Thursday, April 12, 2007

Quotes from Sailor Venus in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

""- Mina/Sailor Venus, page in Book # of Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi
"Raye! I've got the best idea! Get married I know how much you hate men, but... See... Don't think of it as getting married... just think of it as gaining a free helping hand! And he'll inherit your grandpa's shrine... he'll do all the work and you can do whatever you want! Just think of him as your little servant!"-Mina/Sailor Venus, page 154 of Sailor Moon SuperS #1
"I just wondered if you ever fart when you meditate."-Mina/Sailor Venus, page 155 of Sailor Moon SuperS #2
"This is still the Age of Pisces... the time of love!! As the Goddess of Love, I won't lose to you!!"-Mina/Sailor Venus, page 42 of Sailor Moon book #5
"She's in love. Luna has to be in love... It's your fault for getting lax, Artemis! It doesn't matter if you're married in the 30th century and have Diana as a kid. You can't sit twiddling your thumbs. The future can change completely."-Mina/Sailor Venus, pages 58-60 of Sailor Moon book #11
"My first love... Higashi on the volleyball team... But I ended clobbering him, didn't I?"-Mina/Sailor Venus, page 60 of Sailor Moon book #11
"Rival=Enemy, huh? I don't wanna be killed by Amy. My grades can stay where they are."-Mina/Sailor Venus, page 147 of Sailor Moon SuperS #2
"Raye, with the exotic, straight long hair! Rumor has it you've got several male fans!"-Mina/Sailor Venus, page 155 of Sailor Moon SuperS #2
"Artemis! You were alway with me. You were my reflection!"-Mina/Sailor Venus, page 48 of Sailor Moon SuperS #3

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