Thursday, April 12, 2007

Quotes from Sailor Jupiter in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

""- Lita/Sailor Jupiter, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"I felt something inside... The wind brought me here... something important was waiting for me here."-Lita/Sailor Jupiter, page 189 of Sailor Moon book #1
"You shouldn't touch me right now... I can store up a charge like a battery. You see it most when I'm not feeling my best. Y'know. Like how I control the lightning."-Lita/Sailor Jupiter, page 172 of Sailor Moon book #5
"You're a lot like an old friend of mine... straight-forward and honest... She was a great friend and always there for me. But I took her friendship for granted. I didn't even say good bye when I moved here."-Lita/Sailor Jupiter, pages 175-176 of Sailor Moon book #5
"You remind me of that time... When I didn't have a goal life... when I didn't even understand the importance of friends... ... I've finally found the understanding friends I've always been searching for. I cherish them more than anything else. I want to do my best for my friends... I now have a goal... ...Someday, when you find someone special, you'll understand. Whether it's a friend... or a loved one..."-Lita/Sailor Jupiter, pages 176-177 of Sailor Moon book #5
"Bunny Do you know why Rini is so important to him? Because Rini is your child Bunny. He's thinking of our roles. He wants to make sure you are free to act as you must. You have us, Bunny. He believes in us. So he as decided to put all his effort into protecting your child, who is more important than anything."-Lita/Sailor Jupiter, pages 106-107 of Sailor Moon book #6

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