Saturday, November 8, 2008

Edward de Bono Quotes

"A memory is anything that happens and does not completely unhappen. The result is some trace which is left. The trace may last for a long time or it may last only for a short time. Information that comes into the brain leaves a trace in the altered behaviour of the nerve cells that form the memory surface. A landscape is a memory surface. The contours of the surface offer an accumulated memory trace of the water that has fallen upon it. The rainfall forms little rivulets which combine into streams and then into rivers. Once the pattern of drainage has been formed then it tends to become more permanent since the rain is collected into the drainage channels and tends to make them deeper. It is the rainfall that is doing the sculpting and yet it is the response of the surface to the rainfall that is organising how the rainfall will do the sculpting."-Edward de Bono, Lateral Thinking, 1970

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