Thursday, April 12, 2007

Quotes from Sailor Saturn in the Sailor Moon manga series by Naoko Takeuchi

"Awaken! Awaken the self within myself. The time has come... Let the destruction begin."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, pages 113-114 of Sailor Moon book #7
"Beautiful... This suffering at the moment of destruction..."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, page 113 of Sailor Moon book #10
"Do not be distraught. Always with the end, comes hope and rebirth."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, page 115 of Sailor Moon book #10
"Darkness returns once again... But now I am aware... those 2000 years that went by as I slept like a dead rock brought upon the nightmare in this cradle that rocks back and forth..."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, page 37 of Sailor Moon SuperS #3
"I didn't want anyone to know about this cold, bloodless body... I was always alone. Papa was busy with his research. I thought I would die alone like this. I finally made a friend... Do I need to live so badly that my body is turned into this? Is there a reason for me to live?"-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, pages 40-41 of Sailor Moon book #9
"Thank goodness ... I was able to save you Rini ... I'm so very happy ... This may be strange coming from another girl ... But I felt we were destined to meet ... I'm glad I met you... I'm glad we became friends, Rini... Thank you... Farewell..."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, pages 32-33 & 35 of Sailor Moon book #10
"I... am the journeyer from the valley of the dead... With the blessings of Saturn, the planet of destruction, I am the Scout of Silence... Sailor Saturn."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, pages 84-85 of Sailor Moon book #10 (editor's note: this quote really started with; "I... and the journeyer", but I corrected it.)
"I feel... that it has not been so long since I was last called upon..."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, page 87 of Sailor Moon book #10
"I am always an uninvited guest."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, page 87 of Sailor Moon book #10
"Now! The end is near! I, Sailor Saturn, the guide to death, will you to the world of silence and nothingness."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, page 114 of Sailor Moon book #10
"Don't be afraid. I am the 'sleeping you' inside of you. The time has come for awakening. A begining of a new mission. -wake up Under the protection of our star, Saturn. The soul of the sleeping me. Wake up What's this? I see these visions- I must hurry"-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, pages 33-35 of Sailor Moon SuperS #3
"The time has come. The time for our new awakening. No matter how many times we reincarnate... It's set in stone... Who we live for. We're different now. We don't have to fight far away and alone any longer! We were reborn. Together with our princess. At last it is time."-Hotaru/Sailor Saturn, page 39-41 of Sailor Moon SuperS #3

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