sky and almost crushes me. How does that happen?" Clark Kent: "Maybe it fell from an airplane." Lois: "Good guess, but the only thing up there was a severely traumatized sparrow." === Clark Kent: Oh yeah. Joined the football team and poured some coffee. We're a couple of real rebels. Lana Lang: Long live the revolution. === Lex Luthor: "Well, I forgot what a concerned parent you are. That's why you're having me followed, isn't it? To make sure I don't destroy the rest of the world?" Lionel Luthor: "If I were having you followed, son, you would never know it. I can guarantee you that." === Lex Luthor: "Look, not that it matters, but you're no longer running my exposé." Lois Lane: "Nuh-uh. You'll have to take that up with my boss." Lex Luthor: "I am your boss. Merry Christmas, Lois. I just bought the Daily Planet." === Lana Lang: "Everyone stands for something, Clark. What do you stand for?" Clark Kent: "I stand for truth, justice, and... other stuff." === Pete Ross: He had a killer tree fort his dad built in the woods. Clark Kent: It was okay. Pete Ross: Clark never liked it. He used to get sick just walking over there. Chloe Sullivan: How come? Pete Ross: He was afraid of heights. Clark Kent: I didn't believe it was structurally sound. === Jonathan Kent: I don't know. Seems kind of out there. Martha Kent: This coming from the man who's been hiding a spaceship in his storm cellar for the last 12 years. [she leaves] === Adrian: "You created me in a test tube, you kept me like some pet, so you could have a brother? Is that why you couldn't get rid of me?" Lex Luthor: "You're not my brother!" (shoots Adrian) "You're a mistake."
Jimmy: "This is a really bad idea. You know, maybe we should call someone."
Chloe: (yells) "Hello? Is anyone there?"
Jimmy: "No, I was thinking more like authority figures who carried weapons, you know?"
(sound of a scream)
Chloe: "That came from the path."
Jimmy Olsen: "Yeah, we should really go check that out in the really dark woods."
Chloe: "When you escaped from that Kryptonian Land of the Lost, I bet you didn’t think that you’d be rewarded by having to save Lex Luthor while battling a raging head cold, huh?" Clark Kent: "Not exactly the goodbye gift I was expecting, no." === Chloe: "Clark, with a sneeze like yours, that says a lot about your lung capacity. Now just take a really deep breath and blow it out as hard as you can." Clark Kent: "That's a steel door, it's not a birthday cake." Chloe: "I don't see anything else working. Come on, let's see what you got. Huff, puff, and blow this door down." === Chloe Sullivan: I've already started getting hate mail. Clark Kent: You seem very happy about that, why? Chloe Sullivan: Because it means I'm hitting a nerve. Besides, between the abysmal sentence structure and generous use of obscenities, I got a pretty good idea of who's been sending it. Pete Ross: If you think my teammates have been reading the Torch, you're giving them way too much credit. === Coach Walt Arnold: Look at Ross here. He doesn't have a lick of natural talent, but he's got a truckload of heart. Pete Ross: Thanks... I guess.
Lois: "Read it."
Chloe: "Funny, I don’t remember there being an “e” in tornado."
Lois: "It’s just a little typo."
Chloe: "And the extra “h” in weather?"
Jimmy Olsen: "My (radio) handle? “Jimmy the Infuriator.”"
Chloe: "Why does that not surprise me?"
Coach Walt Arnold: "Yeah, I remember. Jonathan Kent was one of the best athletes I ever coached. A lot of God-given talent. It's in your genes, Kent."
Clark Kent: "Actually, I'm adopted."
Lois Lane: "Well, I wasn't gonna give in to you, but the tights, you're totally pulling it off."
Lex Luthor: "You should see him in a tutu."
Zod (possessed Lex): "Perhaps I’ve underestimated the females of your species."
Lana: "Maybe you just underestimated me."
=== Zod/Lex: Do you really think Zod cares what a primitive like you believes?Lana: If Lex is really dead, then why waste your time with a primitive like me?Zod/Lex: To bear witness to the end of the human era and the rebirth of Krypton.Lana: Krypton?Zod/Lex: A shining jewel in a vast, dark universe. And you have the privilege of playing a part in its resurrection. === Clark: I won't let you destroy Earth... like you did Krypton.Zod/Lex: Jor-El couldn't stop me, and neither will his son.Clark: Then I'll die trying.Zod/Lex: But you won't be the only one. These humans you care so much about... Swear your allegiance to me, and I will allow the ones you love the most to live. Kneel before Zod. Kneel. === Lionel Luthor: "I suggest you concentrate on remembering every little minute detail of that horrific day." Lex: "Well, I guess I should have kept a blog, because I don't remember

"You know what I like about butterflies? They don't talk!"-Joey "Relax. I don't want your company. I just needed the upper-hand so I could force you to do something for me. Plus I was bored, and it was fun."-Pegasus "Hey, I just got a great idea guys: RUN!"-Joey "So let's thank our lucky stars we're not being chased by giant man-eating tomatos."-Grandpa Moto "This is ridiculous. Do you realize you're talking to a hologram with your head on it?"-Kaiba "Anyone who's late for registration will be disqualified. Mokuba, make sure Wheeler's late."-Kaiba "Now what do you say we get out there, watch Joey's duel, and do what we do best; cheer from the sidelines!"-Tristan "Can't these people see this is only a card game?"-Kaiba "What are you looking at? You think I'm going to let you change my mind? I am not flying to Egypt. Look at me, I'm talking to some golden antique eyeball."-Kaiba "Yep. We're floating on a fat guy."-Joey === Joey: "Goooo, Drumsticks!" Mai: "Uh, guys... Joey named his chicken." Joey: "It's a Neemittori, Mai." Mai: "Whatever." === Kaiba: "I'll never let a snake like you wrap yourself around my company, is that clear?!" Pegasus: "Relax. I don't want your company. I just needed the upper-hand so I could force you to do something for me. Plus I was bored, and it was fun." === Kaiba: "So you've got a dweeb army. Am I supposed to be scared to attack?" Dartz: "Well... Only if destroying an innocent soul concerns you." Kaiba: "Nahh. As the president of a major corporation, I have to do that every day." === Kaiba: "Don't you have someone else to annoy?" Joey: "Nope. Not at the moment." === Joey: "Are we going or what?" Kaiba: "What do you think, genius?" Joey: "I'm detecting some sarcasm, rich-boy." Kaiba: "Really." === Tristan: "You sure that thing is Atlantis?" Joey: "Hm... big ancient city-looking thing rising up out of the ocean? I'd say that fits the bill." === Joey: "About that underdog card. You said it reminds you of someone, right?" Yami (Pharoah): "I did? Oh, yes. Um... A little help here?" (Yami switches places with Yugi) Yugi: "Oh yeah, well that's really mature, Pharoah!" Joey: "Well, Yug? 'Cause everyone else over there seems to think that I remind you of this underdog." Yugi: "They do, huh? Well, let me think of the best way to put this, Joey... That card makes me think of you because even when the odds are against you, you always pull through!" === Joey: "It's Blue Eyes!" Tristan: "That would be a statue." === Mokuba: "Oh, and did I mention every ride is free today?" Tristan: "You guy rock!" Joey: "I love this place! Let's tilt and whirl 'til we hurl!" Tristan: "Ohh yeah!" Taya: "I need some female friends." === Mokuba: "You gotta let me know if you notice anything strange." Taya: "Sure. But you do that strange things happen to us all the time, right?" Tristen: "She's got a point there." Yugi: "But I was hoping this time would be different." Mokuba: "Huh?" Yugi: "But so much for that, huh? Just once, I'd like to duel in a tournament for the thrill of it, and not have to worry who's trying to take over the world!"
Tristan: "You sure that thing is Atlantis?"
Joey: "Hm... Big, ancient city-looking thing rising up out of the ocean? I'd say that fits the bill."
"Hey! One of those worms just barfed on me!"-Joey
Yugi: "Thanks a lot. But I've been leading you guys into danger week after week for way too long! You should just-"
Tea: "Look, you've gotta stop talking us out of helping you."
Tristan: "She's right. It's getting real old and it never works. Now let's go!"
Joey: "Hey, eat my dust, you slowpokes!" (slides down a dune) "Nyayaah!"
Yugi: "Joey! No!" T
ristan: "What was that about us eating your dust?"
Tea: "Look's more like he's the one who bit the dust."
Joey: "Ptew! Ptew! Actually, it's more like I bit the sand..."
"As the Shadow fog rolls past, you all will feel the darkness take you into it's grip... completely."-(duel "boogey man") "I used to be just like you. An elitest snob who looked down on everyone around me. But I've changed. Know how? Now I'm a snob who only looks down on some people... Anyway, there's a lesson in there, I'm just not sure where."-Chaz === (duel boogey man): "Treasure the numbness, for it will not last. Soon, you will be drawn into an infinite chasm of eternal darkness where every waking moment will be filled with a gaping-" Jaden: "What? Give me a break. How bad can it be? So what? Back at our dorm, we got black-out curtains so that we can sleep in later. I'm not scared of the dark. It's great!"
Chumbly: "It's ok. The odds are way in Jaden's favor."
Cyrus: "You flunked math, Chumbly."
Chumbly: "No, I got a 54!"
Bastian: "Great Scott!"
Cyrus: "Aw man."
Hassleberry: "Sam Hill!"
Alexis: "Why don't I have a catch phrase?"
=== (Alexis's friend with short hair): "It's an emergency!" Alexis: "Let me guess, you lost your hairbrush." (Alexis's friend with short hair): "Even worse." (Alexis's friend with black hair): "Something happened to our dorm!"
Alexis: "Well... There have been some weird things going on around here lately. But this better be legit!" *turns and motions to a 'follow me' signal* Alexis: "Come on!" (Alexis's friend with short hair): "By the way, did anyone find a pink hairbrush?" === Addicus: "All of those guys dueled him and lost. Then he turned them into mindless robots!" Cyrus: "I would have said zombies, but you know, either way."

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