Thursday, April 12, 2007

Quotes from Sailor Uranus in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

"The wind is rough today."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, page 130 of Sailor Moon book #7
"Gender doesn't make a difference. Do you think just because you're a girl you're always going to lose to a guy? If you think that... can't protect the ones you love."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, pages 48-49 of Sailor Moon book #8
"Don't get in our way. Battle games are dangerous."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, page 64 of Sailor Moon book #8
"Even with out our help... ...she doesn't have much longer.... She was critically injured in an accident when she was eight. Hotaru miracously rose from a coma and returned to life. Despite his brilliant mind, Professer Tomoe was expelled from the academic establishment. Hotaru is the jewel of his life's work. She is both human and machine. The Professor made her a puppet, turning her body into machine. Her young body is already falling apart."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, pages 91-92 of Sailor Moon book #9
"Even Super Sailor Moon can't fight gravity once she steps onto an elevator."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, page 109 of Sailor Moon book #9
"You can't call this lonely. Loneliness is more... ... infinite in it's scope. Like where we used to be. It was a sad place. There was no one there. But not matter how lonely it got... We could think of Silver Millenium far away... and remember the images of the beautiful Princess and Queen. For us... ... that was a ray of light."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, pages 173-175 of Sailor Moon book #9
"Yes... Princess... Everything... Our lives, death, despair, hope and dreams--- Always by your shining light."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, page 16 of Sailor Moon SuperS #4
"You're enjoying this way too much. High school? After touring all around the world and raising children?."-Haruka/Sailor Uranus, page 14 of Sailor Moon *StarS* #1

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