Thursday, April 12, 2007

Screen name only quotables

"a shadow that lies,
the truth that is hidden.
The enemy that comes,
it has now been bidden.
The same drums beat,
the ancient war,
the time has come for us to fight.
A wilting rose, dead and gone,
may yet be the last amung us
to see a blood stained dawn.
Why do you wait when time is done?
When hearts are gone and light is rare,
when none of us will be spared?" - Lady Eliac from the Artix Forums

"Here's a tip, never ask for dating advice on an ANIME FORUM."-Kenpachi from the AnimeNation Anime Forums

"If God takes life, He's an Indian giver."-Isaac Brock from the AnimeNation Anime Forums

"I had a drink the other day, opinions were like kittens, I was given' 'em away."-Isaac Brock from the AnimeNation Anime Forums

"Behind every bitch is someone who made her that way."-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"I'm not a mean girl. I'm just a girl who would love to punch everyone in the face who looks at me the wrong way."-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"See that girl? Yeah, her. She seems so invincible, right? But just touch her and she'll wince. She has secrets and trusts no one. She's the perfect example of betrayal. 'Cause everyone she trusted, broke her."-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"You ask what was wrong;
and I said nothing.
Then I turned around and whispered;
everything."-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"I like the rain, it hides my tears
I like the thunder, it covers my screams
I hate the lightning, it lights up my fears"-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"I don't want to trust anybody,
Because everyone who said
"I'll be there"
left."-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"She's got the eyes of innocence,
The face of an angel,
The personality of a dreamer,
And a smile
That hides more pain
Than you could ever imagine."-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"ANGRY PEOPLE NEED HUGS (or sharp weapons)"-devils1angelbaby from YouTube

"I love how in anime the only way to save a city is to totally destroy it."-modernmonalisa2 from YouTube

"Anime Law 37: Send a boy to do a mans job. He will get it done in half the time with twice the angst."-SetsunaExia00 from YouTube

"Only in America, do we use the word 'politics' to describe the process so well: 'Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning 'bloodsucking creatures'."-ryjacork from YouTube

"Let this be a lesson to all shit talking demons: don't talk shit you BEFORE you actually win the match."- scorpianofthesun from YouTube

"Everyone knows that already!"-Megami33 of SMA Bloopers 7

"Idiocy, like reality, is just a state of mind."-Aja Armani from the YYHA forums

"Why do people add you on Facebook or myspace if they hate your guts in RL?"-reapersakura from the SMA Forums

"Call local game stores and ask for Battletoads for Wii, whether you have a Wii or not. They love when you do that."-animenokyouran from the SMA Forums

"Out comes one drawn out battle, in comes another drawn out battle."-ZalelsBackAgain from

"gohan-i need an adult / krilin-i am an adult / gohan-really?"-boredcameracrew from YouTube

"I don't ever wanna' see Goku "krunked". That shit could get dangerous!"-wickedlady4180 from YouTube

"Why are there planters peanuts in the refrigerator?"-Starkiller60 from YouTube

"I can't wait till they get to the part where Goku turns Super Saiyan, oh the constipation jokes."- rdhunterx from YouTube

"Football makes me want to microwave babies."-XxYYHLoverxX from YouTube

"Kuwabara got his time to shine...even if it was a quick-draw...
Kuwabara: "SHUT THE HELL UP!!!""-masaruten from YouTube

"Hey, be happy that this happens habitually only in cartoons - or else insurances would weep."-Daniel4646 from YouTube

"How is it humor when it's not funny?"-sharksd0p3000 from IMVU

"Roleplaying is an escape, and in it is more reality than you think."-Icy974 from IMVU

"Knowledge is transportable from person to person, so it can potentially be less scarce than experience."-Deliverance from IMVU

"Knowledge gained through experience stays with you longer than knowledge gained any other way."-SolstaLynn from IMVU

"Words are only things we have made to interact with each other, and a candle would still be a candle were it not for language. It might not be put to so many uses as we have made for it if we had not been able to create language, interact, and evolve as we have. But we wouldn't have given it a name unless our biology had allowed us to do so, therefore anything we see and percieve and give importance to is unique to us, and relative to our bodies and minds. If we are speaking specifically of the candle, and not some deep philosophical inquiry to how and why we exist, then language is a means of survival, being as how we made candles, but in order to fully utilize them, had to give them a common sound we could all relate to so we could understand each other. The physical and the theoretical are tied to each other, but seperate in their own domains."-hottiehramk from IMVU

"Numbers of humans have grown existentionally since these monuments were built and we forget that the world was nowhere near as densely populated as it is now. The thousands of people it took to build these monuments would have been a vast majority of the area's population so what would have happened to the farmers and workers? The entire economy of the time would have suffered if too many people were used at any one time. If fewer people were used over a longer period of time then I have to ask why a monument was being built that would not have been seen in the lifetime of it's inventor or his great-great-grandchildren."-DerryAire from IMVU

"What baffles me is that there needs to be a conspiratorial explanation for how a highly organized literate society marshaled manpower and resources to build a national project. To the Egyptians public building was a way to stimulate the domestic economy, keep people employed and keeps slaves busy and tired."-Schlagger from IMVU

"Can anyone tell me why incest is popular in fiction yet so gross in real life?" - Uchiha Bitch
"You, stand over here while we find kindling and gloat."-Forthright/Forthrightly from FanFiction.Net

"I like caffine drinks. Although Kick is the best."/ "So now you're an energy drink expert?" / "Expert is a strong word." -- Posted by -X-.Giggles.-X- from FanFiction.Net

"There is no way of guaranteeing anything ever. The mystery of fate is solved at the moment it becomes now. Not before then."- Greed's Accident from FanFiction.Net

"If I slap him upside the head… would it help?"- Kyia Star from FanFiction.Net (as Lin)

"Only gay men understand women."- Kyia Star from FanFiction.Net (as Bou-san/Takigawa)

"Is he talking to... his hair? He is, isn’t he?"- Millie M. Banshee from FanFiction.Net (as Tetsuzaemon)

"Bra Sizes. A-Almost a boob, B-Barely a boob, C-Can’t complain, D-Damn, DD-Double Damn, E-Enormous, F-Fake, G-Get a reduction, and H-Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!"- Millie M. Banshee from FanFiction.Net (written as a text message from Yoruichi)

"Why does Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi wear his Zanpaktou up front and center? I mean wouldn't that hurt having that right there? He's has got to be kicking it all the time and clashing it with his 'other sword.' What if he caught it on something underfoot? Can anyone one say, 'ouch!'? Or maybe he's compensating for lack there of if you know what I mean. Hint, hint..."- Millie M. Banshee from FanFiction.Net (as Kon)

"How does Captain Kenpachi Zaraki keep his hair up like that, huh? He can't be using standard hair gel. And what's with the tiny bells on the end of each spike? That would drive me insane. I mean every time I moved my head I would jingle. Talking about a ringing in one's ears. Sheesh... Not only that but those spikes have to be super hard to stand straight like that and when you add in his sheer height I wander just how many birds he's skewed over the years? I shudder and the mere thought of it..."- Millie M. Banshee from FanFiction.Net (as Kon)

"Luella, your house is haunted! The toaster won't stop staring at me."- Cullenvs.Black120 from FanFiction.Net

"He's the Easter bunny but he had a rough childhood so the tough outer shell is causing him to look like a demon ninja-butler named Jason Myers with knives for fingers that hitchhikes on Fleet Street but in reality he's a fluffy bunny!"- Cullenvs.Black120 from FanFiction.Net (as Mai - Ghost Hunt)

"They all resumed their original poses, having gotten over the disruption that Naru had made. Liz shot him a look, telling him not to mess this up again. He simply frowned at her, basically saying 'I'll mess it up if I want to.' She frowned and elbowed Naru in the stomach, causing him to double over, he knocked into Mai who was flung against him after Masako tripped backwards into John. Naru was still doubled over in pain with Mai draped over him, John and Masako were tangled together which looked really awkward. Luella tripped over her own feet, bumping into Yasuhara who hit Bou-san. Bou-san, having lost his balance, hit Ayako in the butt. She spun around, slapping him in the face and sending him reeling into Lin and Madoka. While his grandparents stood calmly in the middle, smiling at the camera."- Cullenvs.Black120 from FanFiction.Net

"Forged by a path of blood and pain, I walk the line of gray. Memories of old destroyed by the new, I face my demons like I knew. Forever bathed with blood and pain, I walk through the darkness towards the light of day."- Myevltwin from FanFiction.Net

"That is the fate of anyone of legend I think. If they ever were real that is, and they live, they simply fade into the background, and live quietly, until they are all but forgotten."- Sorry Charlie from FanFiction.Net (as Kagome)

"Fear is the darker side of faith."- Sorry Charlie from FanFiction.Net (as Shippo)

"Life is like a book. From birth to death, cover to cover, the story keeps going with a chapter for every year. Comedy, suspense, tragedy, romance, horror, the list goes on. There's a genre for everybody."- yellowmoon27 from FanFiction.Net

"The instructions asked the rest of the book if they should combust yet, or wait another five minutes. The rest of the cooking book said wait five minutes. The cake instructions swore furiously in the sugary sweet language of cakes and sugarplums."- sorciere de roux from FanFiction.Net

"Anger turned to disbelief. Disbelief collided with confusion. Confusion lead to mounting realization. And realization died laughing as the full humor of the situation made itself apparent."- Valakun from FanFiction.Net (from a narrative view)

"I can deal with my few seconds of depression for the sake of making another smile for much longer."- angelic memories from FanFiction.Net (as Kagome)

"The world is a riddle."- angelic memories from FanFiction.Net (as Seria, Kagome's handmaiden in the Western Palace)

"This can’t be real. It has to be my imagination. Maybe I’ve spent too much time in the [Feudal Era]. Too many razed villages, too many burials, too many [demons] and too much caffeine."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Kagome)

"Your spirit is strong. Foolish, but strong. To stand and fight to protect your charge, despite your weakness and to stab your fear, by stabbing that human filth. This all speaks of the power that dwells within you. One can train one’s body and one can train one’s mind, but a strong spirit is something that one must be born with."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Sesshomaru)

"There are no regrets in this life. To live in vengeance and lament is to ask for an eternity of suffering. This Sesshoumaru is too proud to walk such a path."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Sesshomaru)

"Nothing was as simple as it seemed. No one was a simple as they seemed either."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"There is only one prison and that’s the one of your heart and mind."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"A man buries that which he loathes or fears, but a dog buries that which he treasures."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"Like love and hate, pride and shame are not such different feelings."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"Impatience often leads to ignorance and that alone has led even the mightiest to their demise."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Sesshomaru)

"Matters of the heart and the soul can affect even the most disciplined of warriors."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Sesshomaru)

"All creatures care for their young, for their family and the intelligent ones may even love their children. Whether they are good or evil does not matter for love does not change the fundamental nature of the beast."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"Bravery and foolishness are often one and the same. All that separates them is success."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"The answer to the mystery was here, but her path as it always has been was to the future."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"There are times when the past is best left to be forgotten by more than those who cannot remember it."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"Her voice failed her as she was snared by the baffling significance of his words. That is until she realized how inadequately it had answered her question."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"You are not a lord of [demons], but of vague and unfulfilling answers."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Kagome)

"We can’t change what happens in the past, but we can decide what we make of our mistakes in the future."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net

"I hope you will always find peace with the sea and even more so inside your heart."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Kagome)

"Innocence doesn’t last forever. It’s just not meant to. Sometimes though, it’s nice to pretend. To go back to a time when a tangled knot in your hair was your biggest worry."- LadyBattosai from FanFiction.Net (as Kagome)

"I wonder what it was that hurt you so deeply. I've figured out what your problem is. You've locked away every emotion, until you have nothing left but what you believe protects you: hate, disgust, superiority, and pride. And because of that, you've lost the ability to trust anyone. And without that trust, there is no one that you could honestly call a friend."- Serephina of the Kamis from FanFiction.Net (as Kagome)

"Acting as if you know all is not wisdom."- Serephina of the Kamis from FanFiction.Net

"Memory lane was a section of an old farm."- PsychicOtaku182 from FanFiction.Net

"Don't write. Don't call. Just send us the reimbursement check."- Ithilwen K-Bane from FanFiction.Net (as Kurama - YYH)

"That fruitcake was covered in strawberry decals. A person living with an allergy needs to take some self-responsibility."- Ithilwen K-Bane from FanFiction.Net

"So let me get this straight, Kurama; We've faced down everything from evil tournaments to psychic rifts in the space-time continuum, and you want us to go up against a fanfiction site for ditching a few stories?"- Ithilwen K-Bane from FanFiction.Net (as Yusuke)

"Spare me the details. When I want to know what goes on inside the human body, I'll slice one open."- Ithilwen K-Bane from FanFiction.Net (as Hiei)

"A man can only be the universe’s chewtoy for so long."- Moczo from FanFiction.Net

"Well, every once in a while, one of those rich, arrogant types – the guys who think they can, and try to, buy their way out of anything – happens to have the ability to see spirits, like you. A Soul Reaper pays them a visit... well, Byakuya makes an especially convincing Grim Reaper."-Shadowed Bankai from FanFiction.Net (as Rukia)

"Aizen was gaping at the screen as Ulquiorra put his hand on his hips and rolled them. He watched in pure horror as his favorite Espada put is arms on his head and did the whole Macarena dance once again."- Name Whore from Fiction.Net (narrative)

"Why do 24 hours stores have chains on their doors?"- machoupitchounette from FanFiction.Net

"I love you like I love my mothers cheese grater. Which is a lot. Lemme tell you. Seriously. Where would be if we didn't have cheese graters? I'll tell you where. In a world without Cheese Graters. And that would suck."- -X-.Giggles.-X- from FanFiction.Net


"SEX! The only time when one plus one can make three!!"- -X-.Giggles.-X- from FanFiction.Net

"You are, in the nicest possible way, clinically insane."- -X-.Giggles.-X-'s sister from FanFiction.Net

"THE BOY WHO LIVED! Geez! Tons of boys live! They don't all get a title do they?!"- -X-.Giggles.-X- from FanFiction.Net

"Wake up and smell the formaldahyde." -X-.Giggles.-X- from FanFiction.Net

"Is that a tic tac in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"- -X-.Giggles.-X- from FanFiction.Net

~**~~~~~~~~~~~ -X-.Giggles.-X- from FanFiction.Net ~~~~~~~~~~~**~
-X-.Giggles.-X-: "You're always like this Sarah! Anything I say you poke holes in it! Wether its my view on life being like pizzas and oreos, my view on rock paper scissors or that the celing might be the floor in Australia, you always make it seem stupid!"
Sarah: "Shona. That's because the majority of things you say ARE stupid."
N/A: "What's up?"
-X-.Giggles.-X-: "I dunno. Depends on what side of the world your on."
N/A: "Shona... what the fuck?"
-X-.Giggles.-X-: "I'm just saying! What's up to us could be down for people in Australia!"

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