Friday, April 13, 2007

Quotes by Villians from the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

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"There's no going back... Ever since that day... At the North Pole... in those haunted ruins... when I stumbled upon... the Dark Kingdom... And I set that evil free with my very own hands... It was fate."- Queen Beryl, pages 65-66 of Sailor Moon book #2
"Nineteen years from now you will die from overwork. Next please. Oh dear. Your heart is weak. Poor thing, you've only got six more years to live. Next please."- Catzi, page 86 of Sailor Moon book #4
"Everyone must die someday. I may not be able to cange your fate, but I can guarantee you a gentle death."- Catzi, page 87 of Sailor Moon book #4
"Well, well. So you're too stubborn to die?"- Prisma page 183 of Sailor Moon book #4
"The Black Moon... We are not intruders or an Enemy... We have come to guide you humans on the right path... I have come from far, far away... I am very close to you... Right now the Earth and her people are ailing. They are calling for help. But just for that we cannot keep on harming the Earth... Hospitals and medicines are no good either. There is no such thing as boundless power or immortality. You can only believe in your own strength. From now on, you mustn't accept anyone's rule. Earth belongs to mankind!"- Avery, page 29 & 31 of Sailor Moon book #5
"Eternal life and peace are only illusions... The body is meant to decay. And history is nothing but a repetition of wars."- Prince Diamond page 17 of Sailor Moon book #6
"I never dreamed she would show herself. The all powerful goddess who lived in the impenertrable castle. Neo-Queen Serenity... What a beautiful ruler... But... she glared at me with contempt. As if I were not even human. Her eyes rejected me. Such fearsome power. Then the Queen was once again swallowed... by the impeneretrable castle. Since that time... I have never forgotten those eyes. I needed to see her again, and make her kneel before me. I needed her, at any cost."- Prince Diamond, pages 19-20 of Sailor Moon book #6
"Power... creates war and strife"- Prince Diamond, page 88 of Sailor Moon book #6
"Love can be taken by force. That is another way of loving."- Prince Diamond, page 156 of Sailor Moon book #6
"Sapphire? You always followed me. But you never once put on Black Poison Crystal earrings. It was your one symbol of resistance."- Prince Diamond, pages 164-165 of Sailor Moon book #6
"To achieve our peace, we promised our allegiance to Galaxia! When Galaxia arrived... our planet found peace through death. Our planet is small and poor. Chaos and war reigned supreme. We had to go with her."-Lethe, Star Sailor Lethe, page 125 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #2
"This is the final resting place of dead stars. These butterflies are the last of the stars. The line of butterflies flying to their end will never stop... Did you come here to lose your life too?"-Sailor Heavymetal Papillon, pages 20-22 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #3
"How tragic that that the galaxy's only hope will be burned alive! Now suffer!"- Sailor Heavymetal Papillon, pages 23 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #3
"You are a punk. You were born a punk, and you'll die a punk. Wherever I go, there are nothing but punks like you."-Sailor Galaxia, page 63 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #2
"A dream .... A dream of bygone times... ...when I was still searching for answers. Sailor Moon will come here soon. Just as I was drawn here by Chaos. To know the truth. Hurry up Sailor Moon, Your tiny planet is not suitible for our battlefield. Hurry up and come to me. To unleash our powers!"-Sailor Galaxia, pages 66-67 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #2
"I will create a new galaxy... the place where destiny begins." - Sailor Galaxia of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"Even wounded and without your wings... ... you still shine with with your anger and hatred toward me." - Sailor Galaxia, page 83 of Sailor Moon *SailorS* #3
"I was born a nobody on a horrible planet... My life was horrid... But one day I awoke as a Sailor Scout. And now I am the chosen one. An ordinary Sailor Scout is worth nothing... I need to be the strongest Star."-Sailor Galaxia, page 95 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #3
"Love? Friends? To hang out and roam together is a sign of weakness."-Sailor Galaxia, page 97 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #3
"Why did you save me? Kill me! I am your enemy! This is war!"-Sailor Galaxia, pages 124-125 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #3
"There will be another future. Light and darkness will be born again. Peace will not come that easily."- Sailor Galaxia, page 131 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #3
"A future... Strange how still have that word inside me."-Sailor Galaxia, page 131 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #3
"Sailor Moon... You believe in the future of this galaxy... Are you a Scout who loves all? Sailor Moon..... .....The star I finally found. So big and bright, but never mine to have."-Sailor Galaxia, pages 133-134 of Sailor Moon *StarsS* #3
"No one can free themselves from the scent of first love!"- D. Zire, page 143 of Sailor Moon SuperS #2
"Little lost girl without a place. Little girl who followed the darkness in her heart. Reject the world you knew before, or you can never make it. Little girl who's never awakened. I am who you have been looking for, the one who truly needs you. Come... come to me... Here... Take my hand, and come to me..."- Wiseman/Death Phantom pages 53-55 of Sailor Moon book #6
"You need darkness... Just lend me your hand. Welcome the darkness..."- Queen Nephrenia, pages 62-63 of Sailor Moon SuperS #4
"Where there is light, there is darkness. Darkness brings light and light brings darkness."-Chaos of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi

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