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Batman Beyond Quotes

Batman Beyond Quotes...
""-Terry (the next generation Batman)
""-Batman (Terry)
"This... is... unbearably cool."-Batman (Terry)
"Good bat-dog." - Terry (the next generation Batman)
"So Nelson expects me to drop everything and go out with him tonight, as if I don't have a life. What do you think I should wear?"-(Red-haired cheerleader the 'Earth Mover' episode. Her name was never mentioned. We'll probably never know. But, really, how much do you care?)
"If I spent as much time studying as I do practicing my cheers, I'd actually have an education by now."-Jackie
"You saying you memorized the multiplication tables? What for?"-Dana
"I can't concentrate. I get nervous when kids are too quiet."-Jackie's "Dad"
"Hey, we can't all be Batman."-Terry (the next generation Batman)
"None of the Robins ever complained."-Bruce Wayne
"The power's off in some parts of town, and you know what that's gonna lead to."-Bruce Wayne
"Terry, it's only the suit that's out of commission... not Batman."-Bruce Wayne
"To feel the love you never get in the real world... it's no surprise that addiction follows so quickly."-Spellbinder
"Hey, at least you don't have to wear tights."-Terry (the next generation Batman)
"How does someone fail 'Family Studies'?"-Bruce Wayne
"Was that Batman? Dumpster-diving?"-Garbage Man
"I hope that computer of yours can't smell."-Batman (Terry)
"I don't cheat death, I master it."-Raj A'Gaul
Dana: "You're cheating."
Terry: "Am not."
Dana: "You have to be cheating. There's no way you could know something like that without a calculater."
Terry: "People used to."
Dana: "You saying you memorized the multiplication tables? What for?"
(Jackie's "Dad"): "Jackie? Sorry to interupt the homework, but I'm trying to work on my expansion plans and I can't concentrate."
Jackie: "We're being as quiet as we can."
(Jackie's "Dad"): "That's why I can't concentrate. I get nervous when kids are too quiet."
(new proto-type hover car goes over the heads of Joker gang members on motorcycles)
Test Pilot A: "Heheheh. First thing they're going to do when they get back to Gotham is tell all their buds the martians are coming."
Test Pilot B: "Second thing; First they gotta get their pants clean."
Scab (Lead Joker): "You know why the Jokers come all the way out here to do our initiations?"
*Lee (Joker Intitiate) shakes his head*
Lead Joker's sidekick: "So no one can hear you scream."
Dana: "Doesn't look so bad from up here."
Terry: "What?
Dana: "The city. Kinda reminds me of the Milky Way."
Terry: "Yeah, the Milky Way, but with psychopaths."
Miller (Security Guard): "This is Miller. Sector 1 clear."
The guy Miller was talking to through headset: "How are those new men we sent you?"
Miller (Security Guard): "Feels like we're stepping on each other. No one's causing trouble here tonight. Miller out."
(Once said, the sabator (Inque) shows her "face")
(Bruce Wayne enters Power's office)
Powers: "Come in, Bruce. What a pleasant surprise. How've you been holding up?"
Bruce Wayne: "With a cane."
(small silent pause)
Powers: "Aheheh, very clever."
(Nelson shows the his quality of sportsmanship of the game he's in by excessively SLAMMING his smaller opponent into the clear re-enforced... plastic? wall, landing him right in front of where Terry and Dana are sitting. The ass then winks at Dana.)
Dana: "Huah. Is it wrong for me to root for the other team?"
Terry: "Not under the circumstances."
Batman (Terry): "Wahooo!"
Wayne: "Would you mind not doing that?"
Batman (Terry): "Sorry."
Powers: "Who... are you?!"
Batman (Terry): "You really wanna know?"
Powers: "Yes!"
Batman (Terry): "You killed my Father."
Powers: "Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?"
Terry: "I gotta get to class. It's Family Studies, and I'm failing."
Bruce Wayne: "How does someone fail 'Family Studies'?"
Garbage Man #1: "Was that Batman? Dumpster-diving?"
Garbage Man #2: *shrugs* "A fella's gotta eat."
Bruce Wayne: "Then you better get going. The power's off in some parts of town, and you know what that's gonna lead to."
Batman (Terry): "How 'bout giving these stars in front of my eyes a chance to go away?"
Bruce Wayne: "McGinness."
Batman (Terry): (sigh) "Right away, boss."
Bruce Wayne: "So stop them."
Batman (Terry): "Easy for you to say."
Scab: "I'm not giving this up! For once in my life, I've got some real power."
Batman (Terry): "You never had any with the Jokers?"
Scab: "Don't make me laugh. They were just a crutch!"
Batman (Terry): "So is this ship."
Scab: "Yeah, but it's a crutch with muscle."
Terry: "Your whole family lives here?"
Max: ""Whole family" is just me and my sister, most of the time. The folks slipt up when I was a kid, and Mom's on the road a lot for work. I guess you and I both have our secrets. 'Cept, mine seems kind of pathetic right now."
Terry: "Hey, at least you don't have to wear tights."
Batman (Terry): "I can't believe I got her involved in this."
Bruce Wayne: "Now you sound like Batman."
Batman (Terry): "What?"
Bruce Wayne: "I've been right where you are. More times than I care to count. And like you said, there's no way you could have stopped her."
Batman (Terry): "There's Donny. I'll feel better once I wringe Spellbinder's location out of his face."
Bruce Wayne: "Or you could cool your jets, and just tail him."
Batman (Terry): "Oh. Yeah, I guess that's a good idea, too."
Bruce Wayne: "I should have known you'd cheat death again, Raj."
Raj A'Gaul: "I don't cheat death, I master it."
Batman (Terry): "Lady, that is the sickest thing I've ever seen. You're creepin' me out!"
Bruce Wayne: "You? She kissed me."
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The Winning Edge
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A Touch of Curaré
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Speak No Evil
The Call (Part 1)
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Curse of Kobra (Part 1)
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* Batman Beyond the Movie: Return of The Joker
* Epilogue

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