Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Part XII

"That was how Orochimaru died. Too slow. Too surprised. Unable to defend himself. He died with Kakashi's hand shoved through his chest and with his eyes on Kabuto, his minion, who did nothing to help him."- from Its the shinobi life for us by Davros on FanFiction.Net Seriously? That HAD to be a clone - the Chidori can be heard a mile away and only works at point-blank range.

"Why did people find it so appealing to stick their favorite characters in a high school setting? Why would you even wish that upon someone?" The answer's obvious; most of the writers are IN high school and feel the need to share the misery.

"Kiba try and remember we're here on a job. Also you're only twelve."
"That's like 84 in dog years though!" Kiba argued.
Would that make Kiba a dirty old man?

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