Friday, July 20, 2007

Yu Yu Hakusho Quotes

"Today did start off weird. I went to school..."-Yusuke

"How can you be grim if you say 'bingo' all the time?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"That was quite an entrance. Who the hell are you?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Hey! Did I hit you?!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Getting blown to pieces is really going to piss me off!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Yusuke Urameshi, age 14. Survived by his mom and everybody. After going through this big ordeal to get his life back, Yusuke had a brief second chance until he was eaten by a fish! That's right! No heroic death! No fighting evil villians! Fish food!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Hate fish. What a stupid name."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Even though it looks like I can't move right now, I'm very dangerous."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"This is going to be pretty lame if we get killed before we reach the stupid castle!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I guess he should be a manly-man like you and be obsessed with kittens?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I feel like we're walking into a pizza oven."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Well, he's no dragon, but he is ugly."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Here's the deal, pull your zombies off Keiko and then I'll only pull out one of your lungs."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You're gonna regret saying that one! I'm writing an advice book for bad guys. It's called 'Don't piss me off!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"This place smells like ass."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I'm sorry. When I kill people, I'm used to them staying dead."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"If you idiots got something to say, say it! But say it to my face, or else say it to my fist!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Give me my damn team back!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Kurama! Take off your clothes!"-Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho

"Kurama can use that big brain of his to figure a way out. Meanwhile, I'll try to get the masked fighter and Hiei away from spagetti-girl's stupid forcefield."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"There's no way I can deflect both of those with my Spirit Gun. Spirit Grenade Launcher maybe, but definitely not a gun."-Yusuke

"All right Yusuke, you've tried everything else. Time to be stupid."-Yusuke

"Don't just let that creep wail on you, show some friggin' balls!"-Yusuke

"I'm a jerk and I'm sorry for everything. So just hit me, okay?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Since when did you fill in in all the right places?" - Yusuke (edited version of quote below)

"Is it just these pants or did you really get a nice ass?" - Yusuke (unedited version of quote above)

"Why don't you show this young whipper-snapper how it was done in the old days?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Genkai, do you realize what's going on? My teacher gave all her power to me, even though she knew she'd have to fight Toguro in the end. This whole time my stupid self thought it was just between me and him. Turns out there's a 50 year story behind it, and now she wants it closed. Am I giving it all away? I don't care, my teacher's walking into a fight she can't win! And nothing's ever going to be the same."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Who are you calling moron, pacifier junkie!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"That's Hiei for you. He faints, but still makes time for threats."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I've been pathetic."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"We're in front of about a million people, including Keiko and my boss and hard-core demon fighters! And you make me say all that sissy crap!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Fine! You heard fox boy! There's nothing we can do for the old hag if she's already limp. Just gotta keep on truckin'... yes sir. I'm gonna go outside and make myself a nice big shiny first place medal, sit in the sun and have a stupendous stupid day, darn it!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"But more importantly, we answered the question. Boxers or briefs?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Can't say I didn't warn the guy. Except for that whole shockwave thing."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You shouldn't talk, it makes you sound stupid."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Keiko?! Damn it, Puu! You're like they're get-in-danger tour guide!"-Yusuke

"So Yusuke's a household name?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Earth to toddler bitch! You better speak now before I forever put that pacifier ten inches down your throat!"-Yusuke

"Never take yourself too seriously and you won't turn into a freakin' fanatic."-Yusuke

"Wait you idiot! Haven't you learned? You're like an ugly singer with a good voice, best for backup!"-Yusuke

"That was fast. Must not've run into traffic, or had any traffic running after them."-Yusuke

"Guess he missed his Toguro vaccination."-Yusuke

"That freak's screams are all I hear. Either he's beating the hell out of Kurama or someone's found where he's ticklish." -Yusuke

"You think you can predict what my next move is?! Look at this, I dare to swear you didn't expect this one coming: men's 100m swimming freestyle!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Maybe I can't defend against attacks from multiple angles, but sometimes a good defense is just kicking ass!" -Yusuke

"What's that Sensui, you forget how to swim? You drowned? Great, we'll pack up and go. You heard Kuwabara, he's starved!" -Yusuke

"Be nasty all you want. I don't care if you torture cute animals, that doesn't make you strong." -Yusuke

"Maybe there have been times when I've been pissed and hated things, but it wasn't from this work. My dad's a no-show, my mom's a lush, and school sucks. But this job is the one damn thing I've ever been good at. And if all the crap in my life hasn't screwed me up yet, then neither will this. And neither will you." -Yusuke

"You're not ready to die, you just stopped teething."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that!"-Yusuke(After he punches Koenma)

"What are you waiting for? Your balls to drop?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I'm the same, Yusuke Urameshi! Fearless protector of the good stuff with a healthy kicking assness and a general hate for authority. And nothing as trivial as a violent death or a few drops of demon blood mixed with mine is gonna keep me from helping out my friends and saving the world and kicking the bad guy's ass."-Yusuke

"I'm sorry, I got delayed. Traffic was a bitch." -Yusuke

"Look, I'm not a particularly bright guy. And just because I'm Raizen's heir doesn't mean I'm qualified to replace him. So maybe it's time we found another way of crowning the Big Cheese around here. Each of these has the name of someone from Demon World on them. We'll all face off in a big tournament, representing not kingdoms, but ourselves. And the one who wins the tournament will be the one to rule us all. For a period of time, at least, until the next tournament when we all do it over again. From what I understood in Social Studies, it's called democracy, and it's all the rage back home. Except, we'll cast our votes with fists."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Chu! Are you somber?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I always thought Raizen was just a bastard, but I really didn't get to know him at all. There was more to him. And now, seeing through their eyes, I can't but feel... proud. Of my father. I think in a way, I can finally call him that."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You can't end a good party without someone on the floor."-Yusuke

"I'm gonna mess your face up so bad that even kittens won't look at you!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You know, I can't stand it when guys pick on people weaker than them. But, I guess I'll do that to you anyway!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Go! Go! Faster, you wimp! Get out of my way, stupid green car guy!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"It's just crummy chump change compared to all the days Urameshi ran my head into the concrete!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"All right, you little shrimp baby! Batter's up!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

(about Rando's chanting) "I'm shutting you up, boy, you're freaking me out!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Ahhhh! I've been turned into an insect!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"So what things do you wanna buy with just guys, huh? What you need some itching cream or something?"-Kuwabara

"Look, we all know I can see supernatural stuff a whole lot better than Yusuke, and I'm not just gonna sit around my house, while Urameshi doesn't see things, and lets monsters and bugs take over my town. Because I'm Kuwabara, and in case you forgot, I've got a sword!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Urameshi! There's too many of them, and I'm not sure, but I think they wanna eat me!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Why does everything you say make me want to bash your face in?!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho (this was obviously said to Hiei)

"He's a rock, Urameshi! How are we supposed to fight against a talking rock?!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I don't like it! It smells girly!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Yup, I'm gonna be a scientist."-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"The forest looked a lot smaller on the map." -Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Gee man, you really didn't have a childhood, huh?"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"It's against my code killing innocent people!" -Kuwabara

"It's not often a guy gets a chance like this, maybe they'll name a city block after me."-Kuwabara

"There's only one person who calls me by my first name!"-Kuwabara

"Don't sneak up on me when I'm breathin' hard, okay?!" - Kuwabawa

"I can’t believe we missed the entire fight just because I took a couple extra minutes to brush my teeth."-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Kurama really is a fox thing! Gee, and to think I let him near my kitten."-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"That's it! Using my head as a trampoline is where I draw the line!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Ladies and gentleman and other stuff, Kuwabara returns!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You're the 'I got my face turned into pudding' Suzuka. Yeah, nice clown suit."-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"This is like one of those wild goose thingies."-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"So Kurama, tell me about this guy with a poodle on his head."-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I mean seriously, why can't we ever have a chase on an elevator!"- Kuwabara

"Why aren't you inside watching cartoons like a normal kid?"-Kuwabara

"When I was a boy, we listened to our elders... And our video games."-Kuwabara

"Help! I'm in a pick-up full of psychic cannibals!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Not being able to tell you guys how to fight... that's worse than dyin'."-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I know I'm about to die and all, but I really hate when you guys ignore what I have to say!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Fox and a butterfly? Is there any animal you can't metamorph into?"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Sorry, but I don't have time to be arrested."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"All this time we thought you were a brilliant strategist. In reality, you're really just a lucky fool."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"A poor choice seals our fate."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Hiei cannot prepare you for the viciousness of the fights. Your weakness and his honor make him go easy on you. I will not."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"It most certainly isn't pleasant being called a traitor by creatures you've never met."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"After all the explosions, a stink wakes him."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"If you don't mind me asking, what exactly have you done to me?"-Kurama

"Even with my arms and legs bound, you are in no shape to fight me. Don't die pointlessly, Gama. You're too intelligent for that."-Kurama

"I, too, have lived many years in shadow. I just hoped your life could be more noble, than mine has been."-Kurama

"Just laughing. It seems you don't know brothers very well, Botan."-Kurama

"Suicide is not the answer. There is neither honor or redemption in that."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I'll help you... But not by death, this world has enough of that. You can keep your life as long as you change the way you live it. It's never too late, believe me."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I can't believe he walked into that trap on his own."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I admit, I'm embarrassed listening to him."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Perhaps I could learn something from Genkai as well."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I cannot win this way!"-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I will not be afraid of something I cannot see!"-Kurama

"No, that's... What I meant by 'contains' is that his armor keeps his power from escaping; definition #2." - Kurama

"It is hard to tell if Toguro has lost control of his power, or if he is attacking the crowd on purpose."-Kurama

"Yes, well, I tried to inform you, but you were too engrossed in your speech."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I'm warning you. You so much as bruise what's in your hand, and I'll show you pain. The hue of your soul will cease to matter because you will not be judged when you die. You will no longer exist."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"If you plan on being arrogant, your gonna make a mistake."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Logic is panic's prey."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Ironic after all his grave intentions, the one thing to unravel him was a laugh."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"It is known as the Pseudo Space. Tiny portals have been opened in it from time to time, allowing demons such as Hiei and myself to slip through. But they are rare, and quickly close, trapping us."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"It's hard to predict what he'll do. Humanity's destruction is Hiei's former dream. These new developments leave him much to consider."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Curiosity is one of man's most predictable forces. If people don't come to see, it's because they are not able."-Kurama

"Rely on impulse, and not even your thoughts can betray you."- Kurama

"The tree won't stop until its host is dead, but as you've said Toguro, your regenerative powers make you unable to die. You will suffer for eternity here, torn between your hate, and your agony, and so be it. Rogues like you deserve to be damned." -Kurama

"We've gone far past the stage of fighting for our honor."-Kurama

"I have methods to make your life so meaningless that you will crawl out on your own and then beg me for your death." -Kurama

"You haven't changed at all, Yusuke. Only, this time, your impedious nature may trigger a full-scale war."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Hiei...I can't accept this. I value our friendship and all we've been through... But I'm not interested in you that way."-Kurama

"You're a team player, a save-the-day superhero. I hate people like you."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"'Helping' is not the right word. Koenma may reguard us as equals, but I do not. Once inside the castle, I suggest you let us do the work. As far as I'm concerned, we're babysitting."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Let's avoid fighting. You're not worth it."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Do you think he knows it's a circle?"-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"He has no strategy. He's just swinging his sword with the grace of a fly swatter. That's no way to survive."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"It seems we have found a maze in Maze Castle."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Is that all you have to say? They're last words, you know."-Hiei

"I am a rogue and a convicted criminal. Even you have had to come and capture me. Do you think she'd be happy to know that her long-lost brother is a felon? It's best to watch her from a distance."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Fool! There can't be an earthquake on water."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"He's clearly no match for Kurama. What a joke of a round. It's a pity you couldn't have taken him, and let Kurama deal with the little child and his yo-yos."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You should have never insulted the Jagan Eye. Because you see, in a way it has it's own mind and loathes disrespect. Resisting it is not something I would do."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I have the power to pull you into oblivion. I assume just my right arm will do."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Yes, and his speed only adds to the problem. Good luck trying to hit him."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I don't give a damn about their internal disputes. The only important thing is how strong they are."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I've fought my share of ice warriors. Seiryu the Blue Dragon fell to my sword quickly enough, but he was no master. He was a fool, who thought he could get by on half of his lessons. But if there is any true ice master, anyone who completed the full training that his master intended and knows the art of ice, it is Toya."-Hiei

"Yes, tell them I'm her brother. I'll rather enjoy torturing you to death."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I'm sure your minty fresh breath was well worth the delay."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"That's very unsanitary. Do you know how many demons that blade has cut through?"- Hiei

"Maybe you don't understand the concept of 'force field'."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Fifteen years ago, the spirit fox, Yoko Kurama, was thought to have been killed while escaping from a botched burglary. In desperation, he hid himself in your world, using a human body to slowly recover his energy. He thought no one would find him... I did."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"This idiot makes Kuwabara seem smart."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"At least you are consistent. Consistently foolish if you think that axe will have any more effect than the last."-Hiei

"I may be a small target, but this is just sad."-Hiei

"Countless centuries, countless masters trying to harness the power of the Darkness Flame. Only I have had the courage, the strength, and the abandon to realize it's glorious potential. I have the power of the Black Dragon, because now I am the Dragon."-Hiei

"No. If you want to die, kill yourself. I don't take orders, especially from those I beat."-Hiei

"He's acting so pathetic that I even feel sorry for him."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"What repulsive creature makes my eardrums bleed?"-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Tell the kidnappers I've declined. I'm done babysitting."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"If there were a hole out of this vile world, I would have taken it."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You do them one favor and they think you're their best friend. This is why I could care less if their entire species was swallowed up."- Hiei

"Then this means that Mushiyori City has advanced to Stage Three. I believe these demons are technically classified as weak and ugly."-Hiei

"I know as much of games as I do of hugs and puppies, and care even less. Wake me for the end of the world."-Hiei

"You think that's the first child Kurama has killed in his day?" -Hiei

"If we're going to die, let us die in war, against Sensui."-Hiei

"The Plateau of the Beheaded, a fitting battleground indeed." -Hiei

"Kill us if you're going to, just spare us the sound of your voice." -Hiei

"There is no one who does not carry scars on their heart. If there were someone in this world like that, it would be a shallow soul."-Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho the Movie 2

"Not every closed case comes with a happy ending."-Botan, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Oh, the handsome ones are so mean!"-Botan, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I think bone cracking is a good sign to rest."-Botan

"You act really senseless for a smart girl."-Botan, Yu Yu Hakusho

"When I see Yusuke’s disposition I see scales and beady eyes, but cute and furry’s another way to go."-Botan

"Too bad Hiei's not here, he could use his Jagan Eye to find himself."-Botan, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Why can't Keiko be the one with the Spirit Gun?"-Botan

"Should I even ask why Yana is in a nurse's outfit?"-Botan

"Hello, you've reached the desk of Koenma, mighty ruler of the Spirit World. I'm not here right now, but would love to talk to you later if you're of any importance. Please leave a message after the beep." -Koenma

"Yo, Kuwabara! Thanks for helping out Yusuke all the time. It's nice."-Koenma

"So, you gonna let go, or are we just gonna stand here and do the Tango?"-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Why, I like the way this cracked walnut thinks."-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Ah, who's to say who's nuts these days. From now on, you will only address me as Pretty Koenma, understand?"-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I told you guys to do the stamping while I was gone! I even gave you my seal, and my favorite ink pad with the ponies on the top!" -Koenma

"There aren't any prizes for being stubborn or skeptical today."-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Yusuke, listen. That's Botan natural color. It doesn't make sense to tease her."-Koenma

"You can tell King Daddy that, and that he can disown me, fire me, or put me up for adoption." -Koenma

"Those who won, please follow me! Those who lost, please get lost!"-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"The only difference between larger fighters is that they are louder when they whine. Can't you blockheads understand? I'm just trying to save you from embarrassment."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Best of luck. I hope you don't die."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

(about Kuwabara) "His awareness of the Spirit World is exceptional. With his temper, I'm surprised he hasn't harnessed it into a weapon yet."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Now everyone pick up the arrow you think is pretty. That'll decide the order."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Yes, you little crap, that's exactly what I expect. You must use your Spirit Awareness to see. Use weapons if you've got 'em. Hit them where you like, anything goes. The winner is the one who can walk back alive."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I'm a psychic, not a saint."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Gladly, you patronizing jackass."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I almost killed my favorite dimwit."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Admittedly you have talent, you helped scrounge up a team of third rate demons and found weapons suiting them well enough to get them to the semi-finals. You know more about arsenals and techniques than anyone I've met, but like a true idiot you forgot all about your strength. You're nothing but a surface, a souped up car without an engine to move it, you're even weaker than your front man."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I'm not a fighter of good. I just I hate people who are bad."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I can't bear to look at you anymore, you who sold your soul just to hold on to your youth and strength!"-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"It must've been a sad existence, after you made your decision and had started your glorious new life. What did you think about when you couldn't fall asleep? Because I know that it happened. Tell me, what went through your head?"-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You give up on everything because you cannot commit to anything."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Watch it kid, I can still destroy you."-Genkai

"A soul is fragile without a body or ghost to protect it. In one full day, it would break apart."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Pride is for the weak."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"He may look like a dimwit, in fact, he definitely is. But he's also the Dark Tournament champ and he can fight like a genius when he knows his prey."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"If anybody finds him, make a noise we'll all hear. Either scream or blow something up!"-Genkai

"We don't have time to have death on your conscience. Don't you dare question yourself. He'll be fine."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"With your new powers, you could destroy the entire world if you got angry enough, and there'd be no one to stop you. Everyone has something they need to protect; children have pets, adults have children, and in your case it happens to be a whole lot more!" -Genkai

"I just hit a teacher!"-Keiko, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You really care about Yusuke, in your own messed up way. You've been teaching him too. He's like a son to me... maybe you think the same."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho **(=*)
"It wouldn't obey me, so I punished it."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho (he's talking about his right arm, by the way) **(=*)
"Don't stay here trying to figure me out. You have a job to do. Your apprentice Urameshi can still be stronger. But he could still go the wrong way too, like me. Maybe he'll actually listen to you, the way I could not."-Younger Torugo, Yu Yu Hakusho **(=*)
"You're so full of crap! "I don't care." You've been rooting for me. You did this to help me survive. I told everyone that you'd come back to rescue us when we needed you most, you big softie... or should I say little softie?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho **(=*)
"I should have slit his throat when I had the chance. "-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho **(=*)
"All you needed was a good kick in the ass."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho **(=*)
"Listen to me as closely as you can you two: I'm trusting you against my better instincts only because I have no other choice. Take care of the Toguro brothers. If I wake up and we've lost, I swear I'll kill you all."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho **(=*)

"Being lucky seems to be your greatest tactic."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I’ve been under too much stress lately. Killing you should get a good remedy."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"So tell me, what's it like living in a constant haze of stupidity?"-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Does a death wish cause you to talk to me that way?"-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I'll say the little booger's got my hair. He's got it right between his retarded claws and he ain't letting go. He better not leave me any spirit surprises!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"What are the chances of a demon being a total wuss?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I know a certain diary-reading kitten who says otherwise. Meow."-Botan, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I thought I was crazy, Urameshi, but you'll take the prize! The hell was that?! You don't make bombs go boom in your face!"-Jin, Yu Yu Hakusho

"If that happens, all we have to do is kill everyone else on the ship before we reach the island. We'll just say we're the right team and no one will complain."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You didn't have too many friends growing up, did you?"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Hey, that's weird. I didn't know you had a little sis, Hiei. I bet she's a pint-size pain in the you-know-what just like you. Probably ugly too."-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"This stupidity is making me nauseous."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"If you had used that lump three feet above your butt, you would've held on to your soul." *looks at Hiei* "Make that two feet for you."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You shouldn't talk, it makes you sound stupid."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Today did start off weird. I went to school..."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"It's not a chicken egg, and I can assure you what will come out of here won't be a chicken."-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"My ordeal is a chicken egg?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Doesn't this guy have a life besides tormenting kids?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Yusuke's all covered with junk. What kind of parent leaves their child like this? I swear, this should be some kind of felony!"-Keiko, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Why do you say things you don't mean?"-Botan, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Heh! Those guys just like to keep you waiting to make you think that they're important. Besides, how busy can a toddler be?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"What's your problem, get back on the ground. I hit you too hard for you to be on your feet!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"She's done this every morning since I came back to life. Well, I guess it beats being passed out on the floor."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"See, Hiei? That's what I'm talking about! Yap, yap, yap! Like you're some kind of pro wrestler! And then what happens? You have to eat up all your words! It's pretty dumb."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"That evil laugh is really starting to piss me off!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"My name is Kuroda. I'm a contract killer."-Kuroda, Yu Yu Hakusho

"From here on, you can forget about sympathy! The final test will a be a tournament between the eight of you, until one is standing. You will fight until your opponent is dead or incapacitated. I don't care which."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"The reality is that he can't see and he's about to get canned."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"If you're going to disguise yourself, why not look cooler?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Yusuke not only proved he is strong, but he proved I made an excellent choice in making him Spirit Detective."-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"This has always been the hardest part, choosing which technique to destroy my opponent."-Rando, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You have caused me pain. I do not like that."-Rando, Yu Yu Hakusho

"It's unfair! We're protecting the world, but who's protecting us?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Oh, please, sir, not spankings!"-George, Yu Yu Hakusho (Koenma's personal Blue Ogre assistant)

"You should feel most fortunate, Yusuke. Not everyone's girlfriend gets to star in a horror movie."-Suzaku, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I've had dealings with Cultivated Humans before. They do not feel pain or fear."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Out of this whole plan, you made one stupid mistake. You went and pissed me off!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Your girlfriend is about to become a pincushion. There's no need to be sentimental. It's your turn."-Suzaku, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Let me ask you a philosophical question. If you take the lives of your six other selves in order to save yourself, is it murder?"-Suzaku, Yu Yu Hakusho

"In order to properly fuse you with the Jagan Eye, I have to keep your arms and hands strapped to the table so you don't rip out your eyes."-Shigure, Yu Yu Hakusho

"They're just afraid of justice!"-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"That Yusuke Urameshi boy is very intriguing. He lacks the fighting experience, but could be a dangerous weapon."-Younger Toguro, Yu Yu Hakusho

"He's more or less unbeatable."-Zeru, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I'm Koenma. I'm very cool."-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I just want to set the record straight before we get this thing going. Basically, I'm a really good person, and the only thing I stink at is paper, rock, scissors!"-Chu, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Goodness! That fight was so intense that I don't even remember eating my squid on a stick! Who's up for a second helping?"-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I wonder if vomiting was Chu’s secret technique?"-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"What is this? I'm as weak as my mom!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You were wrong on two counts. Even the hardest substance can be broken when crashed into itself. And the ability to feel pain is not a weakness, it's a strength. Pain tells a creature its vulnerabilities, and not to expose them to attack. Your robot is dead. And so, I'm afraid, are you."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I've never seen anything so impressive in my life. To them it's like nothing else exists. Such focus and such pain. I wish that were me in there. It's no longer a fight between two guys now. This is the stuff legends are made of. I could watch them fight for hours." -Kuwabara

"As far as I’m aware Koenma doesn’t have any brothers, and I should know, I’m him. As a cool teenager!"-Koenma

"Yesterday, I saw Yusuke in a way I've never seen before. Every thing about him was so genuinely happy, and I don't mean a smile or a laugh. I mean true happiness. Ever since we were kids, Yusuke's never belonged, and here, it's dangerous, but it's like, he's home."-Keiko

"Oh, shove it where it hurts!" -Yusuke

"You never asked me what gave my makeup its power, what made it different than the makeup of those human fools. The difference is the main ingredient, Kurama. It's made of my blood."-Gama

"Disgusting, isn't it? The way humans manage to bastardize everything they touch." -Gama

"Only an amatuer depends on arms and legs for victory." -Kurama

"I consider your class of demon very worthy. Worthy to fight, and worthy to die."- Yoko Kurama

"You really are dangerous, aren't you? I haven't been making direct hits. You've been blocking your vital points with your own body. You must be very old. Experienced, perhaps, as I am."- Toya

"It seems that I have gotten to know you quite well in such a short fight, and I rather like you. Let's not have this slaying ruin our friendship."-Toya

"I see. You noticed inklings of your energy inside your blood. Only one problem, to release enough to beat me you'd have to bleed yourself dry!"-Toya

"Lucky eyes you got."-Jin

"Here we go, Jin. I can't say my ears are pointing up, but I'm looking forward to this challenge." -Yusuke

"You know, one of these days I'm gonna fight someone who talks like a normal person!"- Yusuke

"Cheer up Bakken, your brain's just small. It's not your fault you can't remember all those things you did to Kurama. So I'm gonna refresh your memory by using your body as an example!" -Yusuke

"Took a punch straight in the face just for a chance to kick me. He's a crazy rat for sure." -Jin

"Article 4: Fighters are outside the ring when any part of their body comes in contact with any solid surface other than the ring itself, and air is not solid. Stick to what you're good at honey, like dying your hair unnatural colors for instance. " - Koto (a.k.a. the announcer, whom I nicknamed fox-kitty)

"Doesn't matter in the ending Urameshi. Fight we had was nice and I see ya like myself. Two whirlwinds doesn't mean I hate ya, only means I have respect." -Jin

"Well that's the biggest crap job I've ever heard in my life!"-Botan

"Look at it this way, if demons did have toilets, would you really want to sit on 'em?"-Shizuru

"Your heroics are quite misplaced. All you'll win is a grave."-Risho

"If you have any noble plans to stop me, I suggest you write your will. I'm not leaving without a war." -Hiei

"Kurama, don't make me rip out your precious voice box."-Hiei

"What is that ridiculous appendage growing out of your head?"-Hiei

"Fate makes a choice."-Shishiwakamaru

"Um, can we please get a clean up crew to pick up this body? That isn't part of the referee job is it?" - Juri (secondary announcer, a... some sort demon that has to do with fish)

"Careful, fate may have a sense of humor."-Shishiwakamaru, Yu Yu Hakusho

"'Yoko has returned!', they cry..."-Yoko Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Did you say Yoko? Yoko the spirit fox, Yoko the legendary bandit Yoko?! What did you do with Kurama, I liked him a lot better!"-Uraurishima, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Each branch of this tree has a mouth, and each mouth of the branch has saliva that will melt your bones in under a minute, though the pain will make every second seem like it's own eternity to you."-Yoko Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"There is no room for your fantasies of denial, little vermin. Be assured, I am alive."-Yoko Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"If anyone had ever told me my fate laid in the hands of a blue runt that goes 'poo', I probably would've punked him."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I guess the Cape of No Return is a misleading name."-Koto, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You should take more care of your hair you know, do you condition it? You should take care of your body."-Karasu, Yu Yu Hakusho

"An exciting turn, Onji's let Kuwabara inside a big ball, and he can't break free! Who knows what's planned for this boy in a bubble!"-Koto, Yu Yu Hakusho

"She said the last year of her life was crumby because as a student you were a pain in the rear, and she asked you to stay alive for a really long time so she could have some peace and quiet for once."-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"An Ojigi plant is quite dangerous, regularly. And it is several times more lethal and more sensitive when grown under a demon's energy."-Yoko Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You know you can't stop me, but you continue to try all the same. That's what so appealing about you."-Karasu, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Better watch yourself, simple human boy. It's against Spirit World law to say my name without putting a 'beautiful' in front."-Suzuka

"For a very long time, I only thought of you, Genkai. A major reason why you have to die." -Younger Toguro

"You're either extremely brave, or extremely foolish. It's rare for anyone who has seen my capabilities to go through with fighting me. I'm curious to why you would subject yourself to this. Could it be something personal?" - Karasu

"Folks, I guess you could say this tournament has been one heck of a roller coaster. And finally, finally we can get to the most awesome loop-de-loop part of the ride!" -Koto

"I have no interest in gardening."-Karasu

"I've found that there's no greater rush than taking the life of someone you care for." - Karasu

"I thought you'd know better to corner an animal like a fox Karasu, we have a tendency to show our teeth."-Yoko Kurama

"Ever hear of Ojiki? It's a rare plant found only on Earth's South America. The Ojiki is extremely sensitive to movement, and if it senses any kind of vibration, it will quickly close it's leaves around it's prey."-Yoko Kurama

"It's called tact, Kurama, you should consider using some."-Karasu

"I never would've thought botany could be so deliciously gruesome!" -Koto

"Brace yourself people, Karasu is back and he's not too happy. His hair has also changed from jet black to hyper glow blonde. To follow the stereotype, that means he's popular and more aggressive." - Koto

"I thought it was going to last much longer than that. I would’ve liked to have toyed with him a little before he died."-Yoko Kurama

"The Ojigi also responds to aggression, so it will be all the more vicious once you attack. You're going to have to come up with a smart way to kill it, or else, bang."- Yoko Kurama

"The Ojigi is a truly gifted species of plant. It can sense the smallest amount of movement, even something as insignificant as a muscle spasm. So you see, it's useless to run, it would only make you easier to catch."-Yoko Kurama

"So you picked my pocket with some greenery? You really are a first class freak!" -Yanagisawa

"I only put enough energy into my attacks as is necessary to defeat my opponents. That wasn't even enough to scratch me. Take that any way you want."-Bui

"This is so exciting! I'm sweating all over and my heart is pumping as well!"-Blue Ogre

"My brothers all got white-collar jobs, with wives and families, and if I had a life like that, I'd kill myself."-Sakkyo

"My mom always wanted me to become a surgeon. It's a pity I played hookie the day we dissected frogs. Oh well..."-Elder Toguro

"This is so exciting! I'm sweating all over and my heart is pumping as well!" -Blue Ogre

"If we aren't, it's no thanks at all to the drunken biggie that traded our tickets for a couple of pints."-Jin

"Right now all your griping's about as useful as tits on a bull."-Chu

"You lost to Kurama and Kurama lost to a dead guy, talk about lame."- Jin

"Your stubborness is even greater than your stupidity."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"He's big and blue and wears leopard underwear, and he never seems to leave me alone."-Koenma

"One horned ninny! You've just mixed up the paradises with the punishments! I'll have to start all over!"-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"After this Dark Tournament, all I've felt like doing is sleeping and watching stupid day time T.V."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Guy saves the world, still has to do algebra, makes sense."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"So that's how you treat the guy that wins the whole Dark Tournament?! "Thanks for savin' my life and all pal, but my sandwich is just too damn good!""-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You try to sound like you think things through, when in fact, you're not thinking at all."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Nature's call. Got to take a leak."-Kaito, Yu Yu Hakusho

"This is how it should be, adversary. Your world against mine."-Kaito, Yu Yu Hakusho

"The Demon World is an ancient land, and its depths are endless. In truth, there are vast parts of its territory that Spirit World has absolutely no control over."-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I never had purpose in my awful life, but I'll have purpose in my death."-Dr. Kamiya

"You're defensive cause you don't know the truth. Humanity only seems good to you because you were born in a peaceful time, but war's our nature, it'll always come back. Have you ever seen hundreds of frightened people standing in line to be killed in a camp? Have you seen horseman raid and destroy a village, dance on the bodies of their victims, crushing them as they celebrated victory singing happy songs? Have you ever seen a gigantic bomb wipe away millions who had never even picked up a weapon? Civil War where a mom is hacked down in front of her child, or a child in front of his mom. And the soldier, breaking up a family who loves each other, leading them into a fire, and his eyes enjoying the torture." -Mitarai (Sea Man)

"What's wrong with you? Why don't you scream and die!" -Elder Toguro

"I hate being underestimated, but underestimating is worse. Sensui will kill us all."-Hiei

"Lover-boy! Release us now and you can keep your ability to breed!"-Hiei

"Oh, right, I'm killing you. Forgive me, I got distracted."-Sensui (Shinobu)

"Nothing worse than being strong, but not strong enough."- Sensui

"Trial of humanity, the defense rests."-Sensui (Shinobu)

"Just you and me now... Well, you and you and you and you and you and you and you and me. We're going to finish this." -Yusuke

"Dammit, my sword must have slipped."-Hiei (jumps into the air and cuts Chapter Black to shreds) '

"Man, why is it everyone I gotta meet is in love with friggin' nature?"-Yusuke

"I don't know who I should fear more. Mukoru... or Hiei."- Kurama

"Make sure to give me a call whenever you get back, Yusuke, so I can introduce you to my new boyfriend." -Keiko

"There is no more dignity in this sort of existence, so I must find honor in death. -Hiei

"Hiei, you needn't search for death. Death will find us all soon enough." -Mukuro

"Sorry to kick ass and run guys, but it's time for me to beat the old bastard." -Yusuke

"Yomi, you son of a bitch! You hear me? I'm coming, so boil up a kettle of tea!"-Yusuke

"How dare you... Turn this tournament into a dating service?!" -Koto

"You can never know victory unless you understand defeat." -Youmi

"A true swordsman can never lose twice. This is the only way, the honorable way." - Shigure

"Underestimating an opponent is the first step toward defeat." -Kurama

"It just hit me. I don't know what I'm fighting for anymore." -Yusuke

"I have given up everything I thought was important to fight in this tournament with honor. You made me do that. You can't just take it back now!" -Youmi

"Sakyyo?! You mean he was already starting stuff when I was getting kicked out of kindergarden?"-Yusuke

"And so it all begins. This boy's name is Yusuke. He's fourteen years old, and is supposed to be the hero of this story. But oddly enough... he's dead." -Narrator

"You know, I can't stand it when guys pick on people weaker than them. But, I guess I'll do that to you anyway!" -Kuwabara

"Geez, more alcohol and I'd need a designated driver!"-Yusuke

"Yes Mr. Urameshi, you should listen to the old hag, they tend to know things. For example, that I am a demon who will not be destroyed. Mostly likely she also knows that I must kill you all, as you are about to see my true form. The only real mystery is this; how will I choose to torture you."-Rando

"You should listen to the old hag, they tend to know things."-Rando

"You humans are so transparent with your feelings. Meet the female and then you love her. Take her away and you get mad. Though I must admit, your desire to save her is making it very difficult for me to fight with one hand." -Suzaku

"Try harder please, you're hardly worth my effort." -Hiei

"When I like something, I like to take it away. It give me a certain feeling, like pondering unanswerable questions. You don't reach the results you want, and you're swept with an empty despair that makes you feel alive."- Karasu

"They spent the majority of their lives consumed with each other. A young fighter and a role model, to team mates, to bitter enemies. Whatever terms they happened to be on, they were always opposite magnets on a life-long crash course. Genkai came here knowing she would die, and Toguro came knowing he would kill her."-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"For a joke to get old, it has to be funny in the first place."-Shizuru, Yu Yu Hakusho

"That's a bad sign. Mumbling and talking to himself."-Shizuru, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I can't help but think that our human lives are nothing but a cruel joke... just here long enough to know what we want, and then it erodes."-Younger Toguro, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Oh my goodness, it was so beautiful! Bones flying everywhere, as if from a busted pinata!"-Koto, Yu Yu Hakusho

"It is not wise to say such things to your executioner."-Seiryu, Yu Yu Hakusho

"This ceases to be entertaining. These nothings are ruining my plans."-Suzaku, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I know the perfect song to play on this Mikai Whistle. It's titled Prelude to Keiko's Suffering... in A minor."-Suzaku, Yu Yu Hakusho

"It's amazing how much humans resemble animals when they're being hunted."-Suzaku, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Heh. Remind me to try out for the cheerleading squad!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Funny thing about hanging in the air... it's really hard to dodge!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I can handle you myself... but this way, even if I die, they could still use your skull as an urn for Urameshi's ashes."-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"The depths of my soul are rooted in dark thoughts... But then, we all have darkness and light in us. If we are all light on the outside, there is nothing but darkness underneath. There comes a time when the darkness must come to light."-Sensui (Shinobu), Yu Yu Hakusho

"Does he really believe we would turn around after all that we've been through?"-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Who cares what he is, as long as he's dead!"-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I admire your electric enthusasium, Hiei."-Sensui (Shinobu), Yu Yu Hakusho

"This is not something I usually do... fighting opponents who I know have no chance of beating me. But I'm making exceptions for you, to offer some modicome of peace that you at least tried to avenge your friend's death before your own."-Sensui (Shinobu), Yu Yu Hakusho

"This may be the first time Hiei has been willing to die for anyone but himself."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Nothing worse than being strong, but not strong enough. It only prolounges the inevitable conclusion... but be sure, this will be your inevitable conclusion, no matter how long it takes us to reach it."-Sensui (Shinobu), Yu Yu Hakusho

"I gave up worrying about dying a long time ago, Sensui. And I care even less about the it's gonna involve getting there, as long as I take your hide along with me when I go!"-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Ok, so maybe I got a lot on my hands, and not much strength in my spine."-Kuwabara, Yu Yu Hakusho Yu Yu Hakusho

"Yusuke! Don't be stupid!"-Botan, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I know exactly where we're going... We just have to keep walking in the direction that I'm pointing."-Botan, Yu Yu Hakusho

"If you guys are looking for us to go easy on you, you're wasting your, and more importantly, our precious time."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Don't die pointlessly, Gama, you're too intelligent for that."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"It is wholly your fault you died in vain. I cannot pity you."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Can he accomplish in death what he could not in life?"-Narrator, Yu Yu Hakusho

"We must handle each new dilemma as it comes to us."-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"For some reason, I thought taking his life would bring carthis. Instead, I just feel a deeper sadness. Another soul lost fighting for the wrong side."-Sensui (Shinobu), Yu Yu Hakusho

"The cave sides are giving me meat-deep tissues backrubs."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Don't bother with the bull. Let's just get back to killing each other."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Hey, Kuwabara, you're concious. I'm not used to that."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"What do you suppose is more disgraceful, that boy shouting in misery or your insensitive and idiotic words?"-Mr. Takenaka, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Hey! Why are you making me glow?!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Kuwabara and my mother are hopeless... I'll just have to until Keiko gets out of school. I hate waiting."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Wow, tomorrow I'll be a human with real fists and everything!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Darn, I'm giving Kuwabara a good name."-Yusuke (inside Kuwabara's body), Yu Yu Hakusho

"Unbelievable! Does Kuwabara pick a fight with everyone he meets?"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Next, I'm gonna give you my message before this dummy gets his body back- which, by the way, happens in about a minute. I guess you can think of this as sorta a rental car and I'm about lose my license."-Yusuke (inside Kuwabara's body), Yu Yu Hakusho

"Yusuke! You found her, but now you've gotta convince her that you're not just some ugly weird guy with bruises on your face."-Yusuke (inside Kuwabara's body), Yu Yu Hakusho

"You should feel most fortunate, Yusuke. Not everyone's girlfriend gets to star in a horror movie. Of course, the films in my city are somewhat different. Demons usually don't care much for happy endings."-Suzaku, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Genkai, I really wanted to be your student; but I, uh, kinda wanna live."-random Genkai apprentice-wannabe, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Now, that's a weird vibe. Oh, well. Once I don't get chosen, I'll pretend it doesn't exist."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Stop yelling so much! It makes you easy to find!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"In the dark I can strike a hundred times, and you'll never be able to block."-Masashi, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Only weirdos like Kuwabara can see in the dark!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Gee-ez, something tells me you're still mad about that grandma comment. You really need to enjoy life more... old lady."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Talking is only a means of delay. Are you ready to fight yet?"-Kazumaru, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Since he doesn't seem to be moving, you'll just to fight around him."-Genkai, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Any prize worth having usually requires a risk."-Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Well done, Yusuke. In addition to defeating a notorious crook and earning some training for yourself, you've also shown I was completely correct in choosing you as Spirit Detective, because I am perfect."-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Stamp? Sure, stamp? Sure, stamp? Sure, approval? Sure, appeal? sure, come back from the dead? Why not."-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Friends are just a crutch for the weak."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Just try to remember the basics; you're good, and that the entire city is bad."-Botan, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Why don't you all attack me at once? Then the last one left won't be lonely."-Genbu, Yu Yu Hakusho

"If I mess this up and and Rando kills everyone, there won't even be a Tokyo Dome! At least the other way, I would have had a three-day weekend."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Them broads are all alike, ask 'em nicely and they stiffen up like a dead bug."-Tarukune, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Hey, when you're rotten like me, there's only one thing to do; spread your stink."-Tarukune, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Why don't you go lay an egg or something!"-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"You're going to die, you're going to die!" -Murg, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Leave, before you hurt yourself."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho

"They both greatly underestimate each other. I believe the first one to realize this will win." -Kurama, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Damn it... Sandman's playing reruns."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I didn't know demons thought so logically."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"We should eat as many as we want. They multiply like they're fighting extinction as it is."-Youmi, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Like they say, they say the fool hunts for misfortune."-Yusuke, Yu Yu Hakusho

"When we heard that Raizen croaked, we set out for this dump as fast as we could to pay our respects."-Koku, Yu Yu Hakusho

"It is truly a pleasure to meet you, Son of Raizen. Please; place these at Raizen's grave for me." *hands Yusuke flowers* "He was a great leader, like you. But he died a fool."-Mukuro, Yu Yu Hakusho

"When Raizen first told us he was through eating humans and fighting, it went against everything we stood for... We took it as an insult. And so we left, and cut off all ties with him. But after we parted, we lost our passion for fighting too. We've come to lead a quiet, peaceful life. I wished we'd have told him that while he was still alive. It's funny, we thought he lost his mind, but maybe this was his intention all along; to change to the way we lived... through example."-Enki, Yu Yu Hakusho

"So, this is a sincere offering. He'll be easier to crush than I thought."-Youmi, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I lacked the courage to accept responsiblity for my unhappiness."-Mitari, Yu Yu Hakusho

"Blaming the world is the coward's way out."-Mitari, Yu Yu Hakusho

"I'm no weak link. It was ultimately my inner strength that enabled me to break free of the chain."-Mitari, Yu Yu Hakusho


Yusuke: "Kurama and Hiei aren't dumb enough to fall into a trap like that."
Kurama: (looks at Hiei) "Yes, or scream the word "Hot"."
(Hiei glares at Kurama)
Keiko's Friend: "If you cross him he'll whistle for 2000 bad guys with guns!"
Keiko: "Yusuke doesn't even know how to whistle!"
Kurama: "All this time we thought you were a brilliant strategist. In reality, you're really just a lucky fool."
Yusuke: "Hey! What's a strategist?"
Kurama: "It's someone who uses his brain."
Yusuke: "Hey!"
Rando: "How are you doing?"
Yusuke: "Will ya quit asking me that?! I'm hanging upside-down from a tree! I feel great!"
Hiei: "That means we only have three fighters left, and one of them is useless."
Kuwabara: "Hey, don't be so hard on yourself, short stuff."
Yusuke: "Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but I think he meant you."
Kuwabara: (about his Spirit Sword) "It's just my pure energy, and I bet it could kick the crap out of your Spirit Gun!"
Yusuke: "That depends on which finger I use."
Yusuke: "I feel like we're walking into a pizza oven."
Kuwabara: "What's wrong? Are you afraid it's gonna melt your hair wax?"
Yusuke: "Here's the deal, pull your zombies off Keiko and then I'll only pull out one of your lungs."
Suzaku: "And If I refuse?"
Yusuke: "Then hold your freakin' breath!"
Kuwabara: "Hey Urameshi, what would you have done if it was really a woman?"
Yusuke: "I would have enjoyed it."
Kuwabara: "Hee, that would make a good story to tell Keiko."
Toguro: "Is something the matter, Yusuke? You have the strangest look of surprise on your face."
Yusuke: "I'm sorry, when I kill people I'm used to them staying dead."
Kuwabara: "Oh hey, what happened to the fight we were just in?"
Kurama: "Everyone's dead."
Roto: "Come on, you believe in mercy, don't you?"
Kurama: "No."
Kuwabara: "Hey, I'm not out of this yet. If Yusuke doesn't wake up, I'll take the last guy."
Hiei: "We'll pray that that doesn't happen."
Kurama: "That's gentle, we rarely see both fighters standing."
Hiei: "That won't happen with me."
Topaz: "But I was supposed to kill Yusuke!"
Toguro: "Must have been a misunderstanding, that boy is reserved for me."
Kuwabara: "He just killed a teamate over you!"
Yusuke: "Yeah, everyone wants a piece of me."
Kuwabara: "I had a dream last night, Urameshi."
Yusuke: "Was she hot?"
Kuwabara: "It was about our next fight, okay?!"
Yusuke: "A nightmare... it must suck to get beat up in your dreams."
Koenma: "As far as I’m aware Koenma doesn’t have any brothers, and I should know, I’m him. As a cool teenager!"
Yusuke: "Yeah, is the pacifier for raving?"
Hiei: "And that was with my left arm, Kurama."
Kurama: "I'm sorry, I used my right. Next time I'll use my left to be fair."
Yusuke: (hits Dr. Ichigaki 3 times) That was for the three innocent lives you stole! And this one's for screwing with their master! (punches Dr. Ichigaki again)
Kurama: Nicely put.
Yusuke: And this is for my friend who felt sorry for them and got his ass kicked into the ground! (punches Dr. Ichigaki once more)
Kuwabara: Thanks for the shout out, Urameshi...
Yusuke: And the last one's for me, just for pissing me off!
(the final punch sends Dr. Ichigaki flying in the air and into a section of the stadium)
Announcer: "May I have your attention please. The tournament committee will be instituting a medical examination before the next round."
Yusuke: "What is this, gym class?"
Koto: "Team captains, please decide the battle terms."
Jin: "Let's fix these stakes simple enough. One-to-one-to-one till I'm a tower on my feet holding the five."
Yusuke: "Whatever he said."
Toya: "It seems that I have gotten to know you quite well in such a short fight, and I rather like you. Let's not have this slaying ruin our friendship."
Kurama: "My thoughts exactly."
Botan: "I think bone cracking is a good sign to rest."
Kuwabara: "Yes ma'am."
Botan: "Listen Ms. Koto, why don't you stop the sadist routine and do your job!"
Koto: "Excuse me?"
Botan: "Jin's been out of the ring for half of the fight, did it ever cross your mind to count to ten?"
Koto: "Article 4: Fighters are outside the ring when any part of their body comes in contact with any solid surface other than the ring itself, and air is not solid. Stick to what you're good at honey, like dying your hair unnatural colors for instance."
Kuwabara: "Don't confuse the issue, the point here is that I'm still eligible to fight and I'm the only one."
Hiei: "Yes, but eligible and able are two different words."
Yusuke: (to Kuwabara) "Don't just let that creep wail on you, show some friggin' balls!"
Kurama: "We both know he's proven enough. It's a miracle he's even standing."
Yusuke: Hey! Don't think I didn't hear that, noisy girl! If it's huggy-kissy stuff you want, go try somewhere else!
Botan: (Imitating a cat) Meow-meow.
Yusuke: Ever heard what curiosity does to cats, Botan?
Yusuke: "Why don't you show this young whipper snapper how it was done in the old days?"
Genkai: "Gladly, you patronizing jack-ass."
Kuwabara: Guess you guys have the same idea we do about scoping out the competition for the semi-finals.
Kurama: Had the same idea, the fight is over.
Kuwabara: What!?
Koto: And so the first fight of the semi-finals will see Team Urameshi facing off against the unbeatable, indefeatable, beyond believable, Team Uraotogi!
Kuwabara: That is unbelievable. I mean, I can’t believe we missed the entire fight just because I took a couple extra minutes to brush my teeth.
Kurama: It was an impressive sight to behold.
Hiei: Although I’m sure your minty fresh breath was well worth the delay. ===
Hiei: (looks at Puu) What is that rediculous appendage growing out of your head?
Yusuke: I don't want to talk about it.
Ura Urishima: "Did you say Yoko? Yoko the spirit fox, Yoko the legendary bandit Yoko?! What did you do with Kurama, I liked him a lot better!"
Yoko Kurama: "Oh, he's here, he's me. Only now you've brought me out in full, thank you for that."
Kuwabara: "It's like a thunderstorm in there! Where's all that weird energy I'm feeling comin' from?"
Hiei: "It's all Kurama, down to the last drop."
Kurama: Perhaps this can only be decided with a game of Janken.
Kuwabara: Oh yeah, bring it on! I'm a Rock, Paper, Scissors master!
Hiei: Janken? And what the hell is that?
Kuwabara: Gee man, you really didn't have a childhood, huh?
Shizuru: Our lives on the line, and you're fighting like a fifth grader! (pummels Kuwabara) Keep your guard up, jab with your left, follow with your right! What's so hard about that?
Keiko: I guess we know where Kuwabara gets the motivation to win so badly.
Keiko: Wait! What am I supposed to do with Yusuke here?
Botan: Oh, you know, don't they teach you anything in health class?
Keiko: What do you mean, Botan?
Botan: A teenage girl alone in the woods with a sleeping teenage boy?
Botan: I know a certain diary-reading kitten who says otherwise. Meow.
Koenma: "I want assurances. This voluntary death bit is a little fishy coming from a man like you."
Sakkyo: "Such a careful ruler. But motives aren't suspect just because you don't understand."
Koenma: "Then explain."
Sakkyo: "I've been playing my cards longer than you will ever realize, and today Yusuke and Toguro both had better hands. It was all or nothing from the start. Now I simply know which one I recieved."
Koenma: "How do I know the plan ends with you?"
Sakkyo: "Yes, you've been keeping your informants busy, and somewhere along the line, you have learned of my humble aspiriation to dissolve the barriar between worlds, let demons of every size cross to the human side, annul the careful order your kind has enforced. I find life would be better that way, and I know that one day it will be so. But fortunately for you, I'm an egomanic who won't let my work go on without me. This bomb is linked to my lab and will destroy all the progress I've made."
Juri: "So um, you think you might be ready?"
Genkai: "Yes, let's shut this jerk up."
Hiei: "I don't get what's so funny."
Kurama: "I thought clowns made everybody else laugh."
Genkai: (to Suzuka) Fruitcake!
Hiei: This idiot makes Kuwabara seem smart.
Kurama: I admit, I'm embarrassed listening to him.
Koenma: If he's not the joker, I don't know who is.
Kuwabara: (about Onji) I'm glad I left the girls outside, and Yukina's not here to see this.
Yukina: Go Kuwabara! You can do it!
Shizuru: You can't just wait for him to die of old age, bro!
Botan: You don't want to lose and disappoint Yukina, do you?
Yukina: But why would I be disappointed if he lost a fight?
Botan: Oh, no sweetie, it's not true. That's just what we call motivation, you see.
Chu: (about Yusuke) "Why, he's seems to have gotten a might stronger."
Rinku: "A might? How much is a might?"
Chu: "If I went another round with him, I might actually have to try."
Rinku: "I would say you tried pretty hard before."
(Chu smashes his fist on Rinku's head)
Chu: "Shut yer flapper!"
Kuwabara: "I fought just as many fights as you did!"
Hiei: "And lost them both!"
Yukina: I had a kick out of watching you fight, Kazuma.
Kuwabara: Why, thank you, Yukina. It's nice to see someone appreciates my strategy. See, there was no one worth wasting my energy on, so I had the bad guys reveal their weaknesses, so Genkai could knock 'em down.
Shizuru: More like you made a big mess and Genkai cleaned up after you, like someone always does.
Kuwabara: Hey, that stung! You take that back sis!
Shizuru: Just the truth bro.
Kuwabara: Well, no one cares!
Hiei: Actually, I'd like to hear it.
Kuwabara: Stay out of this shorty!
Kurama: Kuwabara!
Hiei: And only five hundred seconds too late to matter.
Kuwabara: Hey, where's that guy I was fighting? I wasn't done yet.
Hiei: So which is more humiliating, losing to an old man or to a clown?
Kuwabara: A clown, definitely worse to a clown
Koenma: Hmm, this isn't good.
Blue Ogre: I don't know, Sir, couldn't you put the seven of spades on the eight of hearts, and move the ace on top?
Koenma: I'm not playing solitaire you moron! I'm fortune telling to see who will win this match. But, I keep drawing the joker, and I have no idea what that could mean.
Blue Ogre: Maybe you should enjoy life more, Sir?
Koenma: I don't think that's it.
Koenma: (about Suzuka) Why, I like the way this cracked walnut thinks.
Ogre: But he's nuts, Sir!
Koenma: Ah, who's to say who's nuts these days. From now on, you will only address me as Pretty Koenma, understand?
Ogre: Uh?
Koenma: I think pretty really brings out the sparkle in my eyes.
Ogre: And I just finished telling Mother my job couldn't get worse.
Genkai: "So you're Keiko."
Keiko: "Yes?"
Genkai: "Take care of Yusuke, he loves you."
Genkai: "It must've been a sad existence, after you made your decision and had started your glorious new life. What did you think about when you couldn't fall asleep? Because I know that it happened. Tell me, what went through your head?"
Toguro: "For a very long time, I only thought of you, Genkai. A major reason why you have to die."
Karasu: "You flatter me, but we are still not equals."
Yoko Kurama: "Rest assured, Karasu, I wholly agree."
Karasu: "You're either extremely brave, or extremely foolish. It's rare for anyone who has seen my capabilities to go through with fighting me. I'm curious to why you would subject yourself to this. Could it be something personal?"
Kurama: "Don't flatter yourself, Karasu. I'm here to defeat you. And by the way, I advise you not to underestimate me."
Sakyo: "If I were a betting man, I'd wager Hiei starts resorting to his desperate measures soon."
Toguro: "If?"
Sakyo: "Well, I killed all of my betting partners."
Kuwabara: Wait! This is a no dragon man area, ok?
Yusuke: Really awesome Hiei!
Kuwabara: Yeah, awesome. Uh, why don't you go about twenty yards that way and fight the rest of them?
Koto: "Juri, it's up to you to make the call. Juri?" (looks down and sees Juri sleeping) "Juri! We can't have this gore fest without you!"
Juri: (still half alseep) "Tell work I'm sick today, Mom."
Koto: "Juri, all the rich and cutie boys are watching you."
Juri: (sits up) "Where?!"
Koto: "Well, we see where your motivation lies."
Kuwabara: "You don't know what you're talking about. Genkai is just sick."
Elder Toguro: "Oh, that's perfectly sad, your friends have been keeping secrets. Genkai is dead, she has been for 2 days."
Sakkyo: "Your brother is something of a fool."
Younger Toguro: "Yes, it's a bad habit of his."
Kurama: "Do you think there's any hope left for him?"
Hiei: "Not really."
Kuwabara: (while Toguro is channeling his full power) Attack now Yusuke. Do it while you can, before he reaches full power.
Yusuke: "I... I can't move. It's not fear that's holding me back, though, it's curiosity. I just need to see what he's got."
Juri: "Stop the broadcast Koto, I wanna go home!"
Koto: "Never! In all my years as announcer, I've sat through a lot more danger than a collapsing stadium, I'll finish this broadcast, it's my duty!"(a large boulder lands near Juri and Koto)
Juri: (screams) "No! I don't wanna die as a virgin!"
Koto: "Oh people! Juri's just revealed a shocker that I never would've guessed, with her popular stint at the committee cocktail lounge. Well, as dutiful as I am to the awards, I think this cause is a little more noble. Let's find you a man!"
Koenma: "I told you guys to do the stamping while I was gone! I even gave you my seal, and my favorite ink pad with the ponies on the top!"
Green Ogre: "Yes sir, and everything was going fine until King Yama came around.
Koenma: "My dad?!"
Red Ogre: "Yeah, and when he found out you left your paperwork, those veins in his neck popped out and he said you had to do it all when you got back."
Yusuke: "Back to skipping detentions."
Kuwabara: "And video games!"
Kurama: "My human mother."
Hiei: "Various crimes."
Blue Ogre: "Koenma, sir! We've got problems!"
Koenma: "Yes, I agree. He's big and blue and wears leopard underwear, and he never seems to leave me alone."
Yusuke: "After this Dark Tournament, all I've felt like doing is sleeping and watching stupid daytime T.V."
Kuwabara: "Yeah, and it's such a pretty day too. Doesn't feel right to be locked up in a school."
Yusuke: "Uh oh, I think I just got sick."
Kuwabara: "Me too. Heard the arcade's got medicine."
Yusuke: "I'll guess we'll have to go then."
Keiko: (hits Yusuke upside the head) "Don't even think about skipping school, Yusuke. Your mom had to do lots of convincing just to keep you from failing this year."
Yusuke: "Guy saves the world, still has to do algebra, makes sense."
Kuwabara: "When have you ever saved me?"
Yusuke: "Oh, I'm sorry, I can't count them all, I only have ten fingers!"
Kuwabara: "Hey Urameshi! Did Botan give you another case?"
Yusuke: "Nah, we just made out then Keiko found us and a fight broke out."
Botan: "Thanks, Hiei. I thought you'd come if we called."
Hiei: "I didn't know it was you. I only came to find the source of that vile noise, and kill it."
Science Club Captain: "Come on Suiichi, you have to, you're a genius! And as you as captain, our team can finally win."
Kurama: "As exciting as a biology meet sounds, my weekends are full."
Science Club Captain: "But you're a prodigy; top scores every week. And the girls love you, don't they? You'll turn this whole club around, we start winning more contests, we get more funding, then we get girlfriends!"
Kurama: "So, which device will find him?"
Botan: "Uh, heh heh... Oh right. Lets see, this superbly improved Demon Compass! A fresh take on the classic style for tracking down any demon!"
Kurama: "But, cant Hiei simply deceive it by manipulating his energy?"
Botan: "Uh, not anymore, thanks to this newly installed Sample Chamber. By placing his DNA inside, such as from a strand of hair, we can find him regardless of his energy!"
Kurama: "It's too bad I don't carry around a lock of his hair."
Botan: "Uh, yes, good point..."
Kuwabara: "I'm gonna kick some major tail!"
*Hiei laughs*
Kuwabara: "Stop laughing, hamster legs!"
Botan: "Cover your ears now, it's rather annoying."
(Kuwabara and Kurama cover their ears and Botan blows the whistle)
Kurama: "Ahh! It penetrates my brain!"
Kuwabara: "Really? I'm not hearing anything but the birds."
Kurama: "I was not stopped since I refrained from violence. With gentle discreetness, I merely borrowed the key from your coat pocket."
Yanagisawa: "So you picked my pocket with some greenery? You really are a first class freak!"
Kaito: "Yes. Maybe I'll just make a little scratch."
Kurama: "I'm warning you. You so much as bruise what's in your hand, and I'll show you pain. The hue of your soul will cease to matter because you will not be judged when you die. You will no longer exist."
Kurama: "You played your part well. You lost, but it was a stirring introduction."
Kaito: "I wasn’t playing along. I tried my hardest to defeat you. For once, I wanted to see you lose, but I’ll just have to wait a little longer."
Yusuke: "So, Yusuke's a household name?"
Kamiya: "Yes, it is. At least in the house I hang around in. Black Angel says you've come to wake us from our sweetest dreams."
Botan: "Should I even ask why Yana is in a nurse's outfit?"
Yusuke: "Ah, you know, playing doctor, and one thing led to another."
Kuwabara: "Urameshi, tell me what's on the screen, I can't see without my spirit powers. Like what's he saying?"
Yusuke: "Spheres and stuff. Geometry's next year."
Kuwabara: "Okay..."
Botan: (groans) "It's basic math to show why we only have a week. Why can't Keiko be the one with the Spirit Gun?"
Botan: "Emergency!"
Yusuke: "What is it, Botan? They run out of your hair dye?"
Botan: "There's no time for jokes. The tunnel to Demon World will be finished in a week."
Kuwabara: "What?"
Yusuke: "But-"
Botan: "No time for buts either. Just listen."
Koenma: "Yes, Yusuke, listen. That's Botan natural color. It doesn't make sense to tease her."
Kurama: "And speaking with Sea Man has now made me certain. Koenma knows the exact identity of our foe."
Yusuke: "He what!"
Kurama: "I've planned a formal meeting to- huh?" (sees Yusuke is gone)
Yusuke: (in front of the briefcase monitor) "Earth to toddler bitch! You better speak now before I forever put that pacifier ten inches down your throat!"
Kurama: (to himself) "Not quite what I planned..."
Kurama: (about the Chapter Black video) "The footage must be provocative. I confess there was even a time when I wanted to see it."
Yusuke: *glares at him*
Kurama: "Was! Was!"
Yusuke: (about Sensui's conversation) "What I wouldn't give to know what stupid bedazzled forehead was saying!"
Kurama: "He's saying they let Sea Man go so they could follow him to us."
Yusuke: "No kidding? You can hear him all the way up there?"
Kurama: "Not exactly."
Genkai: "We are lip reading. You should try it sometime."
Yusuke: "Never take yourself too seriously and you won't turn into a freakin' fanatic."
Koenma: "Precisely why I choose you after Sensui failed. I wanted someone who wouldn't think too much."
Kurama: "Yes, of course!"
Yusuke: "Don't be too quick to defend me, pal!"
Kurama: "I know you must have taken great care to commission him as Spirit Detective, Koenma, how did he turn from humanity's protector to its greatest threat?"
Kuwabara: "Exactly! Or in other words, how did you manage to mess up so bad that the whole world's in danger?"
Genkai: "Shut up and let him talk."
Yusuke: "Your car's about to be impounded! Spirit Gun!" (fires his Spirit Gun, then remembers Kuwabara is in the truck too) "Oh, crap! I forgot about Kuwabara!"
Kurama: "Really, Yusuke. How could you shoot a blast that big without thinking it would kill everyone on board, including him?"
Yusuke: "I was mad!"
Sensui: "They just don't make Spirit Detectives like they used to."
Yusuke: "You mean crazy and evil? No they sure don't, thank you!"
Yusuke: "What'd you do to me?"
Sniper: "Just marking my territory."
Yusuke: "Well that's gross..."
Yusuke: "I told everyone you'd come back to rescue us when we needed you the most, you big softy." (laughs) "Or should I say little softy?" (laughs harder)
Hiei: "I should have slit your throat when I had the chance."
Yusuke: "Look, what I'm trying to say is that I could really use your help on this one. Kuwabara could really use your help on this one."
Hiei: "But I hate Kuwabara."
Kuwabara: "Hey, I've got legs ya know!"
Sensui: "We'd hate you to waste precious energy on walking."
Yusuke: "I guess that means it's time for me to kick a little ass."
Genkai: "Down boy."
Genkai: "So looking back, Yusuke, what lessons can we take with us from that experience and hopefully apply to this next one?"
Yusuke: "Oh, don't get caught. Yeah, I'll keep that little pearl of wisdom in mind when I'm kicking Sensui's ass."
Genkai: "Idiot."
Yusuke: "Spreadin' your seeds, Kurama?"
Kurama: "These are lamp weeds, they're to show us the way out, like phosphorescent breadcrumbs..."
Mitari: "Pardon me master Genkai, but shouldn't I go too to show them the way? Inside that cave, it's a maze and I know it better than anyone else here."
Hiei: "Uh, why the hell should we trust you?"
Yusuke: "Ah yeah, wouldn't you know it's a fighting game when my turn comes up? I'm feeling lucky old lady, fortune tapping at my elbow."
Genkai: "That was me telling you not to be stupid."
Genkai: "Dimwit! You see the targets on their chests? You have hit them for real damage."
Yusuke: "Sorry, Grandma, I thought they were just wearing big red bull's-eyes to be fashionable!"
Yusuke: "Hey Hiei, you've known him a lot longer than I have, you're not worried about Kurama at all?"
Hiei: "You think that's the first child Kurama has killed in his day?"
Sensui: "It only gets crueler from here, and then the whole thing wraps up with a rather beautiful song."
Yusuke: "That's oddly inappropriate."
Kurama: "Such is the plant's nature. Only your own sins can hurt you."
Yusuke: "Uh, Kurama, if I ever did something that pissed you off, I'm sorry. "
Mitari: "Me too."
Kuwabara: (indicating the scars Sensui has) "Guess he wasn't lying about all the fights he's been through."
Sensui: "Don't you know what they say about assuming, Kuwabara? These wounds aren't from enemies, no one's ever hurt me that bad. I gave myself these scars as part of my training."
Yusuke: "Great, a masochist."
Kurama: "You should know, I will kill you if I can, without remorse."
Itsuki: "You will do what you must, Kurama, but whether I live or die, the battle will not be affected. My Ura-Otoko will make sure of that. You see, I'm the only one who can control him."
(short pause)
Hiei: "If we kill him, I get the first hit."
Sensui: "It's unfortunate honestly to see that your brief spontaneity was merely a passing reprieve."
Yusuke: "That's way too many big words pal!"
Yusuke: "Your name's Kazuya, right? The guy with the gun? Well, go get me someone else!"
Kazuya: "Say what?"
Yusuke: "That's right, take your gravely voice and run back to the biker bar! Show me the top man!"
Kazuya: "You're really a brainless bitch, aren't ya? I'm out now 'cause I do the sick work!"
Yusuke: "Thanks weakling, but for what I desire, I don't need any help. For what I desire is ending the world and everyone in it. For I am the mighty Mazaku, lord of evil. And now after hibernating for more than 1,000 years, I will finally reveal my true form."
(Yusuke starts laughing maniacally, while the SDF run away in fear)
Yusuke: "Psych! Damn you guys are gullible!"
Yusuke: "You even think about stopping me and I'll bite your head off, mustache and all!"
Captain: "I knew you couldn't hide your true character. You've transformed into a demon menace."
Yusuke: "Look, jerk, give me a break, it's called a running joke. I'm the same, Yusuke Urameshi! Fearless protector of the good stuff with a healthy kicking assness and a general hate for authority. And nothing as trivial as a violent death or a few drops of demon blood mixed with mine is gonna keep me from helping out my friends and saving the world and kicking the bad guy's ass."
Mr. Iwamoto: "Yukimura, where'd your little mutt go now?" (The teacher is talking about Yusuke)
Keiko: "Sir, for him to be my dog he'd have to respond when I called him."
Keiko: Here's your food. Enjoy... don't choke on it. Yusuke: I'd enjoy it if you sat with me Keiko: Why? Yusuke: Just because, ok? [Keiko sits down next to him] Yusuke: This looks great! *Takes a bite of food* Yusuke: This is the best food I've ever tasted in my life. Keiko: Can I go now, dad? Yusuke: [after pause] Want some? Keiko: want some what? Yusuke: Your loss. Uh, so... keiko, I guess you know tomorrow is my birthday, right? Keiko: Yes, I knew that. Yusuke: So... uh... Keiko: so what? Yusuke: By my 18th birthday, I'll be back here, I'll find a way, I promise you. Keiko: and then what? Yusuke: Then lets get married. Keiko: Yusuke, i don't know how my new boyfriend is going to feel about that. Mr. Yukimura: *laughs* It's been a while since the last time I heard one of Yusuke's proposals. He used to play that card everytime you who had an argument as kids. Keiko: You haven't changed. Yusuke: I'm serious. In 2 years i'll be back and we'll get married! Keiko: I don't know buddy I'm going into high school, a lot could happen in that time. Yusuke: Keiko, you know I love you, right? Keiko: Yea, yea, me too...
Kuwabara: "What do you mean you're going back there? When you were there you said you wanted to go home and now that you're here, you want to go back. Maybe you're just a spoiled brat who can't be happy anywhere".
Yusuke: "I've decided. Despite your kind and heartfelt tribute, I'm going back."
Kuwabara: "So what're you gonna do there?! You gonna turn into one of them and then come back and then attack us, huh?!"
Yusuke: "I don't know."
Kuwabara: "You don't know?!" (He punches Yusuke out the window)
Jin: (about Yusuke) "Been so long since I've seen him it has, but he's not changed one itty-bitty bit."
Chu: "'Cept he's even stronger. Bloke's built like a brick shit house!"
Youmi: For some reason, I find myself tossing out my rule book whenever you're around. You help me discover sides of myself I never knew existed. For the first time in my life, I had the strong urge to just take a punch in the face.
Yusuke: Well, that's why I'm here, to make dreams come true.
Youmi: It's that impetus spirit that does it to me. You care to guess, what my next urge is?
Yusuke: I'll take a stab!
Yusuke: You can't end a good party without someone on the floor.
Youmi: I suppose not. NOW COME ON!!
Kurama: Hiei...I can't accept this. I value our friendship and all we've been through...But I'm not interested in you that way.
Hiei: (Sweatdrops) You fool! I'm not giving my stone to you!
Koenma: "Well, I'd say that's a good end to a spirit detective's career."
Botan: "What should we do with all the footage we've compiled, sir?"
Koenma: "Package it.
George: (as narrator) And so, indeed, Yusuke's journey as a spirit detective is done. What lies ahead as he grows from boy to man? Not even the supposedly wise Koenma knows that...
Koenma: I won't give you the narrator job if you annoy me.
Yusuke: "Hey, Kuwabara, you're conscious. I'm not used to that."
Kuwabara: (grabs Yusuke by the shirt) "That was a cheap shot last time and I was only knocked out for a little bit, okay?! Now I'm back, and I'm gonna beat your face up so bad even kittens won't look at ya!"
Mr. Takanaka: "I've been calling for you all morning on the loud speaker."
Yusuke: "Didn't hear it, guess it musn't be so loud after all."
Yusuke: "My ordeal is a chicken egg?"
Koenma: "No, it's not a chicken egg, and I can assure you what will come out of here won't be a chicken."
Kuwabara: "On my last test, I scored a 7!"
Yusuke: "Wow, Kuwabara is even stupider than I am! "
Botan: "What did you you score on your last test? "
Yusuke: "I got a 12."
Botan: "Well Yusuke, important people like Koenma are always quite busy."
Yusuke: "Heh! Those guys just like to keep you waiting to make you think that they're important. Besides how busy can a toddler be?"
Yusuke: "All of this seems like a pretty major crisis for mankind."
Botan: "So let's go!"
Yusuke: "But on the other hand it means I won't be able to do anything relaxing on this three day weekend."
Botan: "Aaah! Mankind or vacation?!"
Yusuke: "Well, they got the same importance to me, okay!"
Kuwabara: (grabs Yusuke's shirt) Don't you see that you've got no reason to laugh, idiot you went over the time limit!Yusuke: What? Is that true?Genkai: Its seems to be, but I believe I will make an exceptionYusuke: (laughing and hugs Kuwabara) Yeah!Kuwabara: (hugs Yusuke) We did it!Yusuke: (stops hugging) Why don't you quiet hugging me, you weirdo!Kuwabara: You're the one hugging. I was trying to squeeze you to death!
Kuwabara: "It's just crummy chump change compared to all the days Urameshi ran my head into the concrete."
Yusuke: "It's true, I've punched him quite a few times."
Musashi: "It's the perfect weapon for striking down evil."
Kuwabara: "I'm not evil!"
Musashi: Name's Mushashi. I'm a fourth-degree black belt under Kendo of Shibattou School. I hunt down evil beings and destroy them.Shorin: I am Shorin, a psychic-in-training. I have traveled the world in search of a perfect instructor.Kibano: People call me Kibano. I am a master in every style of martial arts and I live to test my own limits.Chinpoh: Chinpoh the Wanderer. Nice to meet you all.Kazemaru: I'm Kazemaru of the Ninjas. Bodyguard of government officials. I've been trained in the Ninjitsu art of stealth.Kuwabara: Kazuma Kuwabara. The worst punk in Sarayashi Junior High.Yusuke: Yusuke Urameshi. The much much worser punk of Sarayashi Junior High.Kuroda: My name is Kuroda. Contract killer.
Yusuke: "You expect us to fight in the dark?"
Genkai: "Yes, you little crap that's exactly what I expect. You must use your Spirit Awareness to see. Use weapons if you've got 'em. Hit them where you like, anything goes. The winner is the one who can walk back alive."
Kuwabara: "Well I don't have a clue what's going on, but it sure is nice to have a helping hand."
Hiei: "Helping is not the right word."
Kuwabara: "Hmm?"
Hiei: "Koenma may regard us as equals, but I do not. Once inside the castle I suggest you let us do the work. As far as I'm concerned, we're babysitting."
Kuwabara: "Listen you puny jerkface, I'm gonna have to beat you up if you keep talking down to us that way!"
Hiei: "Let's avoid fighting, you're not worth it."
Kuwabara: "Oh that's it!" (tries to punch Hiei, he swiftly dodges by stepping forward, and Kuwabara falls to the ground)
Hiei: (looking at Yusuke) But you, Detective, are a different story. I plan to take my revenge on you, so consider this fair warning."
Kuwabara: "Oh, you wanna ignore me huh?!"
Yusuke: (referring to Kurama's Rose Whip) "Well, everything's coming up roses."
Kuwabara: "It smells girly, I don't think I like it."
Yusuke: "Oh sure, I guess he should be a tough guy like you and be obsessed with kittens."
Kuwabara: "Shut up!"
Hiei: "Your ugly friend has a good point, detective."
Kuwabara: "Who's ugly?! Come here, you mouse!"
Genbu: "I am Genbu of the Four Saint Beasts. Do you have any requests before you die?"
Yusuke: "Yeah, tell me how a beast is a saint, I'm lost."
George: "Oh, by the way sir, it turns out we do have a little information on the Four Saint Beasts. (hands Koenma a book)
Koenma: "What? Why didn't you tell me earlier, you fool! (flips through book) Let's see, ah, 'A very challenging task, but well rewarding in the end'... You idiot! This says Four Saint Beets, you've given me a cookbook!(two ogres appear behind George and drag him away)
Koenma: "One hundred spankings!"
George: "Oh, please, sir, not spankings!"
Kurama: "Hiei, how many times did you cut him?"
Hiei: "Only sixteen."
Yusuke: "Sixteen? I only saw seven or eight!"
Kurama: "After the first slash, all I could see were flashes."
Kuwabara: "I didn't even see the flashes."
Yusuke: "If we fight again, and you use those powers, I'm going to have to watch out."
Hiei: "Maybe." (walks off)
Kuwabara: "I was sure he was going to say. "Well, of course, you fool!""
Yusuke: "I'm going to use my shotgun and blast them!"
Kurama: "Wait, let's use our heads."
Yusuke: "What, you want me to head butt them!?"
Genkai: "That's your whole problem, you idiot! Remember! Focus your mind on the business at hand. You give up on everything because you cannot commit to anything."
Yusuke: "Let me guess, did you pick up that cute saying from a fortune cookie?"
Kuwabara: (about the masked fighter) What if he loses and we get booted from the tournament?Hiei: If that happens, all we have to do is kill everyone else on the boat before we reach the island. We'll say we're the right team, and no one will complain.
Kuwabara: You didn't have too many friends growing up, did you?
Zeru: "You've become so quiet now, too quiet to notice any more of my supposed flaws?"
Hiei: "Actually, I'm bored."
Zeru: "Actually, you're dead!"
Suzuka: "The trial sword... made from a japanese cedar that grew to great heights by sucking up the surrounding life."
Kuwabara: "Eee! That sounds really creepy! I don't wanna hold that!"
Suzuka: "For Shishiwakumaru, it become the Banshee Shriek. But for you, it should be quite different... And probably without the demons."
Suzuka: "No wonder you think of me as a clown."
Kurama: "Much less now than in your earlier performance, I would say."
Kirenja: "Hahaha... This is my little secret weapon- and by little, I mean giantantic! Look at this baby! I had planned on saving this for the final round of the tournament. But you look waay too deserving... of an extra large sized defeat!"
*Bui summons a HUMONGOUS ax from thin air*
Kirenja: "Oh... Oh, damn."
Kurama: "Please, answer me one thing first. Why? The Shinobi have always dealt with their affairs in secret. Why expose yourselves now?"
Toya: "For light."
Kurama: "Explain."
Toya: "It's simple. Even the strongest tree will die if left in the dark. I find that to be the best way to describe us. A giant oak, crashing through a dark soil, bringing order to an otherwise chaotic land. The Shinobi have done their job for centuries, and done it well. But in recent years, we have caught glimpses of the outside world, and asked; "Why not us? Have we not earned the privilege others take for free?" We are entering a new era, and we will begin with a land of our own. This island. It has already been arranged that if we win this tournament, Hanging Neck Island will be our prize. And once this blinding light pours over us all, like branches, we will cover the world."
Kuwabara: "Wow, what's that?!"
Hiei: "It's the Kakai!"
Kuwabara: "Then how the heck did he make it through here?"
Sensui (Shinobu): "I'm glad you asked. As you remember, my energy is of the Sacred kind. Fortunately, the brains is Spirit World only made this net to filter out demon energy... That's why I passed through unscathed, while Hiei's attack burned out when it hit the net."
Hiei: "If my best technique can't even singe his ass through this fence, how are we supposed to fight him?"
Kuwabara: "Hey! Has anyone noticed that we're falling very, very, VERY, fast!"
Kurama: "Hiei, do you know where in demon world we are?"
Hiei: "Yes, I believe that I've been to these parts before. And if I'm right, then we're rather lucky. It's the Forest of Fools, just low-level demons who won't present any kind of challenge to us."
Kuwabara: "I know I'm about to die and all, but I really hate when you guys ignore what I have to say!"
Spirit Defense Forces Captin: "Koenma, sir, are you alright?"
Koenma: "Well, I did bite my tounge."
Hiei: "How touching."
Kuwabara: "Bite my ankles, shorty! I swear I'll make you to your mom... if you have a mom, that is!"
Kurama: "To think they could one day be in-laws."
Hiei: "What is that ridiculous appendage growing out from your head all about?"
Yusuke: "It's just a puberty thing, okay?"
Yusuke: "So, Kurama, how's your wound treatment?"
Kurama: "It will be fine. I'll be fighting again tomorrow."
Hiei: "Hrmph. It seems it's not as bad as you made us think."
Kurama: "Compared with your energy loss, it seems it's not."
Masked Fighter (Genkai): "At least your act is tough."
Yusuke: "Hey, I work hard at it."
Yusuke: "As long as they don't grab my balls and make me cough."
*A beautiful "nurse" (Ruka) appears*
Yusuke: "Scratch that."
Kurama: "We just need Itsuki to let us out of this creature. Perhaps torture would suffice."
Itsuki: "You'd still fail."
Kuwabara: "What?! It's four-on-one!
Itsuki: "Four times zero power is still zero power."
Kuwabara: "I'm big enough to admit to admit when everyone else is wrong. Just try and contradict me now."
Kurama: "You're wrong."
Shizuru: "I have to admit it, Keiko, I'm really scared."
Keiko: "Is it wrong to be?"
Sensui: "Be honest; are you still strong enough to face me?"
Yusuke: "A funny thing about that, I did a little power inventory and it turns out I have exactly enough to cream your face into the wall."
Koenma: "The frequencies of your wave lengths, interestingly enough, are lower than most people. If you miss this chance tomorrow, you'll have to wait a while to realiegn."
Yusuke: "What are we talkin' about? Like weeks, or months?"
Koenma: "52 years."
Yusuke: "52 years?!"
Koenma: "Yes, but I think it would to be wise to do it tomorrow instead."
Yusuke: "Against normal people, Kuwabara's pretty good."
Botan: "Go for the kidneys!"
Kuwabara: "If you're gonna do this run, then so am I!"
Yusuke: "Stop getting so excited. It's embarrassing."
Yusuke: "A flower?"
Kuwabara: "Now that's weird. If he's trying to win the beast over, I don't think that's a good idea."
Genkai: "Let's not waste my time. The first match vs. dimwit."
Kuwabara: "Hah, I think that's you."
Yusuke: "And I thought my name was Yusuke."
Kuroda: "Risking my life is the nature of my profession."
Kazumaru: "Mine, as well."
Kuroda: "Good. Then I won't feel so bad when I carve out your heart."
Yusuke: "Try not to get killed, Kuwabara."
Kuwabara: "Don't worry. I have to beat you before I die."
Yusuke: "Right, spirit... waves. Everyone knows about that."
Kuwabara: "This isn't school, so don't pretend like you're not a doofus!"
Kurama: "Hah! Yusuke! Easy does it, no sleeping just yet. Yusuke, snap out of it! You have your victory!"
Yusuke: "Am I... Am I alive?"
Koenma: "Of course! Do you see any halos on us? Everything is a-okay now!"
*Yusuke spots the "dead" Kuwabara*
Yusuke: "No, it's not... no, it's not! Dammit! If I hadn't been such an irresponsable kid, if I didn't have concrete walls between my own stupid emotions!"
*flashback to Kuwabara's dying words*
Kuwabara (in the flashback): "Ughh... Ok, Urameshi." (coughs up blood) "It's all you. I did what I could, now beat him for all of us... Make my death count, Yusuke!"
Yusuke: "I had all the strength to save him, I was just too dumb to know how to reach it! What the hell do I say to that?!"
Kurama: "
Yusuke: "

Kibano: "I can feel you trembling! Your body is shaking with fear!"
Yusuke: "I'm not tremblingly, dummy... I'm powering up! Spirit Gun!"
Youmi: "You can't be serious. Do you honestly think that I, or anyone else, would go along with this?"
Jin: "Sign me up, so I say!"
Kuwabara: "You beat that last guy by luck!"
Yusuke: "So? What's that got to do with this fight?"
Kuwabara: "I'm... not exactly sure!"
Rando: "So how do you feel?"
Yusuke: "Why don't you keep asking? I'm hanging upside down from a tree! Take a guess, you freak!"
Rando: "Ooo, hostile."
Kuwabara: "So, uh, I guess we're just gonna walk right in?"
Kurama: "Any prize worth having usually requires a risk."
Kuwabara: "I say we make them come out here and fight us up-front, like they're not a bunch of sissies."
Hiei: "Heh. You're sense of strategy is amazing."
Kuwabara: "Are you talking to me, runt-boy?"
Yusuke: "Let's go!"
Kuwabara (mutters): "Stupid dwarf."
Yusuke: "Botan?!"
Kuwabara: "Hey, it's the pretty girl! Have you thought about me?"
Enki: "Hello, my name's Enki, and this little firecraker is my lovely wife, Koku."
(main demon monk): "And what exactly is the nature of your relationship to our late King?"
Enki: "Well, we used to be sparring buddies back in the old days."
*Yusuke makes a strangled noise*
Enki: "Sure we were strong, but he was stronger. I'll tell ya, if Mukuro or Youmi had seen Raizen at his prime, they would have pissed their pants- if you'll excuse my colorful language."
Koku (yelling in Yusuke's face): "That was until he went all gaa-gaa for some cheap little whore that he met up in Living World. So he comes back and dumps me like I'm yesterday's garbage! Got any clue how insulting that is?!"
Yusuke: "Geez! You smell like booze!"
Koku: "After he rejected me, I didn't give a crap anymore, so I married this lug. But I don't care, because I've been drinking ever since and feel great."
*Koku takes several big gulps of whatever kind of alchocol she is is carrying in the giant jug she brought with her*
Enki: "Please... Forgive my wife. She's really not always like this."
*Koku bites his hand*
Enki: "ARRGGGH!! Be a good girl, sweetie!"
Koku: "You be a good girl!"
Enki: "Am I right to say you're Raizen's son?"
Yusuke: "Something like that. Why?"
Enki: "Oh, you know, it's just that you remind me so much of him when he was younger."
Yusuke: "We're being followed."
Kuwabara: "What?"
Yusuke: "I caught a glimpse of 'em at the movie theater."
Kuwabara: "Well, we've got the time. I say we fun with 'em."
(everyone takes their start-off positions)
Kuwabara: "Heh-heh-huh... You jokers are in trouble now. My name's Kuwabara, the number one thug of () Junior High"
Yusuke: "Hah! No sense telling lies."
(Their opponent mob bring out switch-blades, opening them)
Kuwabara: "I don't think these guy are playing around... we haven't even started and they're already pulling knives!"
Possessed Mob: "Must kill, must kill, must kill, must kill, must... kill!"
Rando (in disguise):"Very surprising. Twice now, you've manage to avoid my attack and make it your own offensive."
Kuwabara: "Uhh... Don't try to make it sound so high-tech, I'm just trying to cream you."
Youmi: "So, why have you come to see me? And, please, be direct. I have neither time nor patience to waste beating around the bush."
Yusuke: "Well, Raisan is dead now. And, you know, as the new King on the block, I thought it'd only be fair for me to tell you in person exactly how I'm going to rip you off your throne.
Youmi: "Oh?"
Kurama (thinking): That's far too direct! He's going to get himself killed!
Youmi: "Alright. Then in the interest of full disclosure, allow me to show you how I plan to stop you."
Kurama (thinking): Youmi is powering himself up to take Yusuke out!
Yusuke: "That's cool, but first I got something for ya. We'll call it gift."
Kurama (thinking): A gift? He couldn't be naiive enough to give Youmi a--
Youmi (finishing the thought): Peace offering? No, he's smarter than that. It's a trap.
Youmi: "How thoughtful of you. Would you mind unwrapping it too? I'm afraid I can't see things as well as I used to."
Yusuke: "Sure. Now they might scatter a bit, so I hope you don't mind."
(main demon monk): "Uh...! But that's our entire National Treasure! All of our Ruramari Stones! Do you have any idea how rare and valuable those are?"
Youmi (thinking): So, this is a sincere offering. He'll be easier to crush than I thought.
Youmi: "I thank you, Mr. Urameshi, for this most generous of gifts. Oooh, I can tell this Ruramari Stone is real by it's touch. But what is your true purpose in offer?"
*Youmi feels the stone in his fingers with a closer examination*
Youmi: "There's something carved in this stone. It says Mukuro. And that one says Kurama. And To'ho. Hokishin. Hiei. You engrave names in all of these stones?"
Yusuke: "Yeah, well, I wouldda just painted 'em on, but I though this way you could 'em yourself."
(Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kuwabara are holding up a falling ceiling)
Kuwabara: "Stick together! And if anybody tries to run, I swear I'll drag him back myself!"
Hiei: "Huh! And I suppose you it'd be noble if we all died as team."
Kuwabara: "That's right!"
Yusuke: "Here's a thought, let's shut up and find a way out!"
(Yusuke spies the switch for the falling ceiling.)
Yusuke (thinking): If we could just find a way to that switch...
Yusuke: "Hiei! You're a lot faster than any of us! We'll hold the ceiling up while you go and flip the switch."
Genbu: "There's a door behind you. Please, take it."
Kuwabara: "Uh..."
(Kuwabara kicks it open, combined with Yusuke pushing it by hand)
Yusuke: "Ladies first."
Kuwabara: "What do we do now?"
Yusuke: "Tch. Now we leave it to me."
(Yusuke's fist start glowing as he powers up)
Kuwabara: "Wow. This one of your new techiniques?"
Yusuke: "I'll take that as a stupid question... SHOTGUN!"
George (the Blue Ogre): "Turns out we do have a little something written about the Four Saint Beasts."
Koenma: "What?! Two whole battles and you're only now telling me about this?!"
*Koemna grabs the video from George*
Koemna: "No... Fig... Flour... Four saint be- ah, page 42."
*flips through book*
Koenma: "Instructions: A very difficult but rewarding challenge with only one real weakness; hard to boil? Wha?"
*looks at the cover*
Koenma: "This says 'Four Saint Beets'... You've given me a cookbook!"
George: "Ohh, Sir..."
*two ogres show up to take George away*
Koenma: "One-hundred spankings."
George: "Oh, please! Sir, have mercy on me! Anything but spankings! Maybe you misread it!"
*Koenma opens the book again*
Suzaku: "You'll find the energy will seek you like lightning to a rod. But take heart, you are the first human to ever survive my technique."
Murg: "You must feel so proud."
Yusuke: "Why don't you get to the point, Muscles? I've got better things to do with my time than waste it with you."
Toguro: "Hmhmhm... You're afraid of me."
Yusuke: "What? Amused, is more like it."
Toguro: "There's no one here to impress, Yusuke. And I can see your entire body shaking. The ability to fear your enemies is one of your strengths. It forces you to reach your potential. But you haven't been scared enough. You needs some motivation, and that's why I've come here. To show you my TRUE POWER!"

Manga versions:
"Heh... You forgot, dude... ...we humans invented the head-butt."-Yusuke
"Go medicate yourself."-Hiei, Yu Yu Hakusho manga #8
"Does a death wish cause you to speak that way to me?"- page 153 of Yu Yu Hakusho manga #4
"I was able to analyze his soul. But I couldn't pin down its true nature. His emotions are extreme, and he exhibits immorality and decency at the same time. His behavior seems almost consistent...And yet quite haphazard. We reached the only possible conclusion!! This person, Yusuke Urameshi... ...Acts entirely without thinking! He's a simpleton totally geared to physical responses! In other words, he's an idiot!"-Koenma, Yu Yu Hakusho manga #2
Kuwabara: "Time to blow this joint."
Kurama: "Now we go forth, into..."
Hiei: "Aw... Get a move on!"


P.S. Jin not only says things oddly, he talks really fast in a hard to understand accent. Thank the Goddess for the invention of TVio!

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