Friday, April 13, 2007

Quotes by "Animal" Companions from the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

""- Luna, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"It's not a bald spot! What rude thing to say!"-Luna, page 22 of Sailor Moon book #1
"You did it, Bunny! That witch transforomed... So you see what's going on? The Enemy has begun its strategy... BUNNY! Hey... Bunny, we're going home."-Luna, pages 39-40 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Bunny you're a nut!"-Luna, page 61 of Sailor Moon book #1
"She's the water warrior... she uses fog... Protecter of Mercury... SAILOR MERCURY! We've been searching for you!"-Luna, pages 73-74 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Raye! You use fire as your power ...Protected by Mars... SAILOR MARS! You're a Sailor Scout!"-Luna, page 116 of Sailor Moon book #1
"Bunny, you were the first Scout. You must become the leader and stop being irresponsible. Bunny!! Pay attention! This is important!"-Luna page 130 of Sailor Moon book #1
"To protect the Crystal... and the Moon Princess... That is why you were chosen... Because this is your destiny. I was sent from the moon to awaken you."-Luna, page 19 of Sailor Moon book #2
"I am Luna... Princess Serenity's advisor... I have sworn never to leave the Princess's side. But now Bunny's so far away from me... Now I remember... When the Moon Kingdom was destoyed, Artemis and I went into a long sleep...When I finally awoke, I landed on Earth in the present time. My mission was to awaken Bunny... to educate her and be at her side at all times. My memories were sealed away, Sailor Venus acted as a decoy princess, And I trained Bunny to be a Sailor Scout... All in order to protect the Princess, and the Silver Imperium Crystal hidden within her. I planned to hide her from the Enemy for a while longer... I didn't expect Bunny to remember so quickly... I should have had more faith in her... If I had recovered my memories earlier... And realized that Tuxedo Mask was Endymion... Bunny wouldn't have had to suffer... I'm the cause of her pain... I'm a failure as Bunny's partner..."-Luna, pages 173-175 of Sailor Moon book #2
"We must go to the moon... To find the truth we're looking for... To the moon!"-Luna, pages 179-180 of Sailor Moon book #2
"Sailor Pluto! It's forbidden even to know she exists. No one has ever seen her! The solitary guardian of time!!"-Luna, page 76 of Sailor Moon book #5
"That monument is made of Black Poison Crystal! The Black Moon uses it as a source of energy and a method of attack. It's a stone that has a negative power. Even a small piece holds a lot of energy."-Luna, page 121 of Sailor Moon book #5
"Your majesty! The Black Moon wasn't only after Small Lady and the Silver Imperium Crystal... they've also begun to invade the Earth of the past."-Luna, page 121 of Sailor Moon book #5
""- Artemis, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"Luna... Just now... You looked so regal! Like the goddess of the Moon, Selene... You were one with Princess Serenity."-Artemis, page 21-22 of Sailor Moon book #4
"It's no rush. Hey, they were just saying they had trouble transforming one time or another too. They all said they felt the power, and that they met their clone. This is a special transformation! It's just that your body is in the midst of building up power inside of you as the leader of the scouts right now! This is a special tranformation. Something will happen soon...! After all, you are the leader of the Sailor scouts!"-Artemis, page 73 of Sailor Moon SuperS #2
"I know this for a fact... you are becoming more beautiful everyday... As if you were becoming the goddess of Venus...."-Artemis, page 74 of Sailor Moon SuperS #2
""- Diana, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"When it happened... The Queen, who hardly ever set foot outside of the Crystal Palace... Rushed out in a terribly agitated state. In that moment, there was one strike... And this tremendous explosion... It was a sudden attack. Everything was blown away... And the stillness of death settled on all but this Crystal Palace made of Silver Imperium Crystal."-Diana, pages 112-113 of Sailor Moon book #5
"Pluto! Pluto... help the King. It's terrible. Small Lady has awakened... as the Black Moon's queen Nemesis has appeared from a different dimension! Sailor Moon and the others are exhausted. They may not be able to protect Crystal Tokyo... and this planet...! Pluto... I'll stay here to watch for you! I don't have power like you Pluto, and I'm just little, but even I'm better than nothing! Go through the door, Pluto. You must go when you want to! Good luck, Pluto!"-Diana, pages 177-179 of Sailor Moon book #6
"Small lady, your Silver Imperium Crystal is reborn. All Senshi have their own Sailor Crystal that carries the power of their stars. That's your very own Pink Moon Crystal, Sailor Chibi Moon."-Diana, page 114 of Sailor Moon SuperS #4

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