Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Naruto and Ranma 1/2 Crossovers Quotes (by Davros)

"Ranma would have said something but he really didn't feel the urge. He was rather too busy dealing with the fact that it felt like someone had tried to suck his eyeballs out with a straw and then moved on to tap-dancing on his brain when that didn't work."- Davros from FanFiction.Net (in Ranma's narrative view)

"Since when do you not jump at the chance to chuck pointy, metal things at me? I remember you beating up a little kid because he looked like me."-Ranma

"I don't need anymore crazy wives or fiancees or fangirls or stalkers."-Ranma

"Torture? Oh hell no. First sign of hot pokers and he was breaking loose. Diplomacy be damned. No one was inserting anything into any of his orifices."-Ranma

"The only ninja I know is a crazy transvestite. It's not something I try to emulate."-Ranma

"I'm old, but I think a wise man would have found another successor by now."-Third Hokage (H. Sarutobi)

"Wise, old martial arts masters are always – always – nuts. Either that or perverted."-Ranma

"Cologne teaches random strangers the secret techniques of her tribe for personal amusement. How normal is that?"-Ranma

"Who thinks it's a great idea to prank ANBU while wearing bright orange clothes and cackling like a lunatic?"-Anko

"And yet you still suck like a vacuum cleaner."-Anko

"You know, this really isn't what I had in mind when I signed up to be a ninja. I expected more blood and guts and less hammers and nails... unless said hammer was being used to apply said nails to enemies."-Mousse (Mu Sue)

"What use is a diversion if it's so obviously fake?"-Anko

"There was nothing quite like beating the tar out of one of the idiot brigade to work off some steam, really. It was soothing. Some people drank sake to relax, some meditated, some perved on pretty girls, he beat up his rivals. It relaxed him and it was practice. Ideal."- Davros from FanFiction.Net (in Ranma's narrative view)

"People aren't born evil, Anko. Even Orochimaru was a simple child with the world at his fingertips once upon a time. You'd do well to remember that."-Third Hokage (H. Sarutobi)
"Ranma couldn't brood if his life depended on it. Five minutes tops before some shiny thing distracts him."-Anko

"Sarutobi just couldn't make sense of that. He understood the words and the sentence structure made sense but the facts just didn't compute. Stupidity on that level... how did such a person last into adulthood?"- Davros from FanFiction.Net (as Sarutobi, the Third Hokage's narrative view)

"Yes, it was most satisfying to watch Saotome shove his foot in his mouth and then get his leg forced down after it by an irritated female. It was one of his more endearing habits, as far as Mousse was concerned."- Davros from FanFiction.Net (in Mousse's narrative view)

"It was amazing how the tension would just flow out of a room as everyone joined in the age-old tradition of laughing at the guy who just got humiliated. Heart-warming, really."- Davros from FanFiction.Net (in Ranma's narrative view)

"That was how Orochimaru died. Too slow. Too surprised. Unable to defend himself. He died with Kakashi's hand shoved through his chest and with his eyes on Kabuto, his minion, who did nothing to help him."- from Its the shinobi life for us by Davros on FanFiction.Net

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